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  1. Thank you! just refared my Aug Enchanted Princess cruise, aside from $300 savings, we got at least $600 in credits and gratuities, not even counting air credit!
  2. We have cruised on all mass market lines and at this point prefer Princess. However, my next choice is NCL. Couple posters above echoed my understanding that Princess is more of "cruise ship" vs "floating Vegas" (👀 at RCCL). I love quieter, more refined atmosphere of Princess ships with no late night parties (just not my thing) and stupid belly flop contests (👀 at Carnival). I like watching a movie or a concert on MUTS while DS is playing in the pool with other well behaved kids (yes, there are kids on Princess and they are almost all very well mannered). I truly believe that cruising interact
  3. I booked some time ago (end of June?) and all cabins were available. May be this is fairly new thing? I just checked my booking and my cabin is still what I chose.
  4. We have Deluxe balcony booked on August 2020 Med cruise on Enchanted. I booked directly on Princess site with no issues.
  5. I didnt know that! My DS will be elite after our Dec cruise, woo hoo!
  6. Interesting that there is such wide range of feedback. We have sailed Regal in both Caribbean and Baltic, and internet is way better in the Caribbean. Baltic internet was very slow, dropped all the time and for sure you couldnt stream anything on it. To me this means that unlimited package is a must really, since I would have wasted most of my complimentary minutes just trying to check email.
  7. If memory serves me correctly, Jan Swartz (sp?) did the same guest spot on Cruise Critic couple of years ago.
  8. We have also stayed in mini on Regal. It is has waay more space, 2 TVs (one aimed at sofa bed), privacy curtain between sofa bed and main "bedroom" area. It also has extra dresser space, larger bathroom with more shelving AND you can access balcony without folding the sofa bed (very tight, but doable). For 3 adults I would absolutely go with Mini. We have 2 adults and 10 yo, so deluxe balcony is still doable for us.
  9. We just spent 11 days on Royal in Deluxe Balcony. I would strongly suggest is vs upper bunk.Yes, it is crowded with couch folded out. No, you cannot squeeze by, you will have to climb over the couch to open the balcony door. Room steward folds and unfolds the couch for you every am and pm. If needed, it is easy to do it yourself too. Unfortunately I dont have pics.
  10. We have experienced Xmas and NYE at sea last year and are not going back to land! Best Xmas present I have received from DH in last 20 years and I am counting on the same present for next 20.
  11. Yes please! Especially interested in vibration issues, feedback on Market Place, AC and other house keeping. CB used to be my favorite ship until we were spoiled by Regal. Coming back to CB would be an interesting experience.
  12. Thank you for sale update! I have just snagged my favorite DW (Deluxe "obstructed" balcony) on Enchanted Princess for Med cruise next summer. Very excited!
  13. MissP, I think $99 for all photos was very limited online only deal. We bought it for Panama Canal cruise. It was great, but kind of forced me to bring home more pics that I really needed :). I do like the 10 pis package a lot. Typically it is all that we really need at this point, ie how many champagne fountain pics can one have 😉 Voljeep, I get that it is the tactic sometimes, but in our instance we have prepaid for the package sometime midcruise. Technically she (photog) could have charged us for the extra 2 pics. What she did, while being a small gesture, left me with positi
  14. Cobber, only the chosen pics were included in the download. We actually ended up with 12 pics total because my DS couldnt make up his mind about what to choose and photographer, he made friends with on the cruise, just told him to take the two extra. It was very nice of her.
  15. As for why Princess? We have tried all mass market lines and Princess fits the bill for all of us. It is fun for all of us, everyone is entertained and I feel like DS is learning to be a polite and refined young man that can fit in with anyone (his age, my age, old timers, etc.) Also, I really appreciate all the live bands on board, I feel like Princess has really stepped up with quality of acts on board. Ports? We normally choose Caribbean for flight convenience, especially if we travel with my grandmother (90yo), but recently did Baltic and LOVED it. DS is heavily
  16. Why cruising? We both work, so not having to do any housekeeping for 1-2 weeks AND not have to worry about driving anywhere in traffic AND not to have to entertain DH/DS is priceless to me. Also, where else can I convince 10 yo to wear a tux???
  17. So I have sailed in both mini and deluxe balcony (not aft) on Regal. For the price, I would totally do the deluxe balcony again if you are 2 people to the cabin (with 3, like us, I would go for mini and sacrifice the balcony). Pros and cons: Mini suite Pros: +more storage space +tub instead of shower +more bathroom storage +second TV Cons: - VERY SMALL balcony - price Deluxe Balcony: Pros: + balcony that's actually usable + price Cons: - less storage space and bathroom space (it was sufficient for 3 of us, but t
  18. We have been on Royal for B2B (dec18/Jan19) and on Regal for two different sailings (April 18 and June 19). IMHO they are effectively identical ships. Aside from Medallion actually working on Regal on last sailing, I could not discern any effective difference between the ships.
  19. Thank you, Jeter02! (off to check where my cabins are located...)
  20. If you are a pizza fan, than Alfredo's (deck 7, free of charge) is a MUST for you. They have this venue in both Regal and Royal (assume Sky too) and it is phenomenal.
  21. We have 14 day Caribbean booked over the holidays on CB. Getting very concerned about this! What side a vibrations again? Port or starboard? We are in 2 Caribe balconies in aft section (not directly aft though).
  22. I have actually bought this package on board of Regal in June. Our package included 10 pictures (not portraits, any pics) AND digital download of all of them. Photo staff person we talked to allowed us to keep going through pics and add to our "selection" pile daily and on last day we chose 10 pics. We were even able to swap background on one of the "candid" pics to what we liked more. Package was the same price on board $189.
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