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  1. CDC must be giving in some. Cruise stocks on the rise.😊
  2. Or they want us to use up all those FCC's so they can get to our new money faster. 😉
  3. CDC = Clearly Dislikes Cruising
  4. Or a good time to multi-task, unpack and organize the cabin or enjoy that first drink on the balcony as it plays in the background.
  5. Cancelled our May cruise out of Southampton a couple weeks ago as I figured this would happen.
  6. Gave me a chance to at least apply some gift cards that were over a year old.
  7. Must be a per person rather than per cabin issue. My wife has the credit applied to her name and I have the shareholder credit in mine on the same cruise.
  8. Yes, it is charged to your stateroom account like other charges.
  9. Since this announcement I have been unable to log into the Princess website. Are others experiencing this, or is it an unrelated issue?
  10. After several failed attempts by out TA, I called Princess directly today and was able to have this credit applied to the booking of our choice. I was surprised that they would deal with me directly on this, but maybe Covid-19 has changed that rule also. Fortunately I had recorded the credit ID # before it left the personalizer.
  11. No upcoming, saved, or cruise searches available. I hope this doesn't mean there is another major reschedule in the works.
  12. Something is going on with the Princess website. Both of our upcoming booked cruises are missing as is access to our saved ones.
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