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  1. We ate at Planks on the Caribbean Princess last month. We were the only ones in the place at 6:00 PM. It was the first night of the cruise, but on other nights I didn't see many either. The food was really good and VERY plentiful. Worth the $12. I just don't see how they can justify it, unless usage picks up. Plus it is more open than the other specialty restaurants onboard. You have some passengers just walking through from the WFM to the rear open deck. One stopped to take a picture from the window next to our table during the meal.
  2. Is this under the elite booking window? Were there extra perks? The "book now" button does not seem to work on the email I got today.
  3. Even if you book a different Princess ship for next year, you may well have some or all the same shows. I book based on itinerary and sail date.
  4. On our most recent Caribbean Princess voyage my wife got a paper/cardboard straw with her drink that was falling apart before the drink was even finished.
  5. We did not receive it in our room last cruise but it was available at the customer service desk for those who want it.
  6. Neither actually 😉 it was 6AM. But I was polite and expecting nothing. Saw him later explaining to other servers how to do it. So it must have been new to them.
  7. On the Caribbean Princess as of 2 weeks ago they took and old card and applied the unused punches to your current account.
  8. The one that is drastic need of refurbishment at the time.
  9. Musky Ike


    Expect more of them from other departments.
  10. Yes you can. I find the e-patter better than the paper patter in that several times it had different but accurate information as to locations of events. I presume due to changers made after printing the paper version.
  11. I did the same thing today. different background photos on each side. The included one worked well as a template.
  12. It is shorter in length than a credit card, about the same width, but thicker. It will slide into a credit card slot of a wallet or purse without the lanyard attached of course.
  13. Has something changed since it's introduction? from the 2017 introduction: A waterproof module weighing 1.8 ounces, and with a battery life Carnival pegs at more than a month,
  14. Something is wrong. The battery will be dead before you sail.
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