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  1. My guess is that the buffet will continue, but cafeteria style rather than self serve. As some land based ones have done. But we will see. Personally that would be a change for the better in my opinion.
  2. Me too, until this last time. Sent in a month ago and still not posted. Called and after 2 hours with several different people and disconnected twice, still no answer except to wait. Less than happy right now.
  3. In all our cruises we have never done room service meals, but balcony meals are looking better now. Tables for two in the MDR may also be more common. We shall see.
  4. I thought the same and hope we are correct. A lot pessimists on these board saying cruising will not start up again until sometime next year are getting me down.
  5. Not convinced the right hand knows what the left one is up to right now within Princess. Let alone the customer.
  6. I have future cruises booked. I was told on the phone that once the account is authorized, the funds would be applied to appropriate charges on those bookings. I would not rely on any notification email from Princess. They seem to be very lacking on communication lately. There is an extra line on the cruise credits list with a booking number I didn't recognize, I was told was for the holding account.
  7. Yes, but when that holding account will be available for use is the question. The answer is nobody knows. Still waiting from the same phase and option as the OP.
  8. I am growing slightly more hopeful for our Nov. 28th cruise on Enchanted. It will be very interesting with a new ship and new safety protocols, if we sail. Ready for the adventure.
  9. She is beautiful, can't wait to meet her.
  10. Well this looks like a new/old policy
  11. They will take care of it, but it will take some time. Not actually ticketed or paid yet, unless you paid final early.
  12. Nobody, not even Princess reps, seem to know when the holding accounts will be available.
  13. 638274558_2018-CCLStockOBCform-.pdf
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