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  1. Musky Ike

    MORE very bad changes made on Princess ships????

    I'm OK with breakfast in bed.
  2. Musky Ike

    Caribbean Princess to get a water park

    Just hope this is not the start of theme park at sea concept other lines have adopted.
  3. Musky Ike

    What do you like most about Crusing with Princess

    I understand. My mom has the same issues. She has no memory of the trips we took her on. Makes me more determined to live while we can, and Princess is a big part of that. Princess is a great middle ground for us. Not too rowdy and not too snooty. With such a large choice of itineraries and great past guest program, I can't see going to another line anytime soon.
  4. First Princess cruise was on the Golden in 2007. Favorite is a hard question but I will say the Regal for now. Looking forward to trying the newer ships. Least favorite, thou you didn't ask that, is the Crown but we are giving her another try soon, so things may change.
  5. Musky Ike

    What is your favourite Princess Ship and why?

    Since you mention crowding as a concern. The Regal felt less crowded to us even though it carries more passengers. Particularly in the buffet area. That said we have cruises on the Crown and Caribbean booked. we can always find quiet places and times. The full promenade on these ships is a plus.
  6. Musky Ike

    Is it really worth it to have a Suite?

    Same for us. Really enjoyed the one time we got an upsell to a suite but not worth the regular price IMO. Maybe that is the marketing ploy. Try it once in the hopes of getting you hooked. I could see that working for some.
  7. Musky Ike

    Onboard Credits (Regular & Princess Promotional)

    Each person has a separate account. As far as I know, once assigned, OBC assigned to one person will not automatically be used to cover another person's charges before or dung the cruise. If they are on the same credit card I fail to see that as a problem. Never bought "casino credit" or any advanced onboard credits. I prefer to pay for expenses when I actually incur them, but to each their own.
  8. Musky Ike

    Onboard Credits (Regular & Princess Promotional)

    It is a simple credit/debit system. Yes, if you load $ from your room account onto a slot machine it comes first from any OBC for that person. However, the amounts you are talking about from Princess will be very quickly consumed by the daily gratuity charges. since all accounts are on the same card if one has leftover credit and another a balance due that credit card will be charged the difference. So in the end for you it doesn't really matter much which persons account shows what onboard credits. Some OBC is non-refundable but that is used first so usually not an issue if you leave the auto gratuity intact.
  9. Musky Ike

    Phone # to call when shareholder OBC fails to post?

    Just sent in for September and it was accepted. 232 days out.
  10. Musky Ike

    Minibar tradeout

    Yes, regular only, not diet.
  11. Just got back from the Emerald to Hawaii. After many cruises on Princess we tried the sanctuary for the first time as we had lots of OBC. I never thought it worth the cost otherwise. There was no line an no problem getting a spot on embarkation. There was hardly anybody else using it when we were there or at other times I passed by. While it was nice, I would not pay for it again. Just not enough value for the cost to us. To each their own.
  12. Musky Ike

    Crime Brûlée still on the Always Available Menu?

    Dang autocorrect messing with the a title gain. Creme brulee does sound better than a crime brulee. :DAlthough it might be a diet crime.
  13. Cruising on the Emerald soon. Looking forward to your first hand information.
  14. Musky Ike

    Cruising to Hawaii from Vancouver on October 4th

    We are on that same sailing with you, so there will be a ray of sunshine onboard. :cool:
  15. Musky Ike

    CCL Shareholders stock

    We also reinvest the dividends. A good investment now, and if they decide in the future to up the shares required for the benefit, it won't hurt as much. ;)