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  1. Just got back from the Emerald to Hawaii. After many cruises on Princess we tried the sanctuary for the first time as we had lots of OBC. I never thought it worth the cost otherwise. There was no line an no problem getting a spot on embarkation. There was hardly anybody else using it when we were there or at other times I passed by. While it was nice, I would not pay for it again. Just not enough value for the cost to us. To each their own.
  2. Musky Ike

    Crime Brûlée still on the Always Available Menu?

    Dang autocorrect messing with the a title gain. Creme brulee does sound better than a crime brulee. :DAlthough it might be a diet crime.
  3. Cruising on the Emerald soon. Looking forward to your first hand information.
  4. Musky Ike

    Cruising to Hawaii from Vancouver on October 4th

    We are on that same sailing with you, so there will be a ray of sunshine onboard. :cool:
  5. Musky Ike

    CCL Shareholders stock

    We also reinvest the dividends. A good investment now, and if they decide in the future to up the shares required for the benefit, it won't hurt as much. ;)
  6. Musky Ike

    Sanctuary on Emerald ...worth it?

    Exactly what I thought. Planning to try it on our upcoming Emerald cruise. I have always thought it would not be worth the money, but this time we have lots of OBC and sea days, so it might be the time to test that theory. Will try to keep an open mind.
  7. Musky Ike

    Status of Ocean Medallion?

    My guess is nothing much would happen. No different than a malfunctioning medallion or one that is "hidden" for a period of time. Signal would "disappear" when away from any sensor. Seek out the passenger with announcements to report to the passenger service desk and/or check their cabin. Said joker will have the joke on them when they can't get into their room and need to wait at the service desk for a replacement of their "lost" medallion.
  8. Musky Ike

    Shareholder benefit

  9. Musky Ike

    2 new ships for 2023 and 2025

    No, different lines for different cruisers.
  10. Musky Ike

    2 new ships for 2023 and 2025

    Space is very limited on a ship. Those things take up a lot of it. Plus it would change the feel, demographics and noise. We would also be paying for something we would not use. Let other lines do the "floating theme/water parks" please.
  11. One of the main reasons we have switched to AD.
  12. Musky Ike

    My Emerald Princess May 9-13, 2018 Video Review

    Thanks, can't wait to see her.
  13. Musky Ike

    Dividend raised

    Yup, still good with my dividend reinvesting decision. :cool:
  14. Glad to see this. I had taken the crown out of future cruise consideration after our last cruise on her, but now she is back in.:cool: