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  1. Does anyone know if you book a cruise that costs less than what you receive for a FCC will the extra FCC get converted to OBC to use on that sailing? Sorry if this a repeat question.
  2. I received an email but clicked on the link and said the time has expired to respond. Really?! 10 minutes after receiving? Ridiculous.
  3. Will be toasting VT on our upcoming March cruise. Will raise a glass - cheers to VT!
  4. Wow, what wonderful cruise of a lifetime planned! The only thing I can think of not mentioned above would be a copy or photo of your passports. Not sure if you are planning to venture off the ship or not, but we usually take copies of our passports with us and lock the originals in the cabin safe. I started doing this a few years back when a friend of ours didn’t watch her purse in a tourist site that was notorious for petty thieves had the purse stolen (with passport in it) - now I alway have a color copy of our passports when we are off the ship in foreign countries, including the islands. A hard lesson for the friend. Have an amazing trip!
  5. Can you book business at time of initial reservation with CA or do you HAVE to upgrade with the airline? I’d like to have business reserved at timing of initial booking if possible. And can you designate the airline you want? We are flying from east coast to Barcelona fall 2021 and preferred carrier is Delta but in looking (not 2021) dummy flights for 2020 business class pricing is super high. Due to length to get to final destination we need to be able to lay down and grab a little sleep. TIA!
  6. Hi - You can request distilled water in advance or after you get on board. They will also supply a long extension cord. All at no additional charge. Requests in advance can be done on-line thru Celebrity's website, by phone or thru your TA. We called Celebrity directly in advance. If the water and cord aren’t in our stateroom, we will just do a gentle request to our room steward.
  7. Cellar Masters was my favorite but I have a feeling the new Craft Social will be husbands new favorite. We will find out in March. I can always walk “across the street” to get a special drink from the martini bar!
  8. Wow! Orville - that is an awesome deal! Thanks everyone for insights. I thought our OBC was pretty good at being close to 10% of cabin cost - looks like better deals are to be had depending on timing, the TA and keeping an eye out for promos. Thanks all!
  9. Sounds like great deals, but can I ask - how is everyone getting massive OBC? For our upcoming 9 day cruise on the Silho in AQ we have $350 for OBC. $300 from Celebrity promo and +$50 from TA. While $350 is nice - it’s not $700 or $825. 😀 Whats your secret? Knowing we can’t discuss specific TAs or cruise booking companies.
  10. I think that is the BEST strategy! Why not try for CC and if you don’t get it but are happy with your current booking - you have nothing to lose. We have sailed CC a few times and really liked the experience. Is it earth shattering? Maybe not - but we felt totally pampered with the little extra touches and attention. Have an amazing cruise!
  11. Your blogs are awesome - thank you for sharing your trip to the ABC islands with us! We will be on the Silho end of March (the same itinerary) with our grown son and his soon to be husband as a pre-wedding celebration. Our gift to them. We are super excited to go and will be following your trip - thanks again. Safe travels!
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