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  1. Hi! We are booked on the Silho cabins 2150 and 2152. Our first time in a suite and am worried a bit about the noise from above, but were not allowed to upgrade to S1 unless we paid prevailing rates which are double of original booking. I’ve read the cabin review spread sheet and it’s 50/50 on noisy vs non noisy. 😀 i noticed you mentioned “a little” noise. Can you share more details on the noise factor and if you’ve sailed in these 2 cabins on the Silho? Any thoughts on your experiences would be great. Many thanks!
  2. We are booked November 2022 cabins 2150 and 2152 (aft S2 suites). I am a bit nervous about the Oceanview noise from above but we didn’t have much choice for S2 suites, as there are only a few on the Silho and the majority are located directly under the Oceanview. i read the CC thread on cabin reviews and it was mixed in terms of noisy vs not noisy. Because this was a L&S we were told we could only upgrade at the S1 cabin’s prevailing cost - which is almost double of our original suite booking. So while we feel incredibly lucky to have an aft cabin, I am also very hopeful t
  3. That was our experience as well. Totally different vibe - champagne tower debacle that got a bit out of hand. And overall the crew didn’t appear to be happy at all.
  4. A few years back, when we first started taking cruises we had sailed on Celebrity only once and then booked a Princess Cruise. The Princess cruise had a fantastic 10 day Caribbean itinerary and was on a brand new ship. We were excited to go and had completely open minds. The ship was beautiful and didn’t disappoint. Our assigned cabin steward and nightly waiter & assistant waiter were great. But we found the crew manning the public areas like the cafe, pool area and bars were grumpy, completely unfriendly and appeared to not like their job. The ship was always littered
  5. I ended up changing the reservation to March 2022. Since I’m bring my Sis for her first ever cruise experience, I figured it would be better to push out another year to allow things to settle down a bit. With fingers crossed that by then masks won’t be required while on the ship.
  6. Hi! Thank you for posting this note. If you have time, could you share the link to the FAQ that has detail about AI for BCC comped cruises? It’s a busy time of year - so if it’s a pain to do, I don’t want to impose and appreciate your original post. Hoping I can call back BCC with a specific link/ screen capture and see if they will confirm the AI package is included for a casino comped sailing that was moved from 2021 (prior to AI) to 2022. In the meantime, I’ll do some searching online too. TIA! Stay well.
  7. I’m thinking Celebrity will release the 2022 European itineraries after L&S has expired so that there can’t be a mass exodus from the 2021 bookings. Nothing to base it on - just a wild guess.
  8. We are booked on a 9 day for March 2021 and waiting hear if cancelled or changed ports of call.
  9. Our 9 day March 2020 ABC cruise on the EQ is still taking reservations. Expecting to see a revised itinerary or cancellation. Pretty much a waiting game at this point. I’m guessing they are trying to figure out the plan for the Equinox sailings that are scheduled over 7 days.
  10. Spot on. We booked the Edge for a number of reasons. If we wanted the Silho we have booked it. It’s a great ship, but we wanted a new experience.The worst part we never received any communication from Celebrity. Not one word. Very disappointing.
  11. ThankYou - good to know. I’ll reach out to our TA and see if we can keep our S3 category. We’ve never have had a suite before and it was going to be a very special treat as a wedding gift & celebration for our son & his husband - since their big wedding was reduced to just us parents, no guests or reception - we wanted it to be a bit special. Thanks so much!
  12. Thank you in advance for any confirmed details. Does anyone know if Celebrity is honoring same cabin price and perks from the cancelled November 12, 2021 Edge cruise if we book on one of the Silhouette cruises due to sail in November and December 2021? Our S3 suite from the Edge sailing is now more than double the cost on the Silho. And not even close in same perks. Not happy as this is the 4th time our original March 2020 cruise has been cancelled. And this one without notification from Celebrity- I found out on FB with a deadline of Dec 1 for a change plan deadline. I’
  13. Totally underwhelmed. This was a missed opportunity to build the brand loyalty which quite frankly is taking a hit with all the canceled cruises & poor communications. Sorry Celebrity, you dropped the ball big time.
  14. My favorite? ALL the meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks I didn’t have to make & do the dishes for! So hard to choose just a few to callout as shiny stars - but a few do come to mind. 😀 Escargot from MD, Branzino from Murano, Almond croissants from Al Bacio, Rose sorbet from the ice cream station and an ice cold Lemon drop martini from the MB. Counting down until we can sail again!
  15. Thank you for this thread. CC is always a great source for info. We have a European cruise booked on the Apex for Sept 2021 with all 4 perks, generous OBC on a SV veranda that I’d to L&S but since the 2022 Euro cruise haven’t been announced yet I haven’t been able to do so. We have 2 family cruises moved to 2021 due to 2020 cancellations - so we need to more the Euro cruise to 2022. I wish we could do all 3 cruises - but due to vacation time allotment and budget, Euro has to wait one more year. Do the new Euro cruise itineraries get announced in September or is it more like
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