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  1. We may be on the same sailing. but the Apex sails on Saturday Jan 15, 2022. Maybe my misunderstanding if you meant Jan 15 2023.
  2. I had a similar situation for my Jan 15 Apex cruise. The original 90 days was changed to 60 days and then around 2 weeks ago the final payment data changed back to 90. I also received an email advising my final payment date was due. Ya I thought another IT mixup. But in my case I just paid it because I needed the Amex spend to occur in Oct to advance my Delta airlines skymiles level.
  3. By the way my understanding is if you had a positive test while on one of the Bermuda Cruises, the Bermuda Govt ordered you into a 14 day Quarantine in a hotel on their Island no questions asked, you go directly to jail so to speak. No second tests are given the next day. False positives is why we cancelled our July 13 Bermuda cruise.
  4. based on the seat map for the EWR to BDA this morning, there are over 30 open seats
  5. Sorry about your medical issue occurring prior to an exciting cruise coming up. Glad you had insurance. I cancelled outside the 14 day period thus getting a voucher. I still read these threads hoping that Bermuda would eliminate the 14 day quarantine for a positive PCR result, which on retesting could have ruled out a false positive. I think it is great Viking moved the cruise start date to Friday. As a number of cruisers have indicated this will help with the requirements to get into Bermuda by eliminating the weekend processing. But this tells me Bermuda will not reduce their entrance requirements even for the added 6 cruises. I am the one who can not get beyond that 14 day quarantine requirement. I still have some small hope we can use the voucher for one of the added 6 cruises. But time is running out because I probably WILL use the voucher the 1st week of August for final payment on a Aug 2022 VIKING CRUISE.
  6. Yep, I agree with you about the gymnastics one has to go through.
  7. With the 6 new Bermuda sailings added, why depart now on Friday instead of Tuesday ? Port congestion ?
  8. Denny01, I agree with you. I calculate the cruise cost per day and compare apples to apples. My cost per day may be different then someone else’s. For the same cruise I quoted the S2 at 2899 a A2 was only $1,899. That is low.
  9. Booked today June 29, 2021. Check out the Eclipse Alaska June 22, 2022. S2 aft was $2899 pp all included. OBC is $300 pp. so you can find reasonable prices at times.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I might add this booking number will be cancelled this Friday. Using the ripcord. I hope the visual helped answer the question.
  11. Would Viking Air move our 2 airline seats to the wings to avoid contact when flying into BDA ? See how you have no control !
  12. She did not mention much about false negatives. Her focus was why has my side of the family produced several false positives. She only found false positives will be more frequent. The PCR test must have a form of kryptonite in the chemicals, kryptonite and I do not do well together. That’s my thinking.
  13. it gets worse, ask your insurance broker this specific question “ Does my policy cover all my 12 days of Quarantine expense at a Hotel/Resort which is dictated by the Bermuda government” . Not 12 days in a hospital but 12 days at a Hotel/Resort. Then ask how many days of coverage do I have after my cruise is over, which is referred to as continuation of coverage.
  14. I am with you on this, I would not have believed it myself. I also have a brother who tested positive on the CVS rapid test only then to have the PCR test clear him. He also had Covid and had the vaccination. So I now have 2 brothers taking Covid tests and the tests getting it wrong. you would think I should feel lucky, what is the probability 3 out of 5 brothers experiencing incorrect test results, me being the third.
  15. actually my Hysteria comes from a false positive with no retest and confined to Bermudas quarantine requirements. This has nothing to do about getting COVID or any lapse in Vikings safety net.
  16. Last Sunday, my son went into the ER, they kept him overnight. The gold standard PCR test was given to him as a requirement for his admission. He tested positive and was put on a Covid floor. The next day the Hospital drew blood and tested him for antibodies. The antibody test cleared him from Covid. So my wife using her nursing background did extensive research on Covid false positives. I have no beef with anyone going on these Bermuda cruises. I booked knowing of the restrictions and face mask wearing. But frankly I was not aware of false positives and the firm 14 day quarantine by the Bermuda government. So as others have said they are reviewing their risk tolerance as we are. However small the odds are of us having a breakthrough case, maybe at this junction other vacation locations in the USA may fit our risk tolerance at this time. Just our thoughts at this time, as we are reading this thread.
  17. and what about sitting next to a person on the plane for 3 hours that tests positive later on. How do you enjoy a cruise when in the back of your mind you are thinking about did I test positive today ?
  18. Thanks for sharing this wonderful peaceful video. We will be sailing for the first time on Viking July 13 around Bermuda.
  19. I found this on the web posted in 2016. Would you know if Global Entry at the airport is also operational ? Wade International Airport announced today the addition of Global Entry kiosks to Bermuda Preclearance at L.F. Wade International Airport. ... Global Entry members bypass the traditional CBP inspection lines and use an automated kiosk to complete their admission to the United States.Aug 23, 2016
  20. If I remember you were returning through JFK. Connecting with 2.5 hours should be fine but not fine if going through customs. However, we clear in BDA, so no need to go through customs at JFK. Do you clear US Customs in Bermuda? All passengers travelling to the United States from Bermuda will go through pre-clearance in Bermuda. As a result, passengers will not have to go through immigration once landing in the US and will arrive as if they are travelling on a domestic US flight.
  21. From your earlier posts I was very impressed on the depth of your airline knowledge. Even with your post yesterday, I went to Delta's site to confirm what you have said about flights disappearing. I myself have been following the inbound flights to BDA from JFK and ATL, probably more than I should. But I have seen flights disappear and then reappear especially the ATL to BDA. I just say to myself they disappeared because they are full. Delta did cancel one to two months ago all roundtrip directs from Columbus OH (CMH to JFK) through August, which effected our return from Bermuda. I trust our full plane from ATL to BDA will be filled with happy cruisers.
  22. Can you be more specific. Which flight ATL to Bermuda? Are you sure Delta cancelled the flight or is the flight full to accommodate you.. We are on the cruise before you on Jan 13, and we need the return to Atl on Jan 20. I checked the Delta site and MVJ and we still are booked on the return flight on Jan 20.
  23. As a first timer, I would agree booking the excursions for our Bermuda July 13 cruise, was VERY easy.
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