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  1. Just want to say 'Thank you' for your interesting take on this cruise. And I agree, there are some things you can't change but grin and bear it; others that you just tolerate or find a way around them. All things considered it sounds like you enjoyed yourselves on this cruise!
  2. Salt caked. windows on a ship is a part of ships life for cruisers! You are on open waters after all!!! Any other complaints?
  3. Jim, thanks for the info on the smoking 'lounges'. Thank God this isn't a cold weather cruise I'm going on! Donna
  4. Well, it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway! Good luck, I agree with you about wasting food. Donna
  5. Jim_Iian, thoroughly enjoying reading your live from as usual, though I've only gotten as far as page 22. Since I've not sailed on any of the Edge ships but am due to board Beyond on June 26 out of Civitavecchia to Greece and Turkey, please do let us know what you do and don't like about Apex. I'm on it with friends, one of which is celebrating a birthday, so couldn't say 'no'. I'm not a fan of ships any bigger than 2000 pax, so looking for your take on these huge floating cities! Luckily I was able to secure one of the aft veranda s/r with a true balcony and room for my lounge. Also, if you could, let me know where Iain goes for his smokes! Many Thanks, and now back to reading your travelogue. Donna
  6. Or lift and shift which many on the 9-15-23 cruise seem to have done Donna
  7. FYI all: Sept. 15 2023 pax are also being notified of overbooked ship thus cancelling bookings. Got word on the 17th from TA. Donna
  8. That was very generous of you XB! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Donna
  9. Thank you XBGuy! Since it costs too much to send it by mail, may I ask that you donate it to a charity of your choice?
  10. Just where are the three smoking areas for pax? Donna
  11. Thank you both for your responses. I had been able to start entering data about a month ago but got interrupted and just finally got back to trying to finish to no avail! I think I'll wait till I get to the pier on the 21st and let them do it for me. Donna
  12. Went to the Medallion app on my phone to complete the process and it would not load. The circle kept spinning and spinning for quite a long time - 5 minutes for an app to load is, to me, a long time. Any ideas out here? I cruise on the 21st of this month on Discovery. Donna
  13. Note to anyone wanting scrambled eggs: If that is what you want, go to the omelette station where they will make them with REAL EGGS, not the kind that comes from a container prepared off-ship, and probably not under specs from the cruise line. And sausage and hash brown are something to stay away from on any cruise line. Stick with bacon (but that can sometimes be iffy as well. These rules are for all the main stream cruise lines. If followed, you most likely won't be disappointed. Donna
  14. Gee, I was in Merida about 35 years ago when I had my first fajitas which were the best I've had to date - not that I order them frequently. And by the way, Merida at least at that time in the last century, wasn't exactly a well-known tourist city. Donna
  15. I'm not able to OPEN the app to sign on. I'll just wait till 1-14 and let staff take care of it for me at the pier. I just need the da*n thing for my room key.
  16. Thanks to both Ship Walker and Leerathje for your input. Too bad they conflict with each other. Hiding in the back of the closet - that's something I'm kinda remembering, but wasn't sure if that was in the Neptune Suite or the Verandas ... . Sunny and warm, Ship Walker? But this is AK we're talking about where the weather can change on a dime! Donna
  17. I've not sailed with HAL in about six years and don't remember: are umbrellas standard in the regular veranda staterooms or only in the suites. Asking because I'm cruising on N.A. in wet, rainy Alaska! Thanks for your help. Donna
  18. Was checking the ArriveCAN site yesterday, and Yes, one must complete and submit the ArriveCAN document "within 72 hours" prior to arriving in Canada. I was checking the site for covid pre-testing, and it shows for fully vaccinated (not including boosters), no pre-testing required. But, please check the site yourself as it can be confusing; in other words don't trust my statements as fact, but read it and come to your own conclusion.
  19. Another GREAT READ, Jim! I've been working my way through for the past week on and off. I'm always happy to see another live from JimIain! Beautiful photography as well. Thank you for your generosity with your time on vacation once more! Donna
  20. Another ex-Long Islander! How many have now posted? I'll add my name to the growing list! I grew up in Hempstead through grade school - Our Lady of Loretto (wonder if she's still there?), then moved to Hicksville for two years, then on to Bayport in Suffolk County, where we lived till moving to Florida in 1978. And Smmssineo, you are so right about Fire Island and its beaches and villages. Spent many a summer weekend over there, first with our parents, and then on our sailboat with our children. What a beautiful place for children as well as parents!! Such wonderful memories you just brought back to me! Thanks!!!!! Donna
  21. I, personally, took the OP's post as just venting, as many of us do when something happens to anger us, but fortunately for the most part we are thinking our vent, not putting pen to paper, so to speak.
  22. My thoughts as well! All I'd be thinking throughout the cruise is 'hope I make it, hope I make it, hope I make it!' Why ruin a good cruise.? Question to whoosh whoosh: Do your air credits say "Use by" or "Fly by"? Makes a Huge Difference. Use by means you have to book by that date, while Fly By means just that. If they are use by, you probably have to fly by a certain date after the use by date. On the other hand if they are fly by dates why not change your cruise to an earlier date?
  23. Gratuities are not ALWAYS included in HIA, only as a 'promotion'.
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