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  1. How long is it currently taking for P & O to respond to emails? I contacted them a week ago with a list of 7 question (some general, others Covid related) using the Contact Us button on their web site. I have yet to receive even an acknowledgement email. I also contacted Azamara on the same day with a problem and they responded with a personal email within hours, and had the problem sorted within three days.
  2. Does anyone know if the Travel Insurance provided by a bank is the same for all customers of that bank regardless of their account eg. Silver, Gold, Platinum ? I guess that the more prestigious accounts may have extra benefits eg. cover for winter sports insurance, a higher amount for baggage loss etc but is the basic terms and conditions the same for everyone?
  3. Regarding online Check In, I have registered my forthcoming cruise in My Azamara Account but cannot find how to enter my details into the system. I always used to be able to enter passport no. insurance details, next of kin etc. within about 24 hours of booking. The acutal checking in and printing boarding passes was then completed a few weeks before departure. Does everything including entering details now have to be done when they e-mail you at approx 15 days before departure?
  4. Just complete the survey, whilst I enjoy background music such a pianist in the bar, piped music around the ship is a definite No from me. I also found this aspect of Celebrity so awful I am reluctant to cruise with them again.
  5. I agree mid ship and low down is best for crossing the Atlantic. For maximum sun on that route, book the starboard side.
  6. When I was last on P & O the MDR lunch menu had changed to a new and some what messy format spread across the page, with small dishes , large plates, vegetarian dishes etc. Is the MDR dinner menu now in the same format or is it still the traditional menu layout of starters, soups, main course desserts etc?
  7. Last time I was on a P & O cruise was Feb 2020 , the MDR Lunch menu was poorly designed and consisted of large plates, small plates, light opitions etc, all very confusing. Has the MDR Dinner menu changed to this format as well, or is it still a traditional layout e.g starters, soup, main course, deserts etc.
  8. Thanks Megabear for your reply regarding Allianz insurance and the work you are doing researching other insurance policies, all very informative.
  9. It would certainly be very helpful to know what answers you receive from the various insurance companies. In a previous post you mentioned that the insurance you have though your bank account is changing in November so I guess that you, like us are with Lloyds. I would certainly be interested to know what Allianz have to say about Covid and cruising in general as I can find no specific mention of cruising anywhere in the details we received from the bank.
  10. What toiletries are currently provided by P &O ? Are they still The White Company brand and is the hand & body lotion still included ?
  11. Look very closely at the included tours that Viking are offering. There is usually only one included tour per port and it is often a walking tour.
  12. Is the refunded OBC from the cancelled excursions able to be refunded to your credit card at the end of the cruise ?
  13. I can see how submitting your details in advance to a company and paying them to complete your locator form for you at the appropriate time might work for a foreign land based holiday but not for a cruise. The itinerary can change at any time, only this week Italy seems to have decided to ban cruise ships and extra Spanish ports have been added to Britanina's itinerary. I also expect that every Caribbean cruise will suffer some itinerary disruption during the couse of its 14 day journey around the islands. Personally I would not trust anyone else to complete and submit the form, as it is your responsibility to ensure it is correct and received in advance of arrival.
  14. I am not P & O's greatest fan, it does not have the best food and we prefer a mix of nationalities rather than all Brits, but we always use them for a Caribbean cruise every year (Pre Covid) purely for the convenience. The charter flights are not that bad and they keep the costs down. Also if the flight is delayed the ship, is more likely to wait for a plane load of passengers that a dozen people on a shedule flight. You fly out and get on the ship the same day, no need for an overnight hotel. The transfer is literally direct from the aircraft steps to the ship , no queuing for immigration, customs or baggage pickup. Coming home, you put suitcases outside the cabin the night before and you do not see them again until you pick them up at your UK airport. You get lunch on the last day before being transfered to the airport in the afternoon. If the flight is delayed you are kept on the ship for as long as possible and transfered to a hotel if the delay is over night. Whereas if you are cruising from Miami you will have to be off the ship by 9.am. and either take a tour or hang around the airport all day until your evening flight home, plus you will have your suitcases with you. This is why we choose P & O for the Caribbean. It is worth alot.
  15. I share your concerns. We booked in April 2021 for February 2022. We don't normally book the Caribbean that far in advance nor pay as much as we have done for this cruise. I can live with inflated cost as I appreciate that there is probably pent up demand but I don't think we are going to get anywhere like our previous P & O Caribbean experience.
  16. Thank you once again Huntingdon 1701 for taking the time out from your cruise to post on here. You will have reassured many people that foreign cruising is still possible in these Covid times. Please let us know how your flight home went and how you fared getting back into the UK. I believe you are flying BA to LHR (terminal 5?) Apparently the airport was chaos with long queues on Friday so I hope the situation has improved by the time you arrive.
  17. I have just been reading over on the Celebrity Board that their 12 night Southern Caribbean cruise, due to depart from the US tomorrow 5 September has, of last week had to cancel their calls to Barbados and Greneda. I suppose a lot can happen in a few months but I don' t feel this bodes well for P & O's Caribbean season this winter.
  18. This reminds me of a cruise around the Baltic with Princess about 25 years ago. The on board shops were stocked with Russian Matryoshka Dolls priced at over 100 $ US. From the very start of the cruise they were being heavily promoted with flyers etc. As soon as the shops opened on sailing away from St Petersburg there were near riots on board with people trying to get refunds on these dolls having discovered that a similar set of dolls could be bought for 1O$ US from the tourist vendors in St Petersburg. The onboard dolls were probably of better quality but not 100 $ better!
  19. Thank you Huntingdon1701 for the very detailed report of your cruise. Its great to know that Azamara is back and what we can expect of a cruise in these uncertain times. I too have stayed at the Athens Gate and found it a good pre cruise hotel in an excellent location. Did you book your cruise package through a travel agent or direct with Azamara? The reason I am asking is that I normally like to book a tailor made package through a travel agent so I can choose my flights and, if necessary pre cruise hotel but with the current travel complications I wonder if it is better to book everything direct with Azamara.
  20. In answer to your question, No we have not yet recieved any flight details. We are due to travel in late February and normally by now we would have been notified of the flights. Our balance in not due until November but I am becoming increasingly uncertain as to whether we will go ahead and pay or just take a hit and loose the low deposit. There are currently too many unknowns regarding these cruises and I can't see the situation improving in the next few months.
  21. As a matter of interest, is Viking providing a tour of Portsmouth for those of you on the Back to Back or are you going to be allowed ashore independently on Saturday.
  22. Very disappointing for those passengers remove from the ship just because they had travelled on the same coach. However I can understand P & O position, but how are they going to handle the charter flights for this winters Caribbean season. Pre flight testing tends to be carried out at least 48hrs prior to the flight. If one or two passengers test positive on arrival at the ship are they going to stop all 300 from boarding.
  23. Thanks to everyone on the current UK cruise for posting about your experiences, it is very helful for those on the up coming cruises. Please could somebody let us know what the current menus are for the Chef's Table. Many thanks.
  24. Go ahead and book it. It looks like a good offer for single travellers and it is probably one of the best, safest and hassle free cruise experiences you are going to get at the moment during these covid times.On small ships it is easier to meet people although as previously pointed out due to covid people may be more cautious. I believe that on the UK cruises in June you could ask to share a table in the main dining room. I think that they were available for up to 6 people, so that is one way of getting to know others. Many ships organise events especially for solo travellers , don't know if Viking do but if they are promoting these cruises for solos there could well be some.
  25. On our UK cruise in June there was a different red and a different white every day, a rose was also available and as was, I believe a white sparkling. On the whole we were very happy with the quality of these wines and found them far superior to the daily Azamara offerings.
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