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  1. Without wconstructive criticism some people never learn they are in the wrong. The lack of manners as you aver, is the result of another persons lack of respect for other guests. Therefore, if the jacket accompanied the individual, then there was no opportunity for an alleged lack of manners. Crime and punishment?
  2. Even if you had accidentally done so?
  3. Especially when nobody will expect the Spanish Inquisition.
  4. I am not the enforcement officer, it is an authorised Cunard person. So according to your premise, it's not poor manners to deliberately not show respect for other cruisers? With making a polite comment to a person who may have accidentally left his jacket on a Theatre seat, one is just trying to assist. Similar to an item sic. Wallet being accidentally dropped by another guest, and bringing it to their attention.
  5. I do not deny anybody. It is an authorised official of Cunard that asks them to leave.
  6. Agreed, but have a prepared note which I present to The Welcoming Person, who evidences a non-enforcement as we enter. In précis, the note is handed over, it asks for their name, enquires as to why, quoting a name and their direct Email address, with a suggestion for myself to send a missive immediately. Seems to do the trick. Another idea: Not my idea, but copied from another cruiser a couple of years ago. When leaving the Theatre, as you pass a standing jacket less person, stop, and say quite loudly in a helpful way "Excuse me, but I think you've left your jacket on the seat"'.
  7. Park & Stay https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/united-kingdom/hilton-at-the-ageas-bowl-southampton-SOUAGHI/about/park-and-stay.html Book the Exec Floor - Balcony with Chairs, Pitch view, Free alcholic drinks and nibbles every evening in dedicated Lounge, bottled soft drinks and coffees 24 hours, dressing gowns and slippers, secure parking, you keep your keys, private taxi to port and return. If just parking, then another vote for Parking4Cruises Addendum. Drop off your luggage, a short drive to drop off point opposite Terminal, short walk back to terminal. P4C keep your keys. Simples.
  8. 50/50 equates to: Yes, on Carnival No, on Cunard Phoned a friend = Definatley Cottage attire
  9. But decent people like you would make the effort to find a co-passenger on the out leg and leave the payment with them. Sadly, you and your party are in the minority.
  10. We travelled with a friend who had the same Leche requirement. We asked the MD if she could assist. Guess what? Every night a French carton was delivered to their refrigerator.
  11. It all depends on your price point. Suggest start with Cunard at entry level, and let other CC members to add their best suggestions.
  12. Or consider the Hollywood area as an option, where there are good hotels at various price points.
  13. Have you tried the Broward Convention Centre? They may have spare availability. It's close to the terminal and could be worth an ask.
  14. Let us clarify. You require a cheap FL hotel, with excellent sea views, close to the cruise terminal, that is unknown to cruisers, and vacation/business social media. Wish you luck.
  15. Try Marriott Harbour - good view from the side, but not excellent
  16. Correct. Booking OBC, plus FVD and Shareholder Benefit, can be quite substantial.
  17. May one suggest the immediate defenestration of your TA with some vigour.
  18. For me it's Boozeitup Here is their full price list. Order prior to arrival and pay on collection. https://www.boozeitup-sxm.com/sites/all/themes/framework/content/files/booze-it-up-full.pdf 5% Discount Voucher - Available to all https://www.boozeitup-sxm.com/#!/get-your-coupon
  19. Had get togethers many times in the Suite. Your Butler will be happy discuss your food/beverage requirements and take care of everything for you, including the service and the personal invitations. If not for your Suite, the Butler will arrange for the function in a private room.
  20. Carambola is not what it was went through a T'erds phase, now welcome to mayhem. Cockershell is full of T'erds. Genteel Cruisers now head to Sunshine's on Nevis. Your day, your choice.
  21. A private minibus will take 5 adults with no problem. There are many on CC who will give personal recommendations for a 'excellent' tour.
  22. Consider the top end of Half Moon Bay.
  23. DW always finds at least one dress at the House of Sparkle just down the road in Bournemouth. Alterations can be done, even bespoke details.
  24. Overlooked the obvious For those seeking a "second hand bargain" should consider the QM Charity Fete held on the final leg of the WC. The fete has a section called "Second Hand Rose" to which my DW always donates a number of formal dresses, shoes, bags etc.. For interest, the last WC fete generated about $11,000.00 (from memory), which is amazing when you consider formal dresses at the fete were sold at about $20/30.00 each.
  25. No relaxation on Cunard for evening attire, as packed suitcases cases can be put out up to 24.00 hours, and unofficially later. However, there is always the Buffets, but been given to understand on the last night, the buffets are somewhat busy with guests not wishing to dine formally, whatever the reason may be.
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