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  1. i quite like the “nots” of cruising. Not driving, not cooking, not cleaning, not making the bed, etc.....
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I agree with this 10,000% ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. Agree the MDR shows seem forced and corny. Would rather have the MDR service back to par. I personally don’t want pasta in my cocktail. And the gluten free peeps will definitely not want that. Ummm...the Bahamas are trashed from Hurricane Dorian. No worries about going there for a long long time. We rarely attend the shows for many reasons so cut away! Lol JK. They are ok. Wish they were better. The games show stuff is way too immature for adults though. We disagree on allowing soda etc... on embark. The cost of soda onboard s/b criminal. Pure greed. We don’t bring any on, but for those who do, I can see why some do it to save the $$$. For us, it’s the hassle factor of bringing soda or wine onboard. Schlepping extra stuff isn’t vacation friendly. Lol
  4. I wouldn’t pretend to know what Carnivals focus has always been. My guess...to make as much money as possible. I’d bet my house, that in discussing cutbacks, Carnival has very wisely breached the subject of cutbacks vs new cruisers. Plenty of people moving on....doesn’t mean everyone. Glad you are still enjoying your Carnival cruises 100%. Personally, we are under the opinion that the product has all but tanked FOR US. We are all entitled to our opinion, whether or not anyone else agrees. We’re bringing newbies next trip, a little quiz might be in order. Research...lol. OP: Cut the paper & photos. The crew is no longer as friendly as they once were. They’re sweaty & busy like bees. Yeah, cut that chunk out and put the atrium back to wow, please. Carnival is losing its wow...maybe that’s it.
  5. This fare difference was for a Spirit Class, 7 day, Alaska, RT Seattle for the same week in the same cabin. 4th deck Aft Wrap Vista Suite. Exact same Of course I didn’t include all the extra $$ stuff. Cabin fare only. Others I’ve compared equal in all ways have been more despite Casino or other discount rates. Although, it May be time to start adding the total expense all together. (Cruise line portions only) Which is going to be way more for sure. For less....
  6. Back to the OP’s original question. Agree with stopping all the paper flyers for this, that & the other. That amount of paper wasted is unreal!! Put everything in the daily Funtimes & on the TV. Thank goodness they quit printing all those pictures. {at least on the new ships} Despite the cutbacks, the fares have increased greatly. Priced a cruise yesterday that would be a repeat. Identical ship & itinerary. 7 years ago it was $3,200. It was more then double the fare. We didn’t book it. We have one more Carnival cruise booked and that may be it with them. It is obvious that Carnival is aiming for first time cruisers & the younger crowds & families. People that won’t miss all the things cut because they never knew they existed. They know experienced cruisers will move on, and they hope to their Corps other lines. PS. We prefer canned soda much more then fountain syrupy flattish pop. Fresh and fizzy is the best.
  7. You can have unlimited non-alcoholic beverages. The 15 limit is alcoholic drinks only.
  8. Another vote for whichever one I’m on. They are all so awesome in their own way. I’ve yet to meet a cruise ship I didn’t like...lol
  9. $500 OBC makes for a heck of a fun time! One of those 2 cruises is your clear winner!
  10. River Wallace cruise, Altun Ha Mayan ruins & Belize city tour and is our favorite excursions to date. Amazing! This was actually - thru Carnival. In Roatan, Victor Bodden tours is THE way to go, personalized to a T. Very inexpensive too. Our guide was fantastic and went out of her way for us several times when an issue came up! The only master cameo carver in the Western Hemisphere has a shop in the port area and a studio and shop in Coxen Hole. Franco Tamaro - we purchased several of his pieces and they’re always complimented on. He also has fantastic things carved from shells, like lamps. Otherwise, if you’re into beaches, there’s one right there and others not too far away. Yes, both of these ports seem a bit unnerving, but are actually fine if you make a plan!
  11. We had the misfortune of needing to visit the infirmary 2X on our 2nd Breeze Cruise. DH got a horrendously horrible tooth ache. The Dr was appropriate, professional & handled the issue satisfactorily. The next day we’re in the waiting area for me to see the Doc. Something had bit my foot in Key West and my foot was in major pain & swelled up like crazy. I couldn’t even walk on it. Nasty. After a few jokes from the Dr on our passion for him & his staff, he helped us out again. We didn’t think the area was scary at all. Just blah sterile medical as usual. This Dr followed up with each of us until we disembarked. Service was 10 out of 10! The costs were pretty minimal. We refer to this cruise as “the cruise from hell” not only because of the medical issues, but several others that came up.
  12. Yep, I’d take that upsell!
  13. What’s your favorite bar/eats place, if any, within a short walk from the Tender Pier? And Why? Just looking for a few (or so) tropical drinks and maybe a lunch type meal. Thanks!
  14. As there is no way it would harm me, I would mind my own business.
  15. Just a Note: You don’t need quarters for the laundry on Vista Class. You use your S&S card on a little machine attached to the wall.
  16. A couples massage is $207-$311 for a 50-75 minute massage. Plus tip. DH & I had a massage on the Horizon last Feb. It was great. What a great kid you are to think of them! They will try to sell you products, of course. A firm friendly, no thank you we have plenty of products at home, ended that sales pitch.
  17. The chocolate cakes are way good!
  18. Layers as previous posters have said, are best. Prepare for hot & cold weather, as well as wet. A raincoat with a hood is essential. Waterproof the bill of a baseball hat to wear under your hood. It works great to keep the rain off your face during snizzle & rain. Get a very comfortable pair of waterproof ankle length boots. Bring gloves also. We used all we brought. Alaska is a toss up weather wise. For us, it snizzled the entire week & we were happy to be prepared. We’ll do Alaska again sometime, as we can’t imagine how beautiful it must be in the sunshine! LOL
  19. Night Owls is for 6 months old to 11 years old. Service is available from 10:00 pm until 1:00 am. $6.75 per hour plus 18% gratuity is the fee. See that here: https://www.carnival.com/onboard/night-owls More info about it is here: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3835/~/camp-ocean-night-owls
  20. If you order a bottle of liquor either online or from room service you will be charged the 18% serv chg. Getting past pretty steep, but they know they have a captive audience. Pure Greed on their liquor bottle pricing. Example : Absolute Vodka $85 + $15.30 (18%) = $100.30 for a $25 bottle of Vodka. But, buy or not, we all have choices. LOL
  21. We use the weekly sorter pill organizer. I do have a photo of all the prescription bottles lined up to show if we are ever questioned. The photo of those labels have all the information visible. We have never been questioned.
  22. Thank you for all the time and consideration you put into your review, it was just fabulous! Vista is our next ship up, hope they get its issues resolved soon!
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