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  1. I’ll second that notion. Nomadland and that’s it. Phooey. ‘Thank you pogoism9.
  2. I know the ships aren’t selling at full capacity. What I’m saying is this downgrade started before Covid. Yes, 2019. It was awful. Hell, I hope it’s not worse. We enjoyed NCL and RCar. Plenty of others out there. Not a problem whatsoever. Time will tell. I’d prefer Carnival hear their passengers and stop going that route.
  3. Boarding the Dream next month 🤞. So thankful to cruise again. I’m hoping someone will review the Dream soon. We loved the Breeze so hopefully we’ll love her as well. We are getting a bit dismayed with all the food downgrades. But noticed the food issue before Covid shutdown. Don’t fry me alive, but if they stick with this ‘Walmart’ looking buffet (I did see it!) we may move on. It might be time…. I’ve never given any bit of our Carnival experiences that label before. Disappointed…it seems they’ve gone there.
  4. I got the same but only worried about October. Let’s hope this ends for vaccinated cruisers before January!
  5. Thank you wesorbeth. I ordered the 3 pk. Good until 12-21-21. Good enough for October cruise.
  6. This buffet downgrade happened before COVID-19. Honestly, it was disgraceful. We’ll see next month what is offered on the Dream. 🤞 It truly would be really nice if they at least let Blue Iguana and Guys Burgers stay open past 6. Even 7:00 would help. We’d pick them over the buffet many times.
  7. How long is the test kit itself good for? Expiration date?
  8. Yes, that’s the rule starting soon. If you can’t wait that long: Buy a disposable vape to use in the approved outdoor smoking areas until it’s allowed. Simple solve.
  9. A lady who likes to have Fun! These are great. I’m glad they are paper and not plastic.
  10. Thank you for posting this question. I was wondering the exact same thing earlier today, in reference to my BFF. She has not cruised yet. It’s on our bucket list to get her on a ship. She just started chemo this week & its every 3 weeks. She has already been through 6 immunotherapy treatments. I would say no to the question because of having such a suppressed immune system. Everybody is different, some people may feel well enough to cruise. The mental & emotional rewards would be plentiful for sure. If is was me, I’d mask, sanitize it up, get on and in to my balcony room and have hubby play room/bar service and just sit on my balcony the whole time. Lol
  11. I hear ya, OP! Don’t think it has anything to do with the current reduced capacity, maybe quantity. Our last Carnival cruise was March 2019. We noticed then how the buffet had changed compared to previous cruises. The selection was downright minuscule & ridiculous. As the OP stated, there was always white rice, baked potatoes & 4 changing meat/casserole options. Most were full of peppers & onions and lukewarm. We honestly thought it was like we pictured the crews buffet. That was it, every lunch/Dinner. Yes to salad bar (way slimmed down options) & desserts-meh. However, at dinner there was a meat being carved, half of which were so fatty/grisly we literally wouldn’t feed it to our dog. And trying the carving station meant begging for more than a sliver of meat. Really? it was quite obvious that Carnival decided it was a good idea to make more money by downgrading the buffet options & quality. Their saving grace is all the other great lunch options. But it would be nice if they had a bit more and better dinner buffet options otherwise it’s the MDR & specialty $ restaurants. We don’t always feel like dressing for dinner and doing the long drawn out MDR or specialty place. Anyway, IMHO, it is what it is and we know it. YMMV.
  12. Thank you, capri, for your input. I’ll call our post office guy and ask him if they are forwarded or have do not forward stamp on them.
  13. Quote clo== I asked if the envelope had a no forwarding mark on the envelope! I can wait until fall when we change climates, but it still must have our summer address as it’s more of our home base. All legal documents use that address. I know there is no wait to send the app in. FYI: My son is 29 years old and has a high functioning form of autism called Asperger Syndrome. I’m also his guardian and conservator, so I take care of his legal documents, etc…. What I can’t figure out is why you felt the need to comment with the ‘HE’ should do it? This is also the 2nd post in as many days that you’ve quoted me in such a snide/near venomous tone! May you find Peace & Joy in your life…
  14. They dang well better notice when I don’t show up by time they leave port! Maybe naively I’d hope they’d have to report that, at least when disembarkation occurred, to US port authorities. I certainly hope I don’t get arrested, I quit the type of behavior that could escalate to that, at least 20 years ago. LOL. Other then a tourist shake down type situation I’m really not concerned. I’ll have my phone as will any traveling companions would as well. My family & friends will know where I am also…I’m a serious planner and our itinerary is shared with a few of them. I’ve previously always tore off the port information from the Fun Times daily paper. Guess I’ll take a screen shot of the info now instead. Carnival has done away with the hard copy now. Anywhere besides the USA, Canada, Mexico & Caribbean we’d register of course. Before COVID blew up we had planned a Australia B2B and would have registered. Heck, we hope to try again…someday…which feels like is getting fiurther & further away…🙁
  15. Oh, good heavens….I did say “as sterile as possible”, knowing full well that the non-medical masks won’t be 100% sterile. Maybe I should have said as pristinely clean as possible.___🤷‍♀️ as it is touching my mouth and filtering my air. Yikes, way off topic now. My apologies OP & Mods.
  16. Thanks OP for sharing such great information. I do not see the need to register for a cruise out of the USA because the cruise line knows exactly where we are and so does our family and friends.
  17. IMHO, which only matters to me lol: Masks should be kept as sterile as possible, I put each freshly laundered 1/2 folded mask in a new sandwich or tri-folded in a snack size baggie. After it’s used, I carefully remove it and put it back in its baggie, sanitize my hands and then put it in the dirty mask pile. I’ve collected several so this works for us. It’s transported around in a pocket, small purse or whatever. Hanging out loose just doesn’t make sense to me As far as effectiveness, it needs to be made correctly, it must fit snugly and cover your mouth and nose, without fail.
  18. Can any of you who recently received your passport returned to you, recall if the envelope indicted not being able to be forwarded? I’m asking because my DS’s needs to be renewed but we are in 2 different states every 6 mo. With such varied turn around times I don’t want it returned to sender and making a big muckety mess of it all. Thanks in advance.
  19. OP, you are not alone. It’s very frustrating and disappointing. For us, a Mar 2022 B2B Australia cruise… we cancelled because we can’t get visas right now. Booked Nov 2022 Caribbean in hopes it is under control by then. We have some extremely great offers but I’ve been hesitant to book them. I’m so glad that I listened to that lil voice. We’ll not book more until we see a green light, loudly and clearly. Hello Land vacations…we’re baaack!
  20. Thank you for posting these bar menus. I’m off now to make myself a drink. 🍹
  21. We had a similar situation. We figured out that there was no way we could do our B2B Australia. Cruises because we can’t get a visa fast enough and the borders are closed for a long stretch they say. It was for March 2022. Carnival moved all our monies and obc’s to a Nov 2022 out of Galveston. Very helpful and understanding about it. YMMV of course.
  22. Room Card: We put them on a carabiner and clip it to a front belt loop and tuck in front pocket. It’s out of sight but quickly unclipped and slid out of pocket. We love it! Of course for this method you need belt loops on your shorts or jeans etc..
  23. Thank you, Tom, for sharing this tidbit regarding the coffee maker status in the Excel Suites. Room service it will be for the kickstarter and when I’m presentable, on to the coffee bar!
  24. Yes it’ll take some time to get everything flowing correctly. Yes there’s something nearly every night that we like and won’t starve. Great to order bread so there’s much less waste. However, it is disappointing to see dessert choice of only 1 each night plus the old standbys. To me it signals another step of elimination of cruise “benefits”. On the last 2 cruises we took with Carnival the buffet has been so whittled down it’s ridiculous. 2-3 entree choices every night with rice & baked potatoes. Maybe another side and some vegetables. The choices were often full of peppers, onions, zucchini, all cheap filler food stuffs. Every thing considered..not sure Carnival fits our needs anymore. Sad 😞 On the plus side,, there’s always the delicious deli, blue iguana, sea day brunch & guys burgers 😁
  25. The lower the deck, the bigger the balcony is. Yep, a bit of vibration when docking & undocking. Not a deal breaker. We love deck 4. Middle of row is usually bigger too. Bummer on the aft wrap…absolutely best balcony on Carnival thus far.
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