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  1. I have made a phone call on my last 3 cruises and they have mentioned that I was sent an upgrade offer all 3 times but I never received any of them. I also booked directly with holland so it's not a matter of it going to anybody else. Not sure where they ended up sending them.
  2. I noticed a package that included internet and priority boarding I think it was called premium something... Does this mean you get to board with the suite guests or just that you get to pick your preferred boarding time?
  3. Just did it last week. $20 on the way there and $15 on the way back
  4. When were you on the ship? Hoping it was recently and the really good band is still onboard in 2 weeks 🙂 thanks for the review
  5. My price dropped after final payment on a cruise last December. I started with an inside room and it dropped enough that I could have moved to an ocean view for free or $100 for a well located balcony. I took the balcony :)
  6. Not holland related but last week at the port of San Pedro(Los Angeles), they confiscated all plastic 1 time use bottles and made us dump our water out from the reusable bottles. She said it could "short" the security scanner, but it didn't seem to be an issue with all of the liquid going through in wine bottles lol. I assume it is to prevent people bringing booze onboard hidden in bottles.
  7. Going on the Nieuw Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. Has bb kings has been transitioned to the rock room? How are the piano players? Any other entertainment to talk about?
  8. Just use pier 26 port everglades if you can't find it and when you get to the port, check the signs and have them take you to the correct pier. Or check on the port everglades website before you order the uber and the pier will be listed.
  9. I would 100% do this, not sure if it is technically allowed but no bag checks getting off of the ship. Grab a few beers/pops from your package...I would bring a small cooler bag with some ice so they stay chilled. You could even bring an insulated mug or water bottle and have the bar mix a few drinks for you and put them in before getting off.
  10. The last 2 locations of docks in aruba i have been at, have pretty much the least amount of walking you can get in port. Gangway is almost right beside port building in both cases. You walk through a very small port building and taxis are right outside the door. The walk into town us a bit further, but I am sure you can pay a taxi to take you around.
  11. When was the last time you had a guest approved on princess? I am hoping to get 2 approved on a February cruise.
  12. With casino deals, i have always been charged double the rate and taxes/fees for 1. So if it is free, it is just taxes and fees. If it is the reduced fare, (I just booked a $199pp deal) it was $199 x2 plus taxes and fees for 1. I have added on club orange in the last and that was just for 1 as well.
  13. I just booked a trip on the summit. The celebrity pricing was doing the same thing for me and charging an astronomical amount for a solo. I phoned a large internet based travel agent. He not only got me a fantastic price for a prime concierge class room (cheaper than a gurantee inside room on the website), but he was able to do it as a solo summplent which just removed the 2nd person's taxes on the sale rate he had quoted. I am usually a big fan of booking with the cruise lines directly, but this saved me about $1200
  14. Last time I did this, a porter walked the luggage with me to the other terminal and the porters took it right away. I waited until the last call to get off of the ship (probably 9 or 930). I tipped the porter and grabbed an uber or taxi from there. I have also taken a taxi or uber from my ship, had them stop off at the new terminal, drop my bags and continued to my destination for the day. The drivers were much happier to do this as they got a full fare from me after the bag drop.
  15. We will be in mazatlan for the day and we have 2 canadian friends in the area. We are hoping to get authorization to bring them onboard for the day (we have done this in the past on holland america) does anyone know if princess allows this and who to ask for approval? The reservations team does not seem to even understand what I am asking. (The agent asked me if holland america was a hotel, when I told him they had allowed it in the past) On holland we would phone "ship services", which are totally different agents from reservations, but princess does not seem to have a similar phone number.
  16. Just did a turn around in Fort lauderdale. I left the ship around 8am and spent the day out and about. Others I was with, met in the lounge by 9am as instructed, they waited for all passengers to show up and escorted off the ship to go through customs. They waited in the terminal until the ship was zeroed and they were allowed back on.
  17. I am used to cruising HAL and they have pool towels placed around the ship for use and beach towels in every room. I can grab as many pool towels as I need and easily grab dry towels when required How does celebrity handle pool and beach towels?
  18. I didn't see anything and just happened to walk by.
  19. I am on the eurodam right now and they did it today in the lido. I got there towards the end, but they originally had 11 different cake flavors. I had the vegan chocolate cake(fyi I am not vegan) and it was one of the best desserts that I have had onboard HAL. Certainly the best cake I have had on board.
  20. I have done this many times. I find rooms I like and my pcc or the booking agent will get ship inventory to adjust the room availability. I have even had them release the room I wanted from the next 21 day cruise after mine (2 cruises b2b) so I could have it for 21 days on a cruise earlier
  21. There may not be cruise line protocols, but it is not up to them. Any country can change their rules when they want and the ships have to comply. If a country changes their vaccine requirement, I would want to have mine with me. It's a pretty easy thing to take with you.
  22. There used to be a 50% discount on Nami but as of Nov 2022, they told me there was no longer a discount. That was on the rotterdam. I was also on the koningsdam aug 2023 and the 50% was NOT applied to Nami, only tamarind
  23. They had it on the koningsdam last week. But....I would put yourself in bb kings or wherever they go to first on your ship if you hope to participate. We were in the rock room and I counted 10-15 pieces of dessert that came into the rock room/piano bar area by 2 servers and that was it..very different from years past where most people got to try at least 2 or 3 treats from the numerous servers who made their way around all of music walk.
  24. Has anyone been on the eurodam lately? I have almost solely cruised on koningsdam and rotterdam over the past 5 years. I am very used to music walk so just wondering if someone can tell me what type of music entertainment is on the eurodam. I see bb kings and the piano bar but wondering what happens in the ocean bar. Any other bands or a rock room type band?
  25. I don't find the piped in music overly noisy when looking for a place to go for a conversation with friends so my suggestions would be: Crows nest, pool area if there is no movie, Dutch Cafe(closes at 8 or 9 but seating areas are available), bar/lounge area across from Rudy's (lots of people seem to hang out here and visit or play games), tables beside club orange if after dinner, tables in the lido on the side that is not preparing to open for late night buffet
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