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  1. Haven't sailed with HAL in awhile but looks like things are even more complicated!
  2. Holy cow! Lots of new info to catch up on.
  3. That is my question, too. Wondering if L218 on the Sky would have noise from the Retreat pool above (specifically pool chairs scraping from being moved around morning and night).
  4. We are thinking of booking L218 on the Sky - right next door to where you were. Just wondering if you could hear any noise from chairs being moved around on the Sun deck above, that are around the Retreat pool.
  5. Looks like you have a view out your cabin door and from your balcony. lol! Most important question: Was there noise from the chairs being moved around on the deck above?
  6. I am thinking about cabin S216. I think it would be nice being across from the pool. But, I am concerned about the deck above and all the chair scraping noises every morning and night when they put out and pick up the chairs. Any thoughts from anyone who has stayed in this area?
  7. What kind of beers are available to choose from?
  8. Where on the app does it tell you which nights are the formal nights?
  9. We board the CB on Saturday. Guess I am gonna go expecting the worst and then hopefully I won't be disappointed.
  10. We board the CB in a few days. Hoping for the best. We have sailed on her a few times pre-COVID. We live close to Fort Lauderdale, so sometimes the CB works for us, too. Random question... do they still have the stir fry/ramen stations in the back section of the buffet? We enjoyed it in the past, but I am wondering if they did away with it?
  11. Sailing soon on the Caribbean Princess. Where is this person stationed on the first day, if I want to speak to them? Is there a specific dining room I should go to?
  12. Thank you for your trip report and pictures (and everyone who contributed). I really enjoyed reading about your adventure!
  13. So glad I found this thread! I had seen it listed and we were very interested, but when I went back to find it, it was gone. I have been trying to figure out what happened to it, and then I came across this thread. Thought I was going crazy!
  14. We are sailing on the Caribbean Princess in a couple of weeks. We made 5:40pm dining reservations every night in the Island Dining Room at a private table for the 2 of us. Couple of questions: Is it possible to request a real table for 2 - not a table for 2 squeezed into a line of other tables for 2? Where is the maitre'd located when we board, so we can check?
  15. We were also on this cruise! Loved seeing your pictures to bring back memories.
  16. Is there a boarding pass to print? Or, do you just show what is on the phone?
  17. Is your cruise paid for in full? I couldn't access some things on the app until my cruise was paid in full.
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