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  1. After seeing the shrines/Pagodas extensively in Tokyo here is something completely different but definitely worth a visit. If it is fully booked keep checking as tickets can become available. https://www.teamlab.art/e/planets/ happy planning
  2. Welcome to CC. Here is a good place to start. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/48-australia-amp-new-zealand/ Happy planning
  3. Hate to be the bearer of bad news.
  4. Maybe this information will useful for their first HAL cruise. The main question is, did they book assigned or anytime dining, if anytime they just have to show up when they can request a table for two or shared dining, this is not for every evening so they can mix and match if they want. We do this too sometimes we like to chat and sometimes we don't.
  5. We will be coming to the terminal on 19th October but have a rental which will have to be returned before 11:00 at Atlantic Avenue. We are hoping to dump our cases, return the car and walk to the terminal taking in the Seaport area on the way (we missed this part on our last visit) Does anyone know how early we can deliver our cases ?
  6. For some reason I can’t get any further after choosing a cabin category on (any ship) on my iPad but can do so without a problem on my computer.
  7. The GDC questions have been answered, now the CO, this is something that to me has the most value on the Pinnacle ships. We booked (if CO is available which is not always the case) the guarantee Veranda category and upgraded to our veranda cabin of choice. You also get some extra’s shown below. The total cost of this was cheaper than the price of our preferred cabin. On the smaller ships the price difference is not usually worth it, the maths just have to add up, I do not know how they work for other categories. https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/inventory-assets/activity-types/dining/club-orange/Club_Orange_Benefits.pdf If the maths work for you I would get the CO the booking process. Happy planning
  8. Yes this was probably in 2022, things are fine now, last time we were there October there were loads more staff so no waits at all. Don’t worry. https://www.schiphol.nl/en/ Happy planning Rosalyn
  9. If you are looking for something different in Amsterdam this could be interesting. https://davinciamsterdam.com/
  10. Does your ship have an excursion to Lamanai? First a boat trip and then you can see a Mayan pyramid. This area has not been excavated as much as many others so there is really a feel of how the explorers first found it. It was more impressive than one that has already been “tweaked” Happy planning Rosalyn
  11. I presume you are on the Nieuw Statendam. You have found CC for some questions so you might like to join the roll call, this is for your sailing where people post tips, questions etc for your specific sailing.
  12. This is the Early Mainer bonus, you have to know when the itinerary was released, this is in addition to the early booking bonus which can vary.
  13. Here is some great info for Tokyo and other ports. https://tokyocheapo.com/ happy planning
  14. Here is the roll call for your cruise. We did a similar cruise on Westerdam from Tokyo to Singapore in October and were able to buy the Welcome Suica card at Narita. I understand that is no longer possible. An alternative is a Pasmo card once again only available once you get to Tokyo. As you now have your Suica app all you need to do is select the app and hold it at the reader at the gate in the metro station and most important do the same on leaving. You can also pay in shops cafes etc. Most important you do need one phone app each though. happy planning Happy
  15. Last October on Westerdam, no embarkation lunch in MDR, we were directed to the Lido but I went to the MDR to check. It’s a shame because it was always a nice relaxed way to start a cruise. Just hoping they might bring this back!
  16. The Port talks are usually repeated on the ships TV so maybe you can do both. Have fun and enjoy Asia on the Westerdam.
  17. Snap, it was a good time to get married we did this in Wales so we have a wedding certificate in two languages.
  18. You will have hit the jackpot arriving on 27th April, its Kings Day! Hotel New York is a pretty wonderful experience. https://aboutnl.com/the-essential-guide-to-kings-day-in-the-netherlands/ happy planning
  19. Definitely looks like Kai Tak. https://www.kaitakcruiseterminal.com.hk/schedule/2024-2/ Happy planning
  20. Have a great time, we did last October on Westerdam. During our pre cruise stay in Tokyo we visited Planet Labs, an amazing experience definitely worth a visit. If tickets are sold out do persevere, we did and on our last day suddenly 8 tickets had become available, while talking it through suddenly there were only three so I clicked. https://www.teamlab.art/e/planets/ happy planning/cruising
  21. For many months I have been unable to price a cabin on my iPad, the website works fine on my computer but all I get is as far as the cabin request and then zilch! Seems silly to have to price HAL’s cruises on third party websites. Rosalyn
  22. Welcome, here is the roll call, please join us. Rosalyn
  23. does this help? https://www.viator.com/tours/Rotterdam/Day-Trip-to-Keukenhof-Garden-and-Flowerfields-from-Rotterdam/d4211-6926P20?localeSwitch=1
  24. Not the Op but we visited Team Lab Tokyo and to be honest I am afraid I can't imagine this being possible in a wheelchair. The start is an uphill sort of steps during which water cascades down (to clean the smelly feet!) then dry your feet and enter a sort of place which is full of fabric which you have to walk through. It is also very dark then are various rooms including one with a mirrored floor, one walking thru water. I won't go into too much detail to spoil it for others. I have just reread Op's review (a great one by the way) and they mention being given a special wheelchair by TeamLabs so there must be someway to acces the venue. If they don't reply I suggest you contact them directly with your concerns. If it is possible it is definitely worth a visit. https://www.teamlab.art/e/planets/ happy planning
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