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  1. Ok back again and read all your posts, I have a feeling that this is because they are just starting up but I can’t book ANY dining at all. They all show ‘ not available to book.Please check back later or once on board, NCL chat and my TA have both confirmed this so maybe this is because of the start up. Our cruise is within 21 days. Rosalyn
  2. I was told that for our cruise (14th October)the “free dining” could only be booked once on board. From your comments it would seem that you can prebook “paid” ones, I wonder if there will still be spaces available when we finally board. Must join the roll call. Happy planning Rosalyn
  3. In my opinion the Riviera and Marina (O)are really beautiful ships. Nautica/Regatta/Sirena/Insignia (R) are smaller and older. That said I do have two booked on an R ship as the size (also) means they can go to fantastic places. Have you checked out the Vista? Out of this world but do hurry booking starts 15th September. Rosalyn
  4. Thanks for the explanation she said rubbing her hands gleefully.
  5. Looking at booking a cruise with the Sail at sea promo but it shows this as terms. 20% gratuities on the retail value of the dining and beverage package are included If this a different offer to the one shown above because it looks to me that gratuities are included or am I missing something.
  6. Thanks for your perseverance in answering my question however I guess I didn’t explain it properly. What I mean is if I am in the cabin I like to face the direction the ship is sailing so lying in bed I want to see (for instance) the view of our arrival anywhere. For me I have the same in a train, bus, etc and heaven forbid some airlines now have seats facing backwards, in a plane. Sorry if I wasn’t clear, hope I am now, its not life threatening of course but if I can choose I will. Rosalyn
  7. Thank you both for your replies, I have of course checked the deck plans extensively first but none gave me the answer I was looking for. I know now that 4 berth cabins have a bed at the window but I am afraid I still don’t know feet first or head first. I am afraid I will just have to guess unless anyone else can help me on that? knowing just one cabin will usually indicate the rule on this. Rosalyn
  8. I have never sailed on such a large ship and I have really gone through as many questions as possible but have been unable to find the information I need. I hope you will be able and willing to help me or point me in the right direction. What I would like to know: how can I tell which way the bed faces ? Feet first or head first. how can I tell wether the bed is in the middle of the cabin or at the window or is the answer shown above. will anyone check these cabins and give their opinion on best one bearing in mind I do prefer to travel feet first with bed at the window if this combination is possible. There are two of us. deck 8 8142 8156 8742 8744 8752 8760 8772 deck 9 9140 9144 9740 9744 9772 I have only chosen these ones after hearing about noise above Sugarcane bar & Waterfront for cabins further back. Thanks in advance for helping my cruise planning. Rosalyn
  9. I have just downloaded this for you, it is from the Italian government and to be honest I am not questioning the info above but better to be absolutely sure before traveling. https://www.esteri.it/mae/en/ministero/normativaonline/decreto-iorestoacasa-domande-frequenti/focus-cittadini-italiani-in-rientro-dall-estero-e-cittadini-stranieri-in-italia.html This was updated yesterday. Rosalyn
  10. I understand how you feel, if this is any help I just copied this from the Swedish(European) website. https://www.krisinformation.se/en/hazards-and-risks/disasters-and-incidents/2020/official-information-on-the-new-coronavirus/travel-restrictions Good luck Rosalyn
  11. Its quite a way away but this really makes me look forward to our circumnavigation Australia on the Regatta in 2022. Rosalyn
  12. This might help you all, I posted this for our HAL cruise in September, just pick and choose and double check which forms you need to fill in. I am not sure if UK have other rules. All as there seems to be some confusion regarding the necessary COVID forms for each country and I am based in Europe and its raining I thought I would add the websites needed to enable all of you to enjoy your cruises. HAL seems to have give the impression that these are for Visas, they are not and if you don’t fill in the appropriate form they won’t be able to help you Okay here goes. Italy https://app.euplf.eu/ pls note one for each person, even though you can add people. Croatia Proof that you have had vaccination more than 14 days ago. Montenegro Proof that you have had vaccination more than 14 days ago. Greece https://travel.gov.gr/#/ pls note one for each couple France https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/Actualites/L-actu-du-Ministere/Certificate-of-international-travel#from2 This is a new one for me basically it is just a health declaration, in addition of course to your proof of vaccination. Spain https://www.spth.gob.es/ Portugal https://portugalcleanandsafe.pt/en/passenger-locator-card Finally this one is for all of to check my information yourself. I will however not take any responsibility for anyone not getting the appropriate forms filled in. These websites are of course not applicable to all of you some of you lucky ones are B2B2B2B whatever etc. have a great cruise all of you. https://visiteurope.com/en/covid-19-information-page/ Happy planning Rosalyn
  13. Don’t panic, these maps were taken from the Eu app this morning! keep on planning Rosalyn
  14. Have you noticed that this cabin is connected to another one? Maybe everything else was full, to be honest we have never had an adjoining cabin as CC’ers have always advised against it. Whatever you decide have a great cruise. Happy planning Rosalyn
  15. This was posted on our Eurodam roll call for 18th October. Holland America will now be using Porto Maghera Not sure where the 'original' port was, perhaps someone can locate? I thought it was near the 'Tranchetto' on the island of Venice? Anyways, better for those coming from the airport, not so great those of us staying on the island, although getting to and from the island is not difficult if memory serves me well. Venice port.docx298.32 kB · 39 downloads
  16. Josie and Brian and all of you, so sad to see the news of our/your cancellations. I had just booked my return flights from Dubai on Monday, now desperately looking for a replacement cruise. Sorry to miss you all, maybe on another cruise. Rosalyn
  17. To be honest at the moment I am just hoping our Nautica cruise from Tokyo next year will sail! That said I do not agree with Oceania still advertising on their web site for the Nautica as 2023 to me is not really coming soon. Rosalyn “Coming Soon - We Invite You To Experience THE RE-INSPIRATION OF CLASSIC ELEGANCE”
  18. After our booking on 2nd February 5/5-10/6 when we managed to snag one of the last Veranda/Balcony cabins most of the cabins have all been waitlisted. This was also valid for most if not all of the Asia cruises on Nautica, so I don’t see that Oceania has “just” waitlisted these cruises. At least I sincerely hope not, just booked flights! Rosalyn
  19. Seagal, here you are with some clear photos of the differences “a picture speaks a thousand words” https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/1682474-azamara-journey-balcony-metal-plate/ Rosalyn This is for Azamara but applies to all R ships. Happy planning
  20. Definitely, I can remember visiting the locks on an excursion and saying dreamily that I wanted to return on a cruise ship. A few years later we did so and it was a great experience, depending on your ship size you might go through the new locks. If you do go I suggest that you read some of the history of building the Canal first, it was an incredible feat of engineering and a terrible time for the workers. Happy planning and consider this your retirement treat. Rosalyn
  21. I was wondering the same thing too when looking at the difference between some of the balcony cabins. This was the answer/photo I got. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/1682474-azamara-journey-balcony-metal-plate/?do=findComment&comment=35159068 This was for Azamara but the cabins on the R ships are the same. Rosalyn
  22. All, here is some incredibly valuable information I copied from a HAL roll call and reposted on our Oceania one. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2772490-november-12-2022-35-day-australia-circumnavigation/?do=findComment&comment=60954043 Happy planning Rosalyn
  23. Oh sorry just checked and they are all waitlisted which is possibly because sailings to Australia might not be allowed/possible 2021/2022. Here are the possibilities for 2022/2023 which are also waitlisted (it was so popular we managed a pre booking) but you can always try to waitlist as it is a long way away. If you do manage 2022/2023 do pop over and join our roll call. happy planning Rosalyn
  24. Do any of these fit the bill, I don’t know your budget but as you mention a butler maybe Oceania could be a match. I know you were not interested in Asia but as previously mentioned I think this is a prerequisite. We have done Singapore via Bali to Sydney and Auckland to Bali so both halves of Australia so to speak. Loved them both so we have booked the circumnavigation with Oceania for 2022/2023. We are looking forward to experiencing Christmas and New Year in a sunny climate. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/cruise-comparison/REG211203-REG211203A-REG211217?returnUrl=%2Fcruise-finder%23time_frame%3D2021-8|2021-9|2021-10|2021-11|2021-12%26marketing_region%3Daustralia%26ship%3DREG%26sort%3Dfeatured%3Adesc%26page%3D1%26pageSize%3D10%26cruisesCompared%3DREG211203-REG211203A-REG211217 happy planning Rosalyn
  25. Great, thanks for explaining that. Rosalyn
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