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  1. I’m in the same situation...I’m eyeing a Oct 2022 cruise for my FCCs. I don’t wish for any cruise to be cancelled (we are up to 4 cancelled so far this year), BUT...sail by date of May 4, 2022 doesn’t work for me.
  2. Hello everyone, honest I have looked through previous posts, but I’m not finding a definitive answer to my question. Are the “sweet 16” cabins only on deck 6? What about deck 7 or 8, are they larger balconies too?
  3. Any thoughts on when the schedule for 2022 Europe should be posted? Our FCC is itching to be spent.
  4. We too use ours facing the room VS bathroom. We have sailed with Celebrity once & their doors fit too tight, so I just hung it inside the closet (before we purchased the magnet hooks)
  5. I always travel with my over the door “shoe organizer “, it’s great for sunglass, sun screen, extra glasses, first aid kit, tablet charger cords....and so much more. We purchased magnetic hooks (make sure they are strong enuf to have a good hold, with our first set the weight of everything just pulled the organizer down the wall)....it seems that stateroom walls are metal.
  6. If your ship has a BBQ venue, it will be open to everyone on embarkation day (otherwise only on sea days). Many guests don’t know...so 🤫
  7. Oh my goodness!!!! Carnival refund department really stepped up!! We booked through a big box store.....C——O, our refund was back to my 2 different credit cards in 8 calendar days!!!!
  8. Hi there, we are expecting our Christmas & NY cruise to be cancelled, so I’m shopping for an alternative cruise, as we can’t L&S. Does FCC go toward a new “base fare” only...(with any remaining value to be kept in a FCC Bank for a 2nd cruise)...or can it also go toward perks (tips, drinks and such) as a new cruise pkg, to use the whole of the original FCC value?
  9. We have cruised a few times, but never with a drink package. Is there a limit to how many alcoholic beverages you can order per day.....with either Classic or Premium package?
  10. We are almost at the point of no-return. Our sailing doesn’t qualify for L&S, so our next option is to wait for the inevitable cancellation of our Christmas cruise from Florida. Im sure it’s a NO, but I gotta ask.....do our cruise perks stay intact for another sailing, or do we loose them?
  11. The Ships don’t always dock on the same side at the same Port. It depends on what the Captain thinks is best at the time. It will partly depend on other ships that are docked there first. When I'm planning our cruises, I look at a map, and pay attention to which direction you are sailing in respect to land, and choose port or starboard accordingly.
  12. That’s just the thing I’ve been thinking...my non- Carnival TA, told me that FCC (which is the option I chose), is the Carnival default option. So, I’m wondering if he even contacted Carnival.....or if there are soooo many displaced cruisers, that it’s just taking this long to process everyone.
  13. My non-Carnival TA, contacted my a couple days after Carnival announced that the Mardi Gras was delayed again. We discussed my options, and I chose to have FCC instead of refund. The TA commented, that the FCC was the default choice. Is there a chance that he didn’t contact Carnival on my behalf, or is everyone still showing their cancelled sailings on their planner?
  14. Well, I took the advice and contacted Celebrity, and within 2 hours I had a very nice reply with my cabin #!! Very impressed with their response time. I took a deck plan screen shot with our stateroom circled, and added it to my photo file for that trip. Thanks again everyone for your help. I was hoping I could have found the info myself, but Celebrity was wonderful!
  15. The cruise in question was last September.....our “sweet 16 cabin” is (supposed to be) this December. Sometimes I have a photo of our cabin door showing the number....now I will make a point of doing this EACH voyage. Thanks everyone for your input, I will investigate further, knowing that it may be possible.
  16. I would like to book the same cabin again, but I’m not sure which exact deck & room number I had. Is there a way to find this? ... I don’t have any of my documents from that trip. Would my profile have that info?
  17. I too am part of the Mardi Gras cancellations, and also had purchased Cruise Cash when it was on sale. I was told the same as you, “my $$ will be refunded back to the original form of purchase (credit card)”.
  18. Those are extended balcony rooms. Those staterooms with the larger balconies would be very nice for a back to back cruise. As this Ship is still being built, nobody will be able to give you first-hand info. Enjoy!
  19. Oh, great. To me, this statement is saying that our Christmas 2020 cruise will prob sail as planned, but Celebrity won’t be doing ANY updating beforehand. Some ppl have posted that the ship is in dire need of some renovations. I can handle shower curtains VS glass doors, but I will be very disappointed in Celebrity if the carpets are stained/dirty, the decks are peeling/rusty or if furniture is very worn/tired looking.
  20. This from Cruise Critic weekly email.. I guess this answers the question about Constellation being re-fit soon.
  21. We have used Go Port Canaveral for transport in the past and this year we had planned to use them again (this year we were going to book their hotel & ride pkg). Take a look at their website for cancellation policy, they just updated it & now it’s giving credits VS refunds. So, now with COVID (Plus Mardi Gras being ready for us in time for our sailing date), we will wait until closer to book with GoPort.
  22. Travel medical insurance that we bought last Fall, an annual policy that expires this fall. We haven’t used it yet.... Our Daughter is/was getting married (the date keeps getting bumped back due to Covid19 rules), our B2B inaugural cruise on Mardi Gras for August got cancelled, Las Vegas is basically closed......all of our vacation plans have disappeared. We are hoping our replacement cruise in December will carry on as planned.
  23. Our Easter cruise was quite laid-back. The only “Easter “ thing I noticed was when our waiter in the MDR offered a Easter treat for our choosing from a bowl (foil wrapped chocolate eggs/wrapped mini chocolate bars).
  24. I’m glad you were able to clarify the issue of Cruise Cash refunding, not making a diff on why a cruise was cancelled (Carnival cancelation VS PAX cancelled). The agent on the phone, did seem a bit confused about the whole issue. She hadn’t noticed the fine print about no refunds before. When she understood my question about the cruise being cancelled by Carnival, she was very clear that refunds of pre-purchased cruise cash/excursions/cheers would be made...and since I’m only worried about Carnival cancelling, I didn’t press her for further confirmation, but (maybe incorrectly) I
  25. Oh, yes, my error. I was thinking of the tender in Lahaina VS docking in Kahului and typed the wrong info. Thanks for catching that mistake.
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