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  1. Same here. Did it the way they said and it was approved in 24 hours. Worry about that company access.
  2. Sailing TA on 4/5 and just rec'd SOBC with my military credit.
  3. Can you email me with thoughts of Island. Looking at her for Christmas-New Years. See you on Enchanted. Greg V of Caroline jgd3rd@yahoo.com
  4. Just got this from Customer Service Good Afternoon! You are eligible, however these voyages are not. The ‘double military OBC’ offer is voyage specific. I checked both of your upcoming voyages and they are not eligible for this particular offer unfortunately. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions!
  5. They had a sail away last night. It was cool and the jackets were nice. Beautiful todayst Hubbard. 3 days in a row
  6. Got jacket this morning. Very nice. Should be warm. Might need light under garment if very cold. Now 61 and sunny
  8. RJ, not sure as I have never seen them. I was told that they had been discontinued but that they will now be available. There is a picture in the last email that Seabourn sent us. Scroll down and click the article and look at the jackets. They look warm to me. Greg PS where in CA - we are in Monterey and FL
  9. MightyQuinn: Thank you for the info. I read email but did not scroll down to bottom. Just order ours.
  10. I called Seabourn. Res advised that program was just announced on Thursday and that for the first sailings they will have all size jackets at the ship as not enough time to order. Who knows.
  11. How did you order? We are on the cruise but have not rec'd any info.
  12. Sent a request via email at 4pm yesterday and rec'd confirmation this morning. Good work Seabourn!
  13. Don't know anything about free shuttles anywhere
  14. We were just told that we are going to Jacksonville for 2 days before going to Charleston. Paxs not happy as post is located away from downtown and little choice for transportation
  15. Having been part of CC for 13 years, this is the first time that I have gotten such negative responses. In the past members had posted the info I requested. Just looking for the info as I can seem to get a response - nothing serious!
  16. I know that this had been posted before, but does anyone have corporate email addresses for top management/ Sent generic email3 weeks ago but no reply.
  17. I was told a week ago it would be "E" Have not been able to confirm on port web sites. Driving from central FL so planning on it. See everyone SOON!
  18. Agree with what has been written. On this cruise and the only thing that has been lacking is the weather. CA could use the rain!!!
  19. I am also on this cruise and agree on most thoughts. We did have a problem with check-in. I had neg tests for wife and I on my phone but it would not load inside the terminal. Eventually it loaded and we got on. Good trip so far -p just arriving in Sitka.
  20. Currently on Ruby to Alaska with 2332 paxs per Captain yesterday. Not sure of capacity.
  21. Sailing on Ruby on Sunday. How many people on with you now?
  22. Faxed a request approx 10 days ago or Ruby on Aug 28 and saw the credit was in my account on day 7.
  23. Emerald and Regal were both on schedule. Wonder if they will have 2 ships in England?
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