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  1. "Every picture tells a story, don't it"
  2. its called a "Diamond Lounge" - not a "Diamond plus friends & family Lounge". So, no & I respectfully disagree with those saying take her anyway. And I presume if X had an Elite lounge, they would not allow family/friends to tag along.
  3. Why not just take a jacket and wear it? It seems so simple to me and yet there are sooooo many dress code threads. No one has ever been told to go to their cabin to take OFF the jacket, so just enjoy the moments.
  4. Apparently Norwegian is dropping (some) requirements as of 8/1/22: Norwegian "will drop its pre-cruise testing requirements on nearly all sailings from Europe and other locations outside of North America, effective Aug. 1, 2022." "Effective for sailings 8/1/22 and beyond for cruises originating in any port except a U.S. port, Canadian port or Piraeus, Greece: All guests are exempt from all pre-cruise COVID-19 testing requirements,” reads a portion of the Sail Safe section on NCL’s website.
  5. Also Diamond however still buy the package because well, I drink like a fish 🤣. Also, I figure a certain percentage of the price goes to convenience of not having to sign tickets or keep track of consumption cost.
  6. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/06/27/royal-caribbean-ceo-talks-when-pre-cruise-covid-testing-and-vaccine-mandate-will-last
  7. What the CEO of RCL said was as follows. Not a commitment for a specific time period....... "I think pre cruise testing is going to be around for another couple of months," Mr. Bayley answered. "We obviously want it to go back to normal, but we're incredibly cognizant of our responsibilities to keep our crew, the communities and our guests safe."
  8. Proletariat? Wow - takes me back to my 70's liberal arts studies. Thanks for the flashback 😂
  9. agree and 99% of the time I do not tip extra. However if a specific person has gone above and beyond to help me out (ie go to a different bar on a different floor to get me a specific champagne), I'll tip extra.
  10. besides what has been said above, really no comparison as the two are focused on different passenger types. Would be easier to compare Seabourn to Silversea than RCL, but I prefer Silversea's formality where many don't. We are Diamond RCL so have some loyalty (although prefer Celebrity), but if they have a chance to go on Seabourn on someone else's dime, they should jump at it. Just mho
  11. until someone walks away with the beach chair!!!😝
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