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  1. Carnival makes it very clear that scooters cannot be stored in the hallways or other public areas of the ship. They have to be in the cabin.
  2. One issue is that once you do a price match to a non-early saver rate, you’re done. No more price matches. That’s something to consider with the cruise being 18 months away. If you book the $2800 Early Saver and then price match to the $2300 Summer Sale, that’s it. Your price would be locked in at $2300. It used to be “once early saver, always early saver,” but not anymore.
  3. I believe you also need to upload proof of vaccination to ArriveCan. That can be done in advance of the 72 hour window.
  4. That’s worth a try, but I don’t think Carnival allows courtesy holds on cruises sailing in less than a week.
  5. Have you tried emailing, texting and calling your PVP? Is so and no contact has been made, I would suggest calling Carnival’s main number, 1-800-764-7419 and waiting on hold to speak with a representative. Good luck!
  6. You’re correct. I was thinking of the Mexican Riviera cruises out of Long Beach. The Mexican ports visited on Caribbean cruises would be included in the “no doctor’s note required.”
  7. This only applies to Caribbean sailings, so not to Alaska, Mexico, Europe, TA’s, etc.
  8. I enjoy the steakhouse very much and eat there once each cruise. I enjoy the atmosphere and the food is a notch above the MDR. On my most recent cruise, the Pride TA, I noticed that although the quality was still there, the portions were smaller than what I have experienced in the past. That won’t stop me from eating at the steakhouse in the future. Just thought I’d mention it though.
  9. Correct, OBC goes towards gratuities once you’re on the ship, but you can’t pre-pay gratuities with OBC.
  10. This is a much better rate than I saw with a dummy booking. That’s an incredible offer actually. Too bad you can’t take advantage of it! I live on the west coast and the only decent offers I get are on the east coast.
  11. Yes, you can use OBC to book excursions prior to the cruise. If you cancel for any reason your OBC is re-instated.
  12. There are a few OV’s available at this time. $959 PP, $1918 solo. Plus taxes of $255.86 PP. Not cheap. This is the only Carnival cruise of the season that goes to Sitka, so it’s very popular. BTW, I’m in an inside cabin on the 7/5 sailing. Normally I do OV or balcony but couldn’t pass up the price of an inside.
  13. SAS is a good choice. Go to www.ridesas.com for more information.
  14. I have used Vista Print many times for t-shirts. They also have many other items available to be custom-made.
  15. Regarding the shows, I was on the Pride TA recently with a friend who was using a scooter. On the Pride there were spaces in the theater designed for people in scooters or wheelchairs. She rode her scooter in and used one of those spaces, and I sat in the adjoining chair. It worked very well. Just ask one of the Carnival staff and they’ll direct you to those spaces.
  16. Diamond and Platinum are allowed to do that.
  17. This balcony looks pristine compared to the one I had in cabin 5151
  18. Carnival is not doing post-cruise testing on the ship, even for a fee. In Barcelona they were offering testing at the port, after getting luggage and passing through customs/immigration, for a “convenience fee” of $100. Another option is testing at the airport, which I did at BCN. With an advance appointment the testing went quickly, and I was there only about 20 minutes start to finish. People without appointments were waiting 2 hours and some missed their flights. I didn’t want to do a proctored test because the internet on the ship was “iffy.”
  19. Very interesting first-hand report written by a professional with lots of information. Thanks for posting.
  20. My balcony was grungy too, in cabin 5151. They did “clean” it once during the 14 day cruise, but it didn’t do much for the built-up grunge and rust. The thermostat in my cabin worked fine. I could always get it to a comfortable temperature.
  21. Sorry to hear that you also tested positive, but hope you have a mild case.
  22. Sorry to see this, Greg. Are you feeling OK? I hope you have a mild case that doesn’t last long.
  23. It opens at Midnight Eastern Time, so those of us on the West Coast can check in just after 9:00 AM.
  24. No, you didn’t sound rude, just frustrated. I’m glad you got it sorted out!
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