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  1. Regarding the Plus package, I am a non drinker, and it makes financial sense for me to get the package. Tips $16 a day, internet $25 a day. That leaves $19 a day for specialty coffees, bottled water, the juice bar, fresh-squeezed orange juice at breakfast, and of course the two casual meals. Totally makes sense for me.
  2. On one of the cruises I have booked, I noticed after booking on-line that I had selected a “connecting” room. I don’t like being in connecting rooms, so I called the call center to change to another room. I obviously got the Philippine call center, because the person didn’t know what a connecting room is. Once I educated her, she took about 15 minutes and told me there were absolutely no non-connecting rooms available on the ship (1 year ahead of the cruise). I found one that would suit me and said I wanted to change to that, and she said I had to cancel and rebook. I asked her to check with someone else. After about another 15 minutes, she came back and it had been change. Never again will use the call center for anything.
  3. Your best bet with this short notice would be one of the airport area hotels. In Downtown Seattle proper you would be hard pressed to find anything in the $150 range, especially with short notice.
  4. And the Nexus card comes with TSA pre-check, which is a great perk!
  5. EDL’s also apply to Mexico and some Caribbean nations covered by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.
  6. If it’s truly an enhanced driver’s license (not REAL ID) it will suffice for entering Canada by sea. Only 5 states currently issue EDL’s, Washington, Michigan, New York, Minnesota and Vermont.
  7. I’m looking forward to being with you on this 33 day voyage from Sydney to Seattle, and am eagerly awaiting your live review. People see and experience different things on the same cruise, and I am interested in your point of view. Nancy
  8. Thank you for coming back and letting us know. Congratulations and best wishes in the new job!
  9. When you get to your cabin to pick up your sail and sign card, it may be Platinum. That happened to me on my first Diamond cruise. I was looking forward to my white Diamond card, which Guest Services was happy to provide me with.
  10. In my experience, 9 times out of 10 they give you the punch card automatically with your first order. If they don’t, I don’t think it’s intentional. Just busy and forgot about it is my guess.
  11. I don’t know for sure, but it’s worth a call. They will probably do it for you. If not, you’ll need to call the online agency.
  12. So you now have two VIFP numbers. That happened to my husband. A call to our PVP deleted the new one.
  13. Not unless the any country that is visited on the cruise has the requirement that the passport be valid for 6 months past the date of the visit.
  14. They give it to you when you purchase your first coffee beverage. No charge for the card, just pay as you go. After 6 punches, your 7th is free. It’s for all their coffee drinks, espresso, latte, americano, etc. If they don’t give you the card when you purchase your first drink, be sure to ask for it.
  15. Java Blue is offers pay coffee starting sometime around 6:00 AM. I’m a coffee “snob” so I prefer their coffee to Lido and room service. I take my own coffee thermal cup so as not to drink out of a cardboard cup. They have a punch card, buy 6 get 1 free. Their coffee is also included in Cheers.
  16. There was an umbrella and binoculars in our Terrazza Cabana on the Venezia. I’ve never seen them in any other cabin though.
  17. The doors from the elevator lobbies into the corridors are closed, but diamond, platinum and FTTS’s are allowed to open the door to go to their cabins briefly to drop off luggage. It’s a very heavy door, but it’s not locked.
  18. Guests who have purchased Faster to the Fun are allowed to drop off luggage in their cabins prior to 1:30 PM, but not to occupy the cabin until after 1:30, even if it appears to be “ready.” This is the same for Diamonds and Platinums. Just drop and leave.
  19. Sounds good. The one time my husband no-showed, they asked at check-in and I said he isn’t here yet.
  20. No. Everyone including diamonds, platinums and FTTF now need to arrive within their arrival time slot.
  21. And this timeframe assumes the flight lands on time. We all know that’s not a guarantee. Please listen to the helpful people here and fly in the day before, or if not possible, book a flight that arrives before 10:00 in the morning.
  22. Absolutely colder than 36 degrees. More like 34 or so. Cans of soda on the top shelf had ice crystals in them. I don’t think there was a way to raise or lower the temp.
  23. Agreed. We took a refrigerator thermometer with us since DH has insulin that needs to be refrigerated at 36 - 46 degrees F. The fridge on Venezia was too cold for insulin so he had to have it stored in the medical center.
  24. Another thing about those 4J cabins is that many of them don’t have couches. So if that’s important to you, try to be sure yours does have a couch. I have had that cabin type 4-5 times, always without a couch.
  25. No, the 4J’s only have the picture window out to the “secret deck.” Supposedly people can’t see in during the day unless they stick their nose right up to the glass, but yes, one does feel like a goldfish being watched. At night the curtains have to be closed for navigational purposes. I have had those rooms a few times and like the proximity to the secret deck, but I usually kept my curtain closed most of the time.
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