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  1. I’ll be right behind you, on the January 7th and 13th cruises!
  2. Very good news! The Marine Traffic website shows her on her way under power as of 5:57 PM local time, with ETA in Long Beach on Thursday 12/21 at 8:00. AM local time.
  3. Bonsai Sushi (pay restaurant) was among the best food we had in our 15 days on Venezia.
  4. They also have raw onions on the topping bar.
  5. I’m sure we’ll all be glad to see her moved to the facility that will put her tail back on!
  6. One more suggestion is to check Carnival’s website several times a day looking for a cabin that becomes available because of a last minute cancellation. If you see one, grab it right away because it won’t last long.
  7. This is such an interesting thread, and thanks to everyone who is providing information and insights. My upcoming cruises on Panorama are 1/7/24 and 1/13/24, and I’ll be on the TP next October as well. I’m hoping the Panorama will be ready for those with December 23 and December 30 sailings!
  8. How long is the cruise? I probably wouldn’t make the change at that price for a 7 day cruise, but probably would for 14 days.
  9. I got an upgrade offer for the Panorama 25 day TP in October 2024. Worst upgrade offer I have ever gotten. I have an oversized OV cabin on deck 1 and was offered a midship balcony on deck 8 for $1202. No thanks!
  10. I would take an upgrade from interior to OV in a heartbeat as long as the upgrade cost is reasonable.
  11. We are all so fortunate to have your expert analysis of what’s going on with the Panorama. Thank you for your very valuable contribution to Cruise Critic!
  12. Thanks to everyone who’s providing updates on the Panorama’s progress. It’s quite interesting to follow along.
  13. DH uses a CPAP machine and insists on using distilled water rather than the ship’s water. We called room service and the gallon of distilled water was delivered within 5 minutes. It came up to just under $5.00 with the delivery charge.
  14. I got a security notice from my broker this past week warning people not to divulge their login information to third parties. They made the point that these third parties then have the same access as you do. Also, they apparently store your login information and if they are hacked, your login information is included in the data breach. I just sent a photo of my last statement with the account number redacted and that worked fine.
  15. Thank you for posting this. It’s good to see that progress is being made! Fingers crossed for your New Year’s Eve cruise. I’m booked B2B for the two cruises following yours.
  16. I have enjoyed reading your live review. Safe travels home tomorrow!
  17. Thank you for the FABULOUS review. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it brought back memories of being on Venezia’s TA from Barcelona to New York. You sure know how to tell a story, and Patti is an excellent photographer. What a team!
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