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  1. I was in a Terrazza cabana on the Venezia TA. I didn’t attend the special sailaway event, so can’t speak to that. The curated brunch was at the Steakhouse, and we received an invitation in our cabin for a specific date. The Steakhouse isn’t normally open for lunch, so only Terrazza and suite guests were there. It was very nice, with free booze for those who wanted it.
  2. I agree that 10:30 is way too early. Better to change to a later flight now rather than finding out the hard way. LA traffic is always busy, even on Sunday mornings, and LAX is a very busy airport. Don’t take a chance.
  3. I don’t know what they did with original karaoke rooms. On the Venezia TA they were using the Terrazza bar area in the evenings for karaoke.
  4. It’s better to take to much documentation than too little. I would advise that she take her birth certificate, driver’s license, marriage certificate to husband #1, death certificate of husband #1, and marriage certificate to husband #2. She may not need it all, but she’ll have all the bases covered that way.
  5. You will get $100 for the room you’re in (assuming it’s a 7-13 day cruise). It doesn’t matter who pays for the room. One person in each room would have to have 100 shares of stock to receive OBC. One person with 100 shares can only receive $100 on a cruise, no matter how many rooms they book.
  6. They don’t allow you to move OBC from one B2B to the other one, unfortunately.
  7. Thank you for this review. I will be on Toscana in March 2024 from Dubai to Rome. It will be my first time on Costa and I’m looking forward to it.
  8. Don't be surprised if you get to your cabin and find that your sail & sign card for the cruise has your old VIFP level. That happened to me on the cruise where I became diamond. I opened the envelope and there was a platinum card instead. Guest Services solved the the problem quickly.
  9. As long as it’s really an Enhanced Driver’s License. I notice you’re from one of the 5 states that issue them. Some people erroneously refer to a “Real ID” driver’s license as enhanced.
  10. You can order it and have it delivered to the table at dinner. I don’t know about whether you can order same day or 24 hour notice.
  11. There is no separate line for the food items. Just one line for everything.
  12. I don't know about decorations, but they can get a cake from Cherry on Top. It doesn't have to be ordered ahead of the cruise.
  13. See you at trivia in September, Robb! Nancy
  14. The prizes depend on the ship. It used to be a ship on a stick for the winner of each trivia game. That has changed to a medallion, AKA “bling on a string” on many ships. When people play in groups, there is one prize for the team. In cases of a tie, they have a tie-breaker question. Some ships still give out ships on a stick, but most seem to have medallions now.
  15. I know from first-hand experience that it includes WhatsApp. I don’t use the other social media you mentioned.
  16. I used the soda dispenser in the Lido Celebration using my sail & sign card. I didn't have a package. What I got was very flat soda with not enough soda syrup in it. I never tried again, just went to a bar or Java Blue and bought cans of soda.
  17. That's so true. In my case the difference is only $50, so I'm just going to forget about it and move on. In your case, the difference would be $250. I wish they would get their act together. If I ever book a similar combination of cruises that add up to 12 or 13 (with one of the cruises being 7 day) I will submit one and wait awhile to submit the other. That might work.
  18. I even asked them what would have happened if I had done that, and they said when the second one came through and they saw it was a B2B, they would have denied the second one.
  19. Two booking numbers, two separate cruises. They adamantly insisted that this counts as a 13 day cruise.
  20. I stayed in this area on the Venezia TA, and it was very nice. I would do it again. The lounge area itself is open to everyone, but it's rarely crowded. They did kareoke there in the evenings, but again, not crowded. The outside area with loungers, clamshells, and two hot tubs, is only for people staying in Terrazza cabins, and it's wonderful. It's not crowded at all and I was always able to find a comfortable place in the shade. I highly recommend it!
  21. I recently applied for stockholder's OBC for two consecutive cruises, B2B on the same ship. One was 6 days and one was 7 days. I was given a total of $100 OBC, $50 for each cruise. I was expecting $50 for the 6 days and $100 for the 7 days. The Guest Admin department said they looked at this B2B journey as one 13 day cruise and gave me $100 since that's what 7-13 day cruises receive. Has anyone else experienced this?
  22. I have two total knee replacements. They beep at the airport and I tell them about my knees. They either: (1). Call an officer of my same gender to do a wand and pat-down. It’s not very intrusive and very quick. (2). Sometimes they send me to the full body scanner instead of the wand and pat-down. On the ship, I just point to my knees and they usually just pass a wand past my knees and send me on my way. No problem.
  23. FYI, for those of you going on the Venezia, the mini-fridge we had in our cabin was VERY COLD. Our cabin steward recommended against storing insulin in there because it was probably too cold and the insulin could freeze. My husband took his extra insulin pens to Medical where they stored it at the proper temperatore. Sure enough, the first morning of the cruise, the water we had in the mini-fridge was frozen. Glad the insulin wasn't in there.
  24. We were also in a Terrazza Cabana on the TA and had an ice bucket that was refilled every day. Some friends onboard didn't have ice buckets, so I asked my cabin steward why, and he said it was just for suites and the Terrazza area. Hope they have rectified that by now.
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