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  1. Having been on 4 recent cruises on Panorama, I can say that 9:30 is a bit optimistic for having a shuttle pickup. The ship does get in before 9:00 though. If you choose self-assist debarkation, where you carry all of your luggage off yourself, and if you are among the first off the ship, you could make a 9:30 shuttle pickup. If you have to pick luggage up in the terminal, I wouldn’t recommend having a shuttle arrive before 10:00.
  2. Yes, that should work. Also, try to be among the first off the ship.
  3. I think 9:30 is a little too early unless you’re planning to carry all of your baggage off the ship. I have sailed on Panorama several times and didn’t use self-debark. With Diamond priority I was off the ship at about 9:30 but still had to get through the immigration line (not long with facial recognition) and pick up my luggage. If you’re going to have your luggage delivered to the terminal I would suggest 10:00 for your shuttle.
  4. Uber will take you right to the terminal.
  5. They work the way they’re supposed to once people get used to them and follow the “rules.” The main thing that some people have a difficult time with is that you need to press your requested floor once for each person in your party. If you press once for 4 people, the elevator is only “expecting” one person, and overcrowding can occur. Also, people using a wheelchair, scooter or walker should press the wheelchair button so the elevator “knows” that person requires additional room.
  6. I know Carnival advertises that they ticket the Fly2Fun reservations 60 days prior to the cruise. I have used Fly2Fun only once, and I had a problem with the ticketing. Although they said 60 days, my tickets were eventually paid for 3 weeks before the cruise. Meanwhile, I called them multiple times because and everyone told me to check back in 48-72 hours. This was for my return from Europe after a transatlantic cruise, and I literally didn’t know for certain that I had a flight and a seat until 3 weeks before I left. Not a good feeling.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your review. Thank you very much! Safe travels home, and I’m already looking forward to your next live review.
  8. When I was on the Venezia TA the signs were there, and people ignored them. It was quite a challenge to get a seat at lunch.
  9. Taxi lines are long. For efficient Uber/Lyft pickup, walk one block away from the water to 11th Ave. I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes for a ride there.
  10. You have to have play the entire $25.00. After you have played the $25.00, if there is anything left on the machine, you can cash it out to your player bank. I don’t know how it works with table games.
  11. When my husband ordered it through room service once aboard, it was delivered almost instantly. No more than 1-2 minutes after ordering, it was delivered to our cabin. I think it was about $3.75 + delivery charge.
  12. That’s so annoying when they take it upon themselves to seat a solo at a shared table when they didn’t request it. It happened to me several times during my recent 14 days on the Panorama.
  13. Your pictures are making me nostalgic about the Spirit, one of my favorite ships. I have sailed her 4-5 times, but last time was about 12 years ago.
  14. When my sister and I scattered our brother’s remains, we used a biodegradable “scattering tube,” which I found on Amazon. After the remains were put into it, it was securely sealed. There was a small punch-out hole on top, so we were able to punch that out and scatter a portion of the remains into the sea, then throw the rest of the remains and the tube itself into the sea. Carnival made sure the tube was biodegradable before we did it.
  15. Did you purchase the Carnival/AON insurance for all occupants of both cabins?
  16. No one asked me for anything. I had brought my brother’s death certificate and certificate of cremation, but no one asked for it. Same with carrying the urn in my carry-on bag on the plane. TSA did scan it separately but didn’t require any documentation.
  17. The Guest Services staff didn’t tell us how many miles out we had to be, but I assumed 12 miles. They said the bridge staff had to assess the expected winds and sea conditions and would let us know what time the scattering could be done. They offered us a 2 hour window. My sister and I were very happy with the way everything was conducted.
  18. My sister and I scattered our brother’s ashes off the Carnival Panorama in January 2023. Everything was handled very respectfully, similar to what “Knights on the Beach” described above. A Guest Services representative and a security officer were present, but gave us our time and space. It was very meaningful. The following day my sister and I each received a beautiful padded folder with a picture of the Carnival Panorama inside, along with a certificate signed by the Captain that stated the exact date and time, and latitude/longitude where the ashes were scattered. It couldn’t have been nicer.
  19. Thank you for another great review, Greg! Safe journey home. I’ll be looking forward to your next review. Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow!
  20. You wouldn’t be able to sub 2 people in place of your in-laws. One person on the original booking must remain on the booking.
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