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  1. Do you have a link to the stock perk app? I sent my request for stockholder credit 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything except the auto reply that said it could take up to 21 days for approval. Thanks!
  2. I’m sorry to see this, but I think Carnival has offered fair reimbursement to those affected by the cancellations. Hopefully Panorama will be back in service sometime in December.
  3. You can’t withdraw cash against your OBC balance. The closest you can do is go to Cherry on Top and buy a Carnival gift card using your OBC, which can then be used anywhere on the ship as cash equivalent.
  4. Maybe keep your door closed all day and wear a mask when you’re out of your office?
  5. Following along. Good to see you over here on Princes. My first Princess cruise will be 33 days in April 2024. Looking forward to your take on Princess.
  6. You still need to be out of your original stateroom by 8:30 AM on turnaround day.
  7. Besides being small, the non-smoking casino has very few machines, and none of them are the newer, exciting games from what I saw. There was no “vibe” in that room that made me want to stay. And the main casino was so thick with smoke that I mostly gave the casino a pass.
  8. I would stick with the cove balcony as long as it’s in a good location (not under the galley).
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the Terrazza Cabana and the Carnavale area on the Venezia TA cruise. It was so nice to have an uncrowded, quiet area to get away from the crowds and noise. That being said, I would not have paid full price for the Terrazza Cabana. I got an attractive upgrade offer from a standard balcony so I took it.
  10. I should have mentioned in my earlier post that on the Venezia, all of the bars make coffee drinks, not just Java Blue.
  11. Java Blue is on deck 10 on the Venezia. They have specialty coffees with and without alcohol. None of them are covered by the Bottomless Bubbles package, but are included in the Cheers package. They do have a coffee card, where you buy 6 coffee drinks and get the 7th free. Ask for the coffee card with your first purchase and keep bringing it back. The coffee drinks are about $3.50 - $4.00 as I recall. Excellent coffee!
  12. It was the best meal I had on Panorama. I’m doing B2B cruises on Panorama in January and have booked JiJi’s for both cruises. Much better than the steakhouse or Cucina.
  13. The arrival time for each person is the time they selected when they checked in on-line 14 days before the cruise (16 days for diamond, platinum and suites). The cruise companion designation is only for dining, so they can sit you at the same table.
  14. I totally agree with St. Greg. Alaska will always be there.
  15. Looking forward to your review and pictures. We were on the Venezia TA in May/June, which seems so long ago. I’m interested to hear your thoughts about the Venezia.
  16. This is the very best advice. Do it as soon as you know you won’t be able to make the trip, as there are deadlines for notification. They will guide you through the steps you need to take. If your insurance is through Carnival, start with your PVP.
  17. That’s true. This is done every day. The brunch is one time during the cruise. They phoned our cabin to arrange the time and date. It was held in the steak house with a special menu. The steak house wasn’t open to the public then, just for Terrazza passengers.
  18. My pet peeve is children running up and down the halls at top speed without regard for people with canes and walkers. I haven’t seen anyone knocked down, but I have seen some near misses.
  19. I tried to arrange this one time, and Carnival was adamant that they don't allow this. They called it a downline debarkation and said it's not permitted, period. I escalated the issue clear up to the chairman's office. Same answer at every level.
  20. They have a single bed and either a sofa bed or a bunk that pulls out of the ceiling. They’re fine for solos, but set up to be booked for two. It will be a little “cozy” with two, but do-able.
  21. It’s not possible to request water temperature. They put your laundry in a mesh bag and wash it in an industrial sized washing machine and dryer along with other peoples’ laundry. It’s washed in hot water in order to sanitize it. That being said, I have sent things like jeans, t-shirts, night gowns, underwear, socks, etc. Nothing has been damaged, stained or shrunk in their laundry. I wouldn’t send anything delicate or sentimental. Good luck!
  22. They didn’t have it on Panorama in January, also not on Venezia. I would like to see it brought back also.
  23. I have used Fly2Fun only once, to fly from home from Barcelona after a TA cruise. The price was excellent, flight times were convenient, and I was able to select seats ahead of time. My only issue was that the ticket wasn’t issued in a timely manner. I had some anxious days as it got down to 3 weeks ahead of the cruise and ticket still wasn’t issued. There is no way to communicate directly with the Fly2Fun department. I made many calls to various departments with no one very interested in helping. It did turn out OK though. I would use them again for international flights.
  24. I saved my one-time upgrade to use on a long cruise, so I got a good price on an OV on the Venezia TA and upgraded to a balcony for this 15 day cruise. Then I received an offer to upgrade to a Terrazza cabana for under $200 for the two of us and snapped it up. So I was in the Terrazza cabana for a very low price.
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