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  1. I woke up this morning happy because I am going on a cruise tomorrow. Now, after reading just two threads, I am irritated to have to block someone already today ☹️
  2. That sounds like Capital One Shopping. I tried to download it, but it is not compatible with my iPad. If something happened to my Mac, I wouldn’t replace it because I do everything on the iPad now. I will check out Rakuten, thanks.
  3. I have considered that, but I don’t trust the cruise lines enough to believe they won’t come up with some ridiculous rule that the booster only counts if taken after the approval date. It is exhausting trying to second guess what they might require next.
  4. They will also get wet every time we shower, use the pool/hot tub, or go to the beach. It just sounds unsanitary and irritating to me.
  5. No, on board expenses are one of the things that are specifically excluded in the terms. You are right, though, that would have been perfect!
  6. You aren’t really deleting them, you are just moving them from the “available” list to the “added to card” list. When they are moved, the available list then has less than 100 offers. More will be added after you log off to bring the available offers back up to 100.
  7. I have saved $2,029 in total from the offers. Most were cruise lines or travel related, but some were from purchases at Lowe’s, Amazon, etc. I have never made a purchase that I wouldn’t have made without the offer. Time to start checking frequently!
  8. Make sure to order the assorted cookies. There are four very fancy, very good cookies. We each order a plate and take the cookies with us to enjoy later.
  9. Could you please come back and verify the cruise planner purchases once you see the statement credit? Would be a good thing to know.
  10. I have the everyday blue Amex with no annual fee, and received the same offer as you. My SO has the same type of card and received the spend $500, get $200 back offer. No rhyme or reason as far as I can tell.
  11. In the past, Amex could not tell the difference between making a new reservation and making a payment on an existing reservation. That has been true for Royal, Celebrity, Princess, Carnival, and Norwegian. I have used 17 cruise line offers since November 2015 and had no problem with payments on existing reservations and prepaid gratuities, but never tried cruise planner purchases because I think that is credited to a different account.
  12. There is something you can try. There are 100 offers at all times. I add the ones that are close to expiration to my card (date and expiration warning will be in red, easy to spot). If I delete 10, I can log out, log back in, and see 10 new offers added. If you do that, this particular offer might be one of your new ones.
  13. I have been checking every day for many months, as part of my morning iPad routine. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually saw an offer. I checked my SO’s account later and found the $200 credit for spending $500, so we will be using both offers.
  14. Very nice! I just checked my “savings” history, and the last two times I had and used an offer was October and December of 2016. And they were nowhere as nice as this one.
  15. Finally, an Amex offer for Royal Caribbean, and a good one! Spend $1,000 by December 31, 2021 and get a $350 statement credit.
  16. I was on the Brilliance with my sister in February 2019, when the ship was delayed 10 hours because of fog. The Captain was very good about providing frequent updates. At one point, in his heavy accent, he said, “It iss what it iss!” And that is the way I pronounce it to this day.
  17. I looked at the Elation last night and didn’t care for the itineraries. I saw a lot of Bimini, Freeport, Amber Cove, and Nassau. Half Moon Cay appears only on one 5-night and one 6-night itinerary. It just struck me as “leftovers”. I would choose a different ship based on the class/size and the itineraries.
  18. I understand that anyone who tests positive at the last minute will get a full refund. That indicates the rebooking $600 OBC would be gone. Is this true, or are there any other options? Would rebooking (again) be available, with the OBC intact? I have upcoming cruises that were paid for in 2019 and would really hate to lose the OBC I have because I rebooked over and over and over. BTW, I have no reason to suspect I would test positive, I am just curious.
  19. Sid, please try to be good this week 😅 It would ruin the entire week of so many people if you were cut off from us 🤞
  20. I changed my cabin on the Allure in December to one of them, also. Appreciate the tip!
  21. We cancelled our December cruise that required a flight to San Juan and replaced it with another ship that is a three-hour drive from home. Just too many hoops to jump through, and I still doubt that all of those Southern Caribbean ports will be open to cruisers.
  22. We will be on the November 11 sailing. Do you think there will be higher occupancy because of the Federal holiday? When I worked for the Federal government years ago, we always took our vacation over Columbus Day to save eight hours PDO.
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