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  1. Don't worry. They'll take your photo at registration if you don't have it.
  2. Nobody has mentioned that with Regent Business class air is included. There is no way I would fly economy to Europe. As to age difference. We have met plenty of young people on Regent. Usually they are traveling with grandparents. There is also the entertainment group and they are all and sociable. Besides, being on your honeymoon you want to spent time alone and who cares about the age of other passengers. If you like to go to a disco late at night, Regent is not for you. If you want the show and a night cap before retiring or dancing till midnight, Regent is fine. I don't think there is any comparison between food at Regent and Celebrity. Besides, Regent will prepare your favorite dishes as long as you give them 24 hours. All the cabins in Regent are suites. I will never go back to a balcony cabin in a mainstream line. So, it's a decision for you to make.
  3. We are also booked on this cruise although it does not look good. Canada is now requiring a negative Covid test no longer than three days before arriving. We have always taken the three day pre-cruise and have been happy with them. Nice hotels, good guides, and a good way to see the city without having the work of planning and finding private tours. Our flight arrives at 3:15pm so we are OK. Whenever we have arrived early we have found the earliest rooms are ready is noon. You can book a room for the previous night so they will have a room ready for you. If you do, do it on your own. Regent charges the room rate per person which is ridiculous. That said, you already have your tickets so that may not be doable. We'll wait and see what this month brings as far as news. Final payment is due in February.
  4. GoArmy, how do you know Regent will cancel Tokyo to Vancouver, April 2021 next week? We are booked on it and have no cancelled waiting to see what happens this month. Forevertravel
  5. There may be one formal night but is optional. You may see some men wearing tuxes but not too many. My husband wears a suit. Women wear nice dresses but again not all. Yes, there is a make up mirror at the desk. If you don't have one, ask your cabin steward. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. It was cold. I always bring something to cover my shoulders at night and during the day. Regardless, it was a wonderful time and everything was nice. Have a great cruise.
  7. I was there in October and later this December. It was pretty cold in the restaurants and bars. I always bring a shawl to wear at night and a light sweater or hoodie during the day. We were in the Caribbean in October and Brazil/Amazon in December. For whatever reason they keep the open areas cold.
  8. We had children on our Mariner cruise this past December and had no issues. The children were well behaved. In fact, one four year old became the darling of everyone. As far as I know, Regent does not encourage or discourage children, however, families traveling together will want their children with them. On Summer and holiday cruises you will encounter some children.
  9. We just returned from cruise on the Mariner from Rio to Miami. We did the Regent pre-cruise tour of Rio. I was a bit concerned since some people had written that Rio was not a place to visit and it was dangerous.We loved Rio! It is a beautiful city and the views from Sugar Loaf or Christ Redeemer were awesome. We stayed at the JW Marriott in Copacabana (the other choice was the new Fairmont). The hotel was across the beach and service was excellent. I heeded advise and never wore any jewelry (not even my wedding rings). We walked from hotel to nearby restaurants. We never had any incidents. However, a couple on the tour went walking on the beach and someone grabbed his gold chain around his neck. Not a good smart move on their part. OK, the cruise. I found the Amazon fascinating. It was so different. All the tours we took and the guides were very good. The ship looked very festive decorated for Christmas. We know many of the crew members so it was wonderful seeing them again. We had dinner with captain one night, and he was very good with a nice sense of humor. The food was excellent! We never had any cold meals as others reported. We ate several times at the specialty restaurants and our meals were excellent. We had excellent weather (yes, it was hot) and rained a couple of days but only for a few hours. We didn't need boots. I brought shoe covers and never needed them. We brought all the necessary anti repellent products including spray for clothes and used it. I never saw any mosquitoes. We didn't get the yellow fever shots so we couldn't get off ship in St. Lucia. Be aware, on morning we arrived, immigration authorities notified Regent they wouldn't accept a note from doctor. Many people were already in the theater waiting for their tours and couldn't get off the ship. Hopefully, Regent won't stop in St. Lucia when returning from Brazil in the future. No issues in St. Kitts. I didn't find the entertainment bad as some passengers reported from previous cruise. No, Regent does not have the Broadway shows or is known for great entertainment. That said, we do not cruise with Regent for entertainment. I thought the shows were OK and Paul Reynolds did an excellent job as CD. The upper tier 7 Societies entertainment was the best I have seen. All in all it was a wonderful cruise. No issues with the Mariner. Everything was perfect.....food, crew, service, ship in general. Once again, kudos to Regent. Forevertravel😃
  10. We are leaving Friday for Rio. We are spending three days in Rio and boarding the Mariner on the 17th. We did not get Yellow Fever shots. Regent does not require them and based on what our doctor said, and reading about people who took this cruise we opted out of it. We do not take malaria pills either. We never took them when on safari in South Africa. I'm bringing repellent for clothes and ourselves. Regarding your other questions I agree with all answers. We always manage to get one or two additional nights at specialty restaurants. We have cruised with Regent for 11 years and have never seen any examples of "class system". Once you are onboard everyone is the same. It is not Queen Mary or Victoria with different restaurants depending on what cabin you booked. We never book penthouse or above. Frankly, I have no use for the butlers. We had them once (upsell) and I felt bad because they wanted to do extra things and we had no requests for them. They did get us extra reservations at specialty restaurants, but, frankly, we manage to get them ourselves by showing up and asking. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. For some crazy reason I always get a birthday card but my husband doesn't. Go figure.
  12. We had to do the survey online this past October. I had no issue with it except that we had Internet issues (we were on the Mariner) and the day prior to disembarking everyone wanted to do the survey. Furthermore, some people didn't feel comfortable doing it online. I think Regent is taking for granted that everyone is computer savvy. One gentleman in particular was having a fit in the computer room and didn't even know how to log on. Fortunately, our TA who was traveling on this cruise took the time to get him set up. I was busy doing mine and so were others. I'm sure that like every thing else it will be solved and get easier.
  13. We cruised with them this past October and loved them. They are both wonderful but Kashia is incredible. She has so much energy. It was lots of fun dancing with them in the Star Lounge. Kashia told me they were scheduled to be on Splendor.
  14. We have taken lots of cruises with Regent and never had an issue with included tours. I love that I can see what they offer, book them, and never have to do lots of research and/or find reputable guides. We have been lucky that we have had good guides. I can't think of one tour that was bad. I don't think we have had more than 30 people on a bus and that's manageable. That said, we all have different tastes and if you prefer private tours, please do. I don't want to worry about organizing or finding a tour guide for a private tour.
  15. You're responsible for baggage fees. Regent always mentions to check with airlines as to baggage fees. What I usually do is take the airline credit and buy first class tickets. You can usually get reasonable first class tickets that won't be a lot more than the credit Regent gives you.
  16. Is anyone getting message "we apologize website is not available (or something to that effect)" when trying to log off? I haven't been able to log off from my account for a couple of weeks. The website works fine but it won't allow me to log out.
  17. I got off the Mariner last week (Caribbean cruise) and the WiFi was the worst I've experienced. Some days there was no connectivity. As mentioned it could have been a combination of satellite and too much usage. The cruise review is now done on line and that slowed everything also. I tried to book our tours for upcoming June cruise and after clicking "checkout" it would kick me off. I tried three times with no luck. Had no problem booking tours once I got home. That said, presently the Regent site does not allow me to log off. I get message apologizing the site is unavailable. We are embarking on the Mariner in December and I hope the Internet situation is better.
  18. Shemansi, it was a pleasure to meet you and dine at GM's table. We loved the ice wine you recommended. We dined twice at Prime 7 and had excellent meals. I'm sorry yours was not so good. I guess they were off. I love Neal, RM, he's such a delightful person. We are now looking forward to Rio and Amazon. We board December 17th so not that far away. Maybe we'll cruise together again in the future.
  19. My sister and I just returned from 10 wonderful days on the Mariner. After reading some posts from passengers who cruised the week before I was wondering if things had changed. Not at all. The Mariner was as I remembered it but spruced up after dry dock. The cabin is in a nice blue color. I know many crew members and it was wonderful to reconnect. The food was as good as always and we did have a few special dinners that were excellent. The GM was Michael Coghlan whom I met for first time. I know some of the other GMs but had never cruised with him. We had dinner one night and he was delightful. The new restaurant manager, Nino Libassi came from Oceania and is one of the best restaurant managers. Although we don't cruise with Regent for the entertainment I didn't think it was bad. I thought the singers and dancers were fair. Paul Reynolds and John did a fine job. Nicola Richards (we have cruised with her) was all over the place making sure people had fun. We had three fun parties and danced every night with the Dynamic Duo, Kasia and Boogie. She's phenomenal and will be on Splendor next year. It was another wonderful Regent cruise and I have a hard time understanding some of the criticisms. Yes, Regent is not for everyone and we all like different things. To me, Regent is the perfect cruise line. This was my sister's first Regent cruise (we originally were going to Cuba) and she loved every minute. My husband and I will be back on the Mariner in December and I'm looking forward to seeing those friends again. Forevertravel
  20. Agree the easiest thing to do to make passengers feel better is change the final payment by subtracting a fair amount of money from final payment to compensate for day we are missing. Just whatever the perdiem is for that cruise. As a show of good faith and showing how Regent cares for its loyal passengers, keep the OBC also. After all, the OBC is spent on board. Naturally, I doubt Regent will do this.
  21. I doubt the higher ups at Regent bother with CC. If they do, they should see we all feel cheated. The message I received from my TA (one from Jason) is even wrong. The cruise was 19 days and we are getting 18 (not 20 and getting 19 as he says). $250 OBC/pp is telling us we do not matter. We all know what the perdiem for that cruise is. We paid for 19 days and are cheated out of one. The winners are the passengers booked on Alaska cruise. They booked and are paying for 10 days and getting 11. Besides the OBC Regent should discount for the day we are missing. Not good thinking on Regent's part. They could had made our cruise 20 days and Alaska 9. Alaska was not selling well and all of a sudden is "waist listed". How did that happened overnight? We are all loyal Regent customers. We should count.
  22. Not on the Regent's website. You cannot find Grand Voyages, Tokyo to Vancouver or Vancouver to Vancouver.
  23. Well, if that's the case, I have no problem. However, why would they change the itinerary? This cruise is part of the Grand Voyage which ends up in Vancouver May 9th which is when our Tokyo to Vancouver ends. Did they oversold the cruises? If that happens they usually just start making offers so people may cancel. You're right about Alaska cruises not selling well lately. Maybe they will shorten the 10 day cruise to 7. And, adding additional days may free up some cabins on Tokyo to Vancouver segment. I guess I won't know for a while. Thank you for your insight. I know when there is a price increase it does not affect those of us booked.
  24. Do you honestly think Regent is going to give us an additional three days at no charge? I don't see it happening. We are already getting a three day pre-cruise tour in Tokyo. Don't get me wrong, I'll take any additional days at no charge. As long as they don't mess up our cruise.
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