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  1. Guess these guys should have a dictionary instead of weapons...
  2. Cobol and DB2 follow this construct as well. Ran the query in DB2 and it returned 10. So, as others have said, you get (1*7) + (2+1) = 10. If parenthesis were put around the additions, you would get 28. I struggle to not do it the second way by adding parenthesis to make it more clear and instead evaluate it the correct way. When I program I try to make sure to use () and everything else to make sure the calc takes the path I am expecting.
  3. Happy Birthday, Dani!! Thank you for this wonderful thread. 😊
  4. Hi!! I would also recommend an Oasis class ship, there is so much to do and the kids will love it. Not sure what your budget may be, but these ships do have 2 bedroom Grand Suites (2 bathrooms) that are very nice. They say they sleep 10 but I don't think I would put that many in the cabin. We are doing 5 on Oasis with our Son, DIL and GD. These cabins also have a connecting balcony. Another alternative for them is maybe a Junior Suite and connecting balcony. Still get two bathrooms. The Junior Suite has extra room plus a tub, that might be nice for the twins. I don't rememb
  5. @John&LaLa I do like the Broadway version of Cats. When I flew up to bring Mom down here with us, they were showing the movie version on the plane. I knew the reviews were really bad but I did like some of the actors. OMG, it was criminal....
  6. @grapau27 @Paw13 Graham and Pauline, have a wonderful Anniversary!! - J
  7. As long as it's not 'It's a Small World' Sick of that song. That was my Mom's favorite ride and she always made us go on it with her. That and the now defunct Tiki Birds. DH used to work at Disney as well, so over Small World...
  8. I usually have to work, so I need the wi-fi but not a huge drinker. Like you, I like the SL. I take meds that require me to limit sun exposure. So, I do enjoy sitting in the SL, with the air conditioner, while reading. I'm not a Pin, book suites when we can.
  9. Would diminish be a better word? It's just one of those really nice additions for the SC suites. Other than the obvious fabulous suite. Basically, everything is included and you have a personal Genie, which I think is a really great selling point. Those are the only items not available to Sky other than the Genie. But, like you said, the Genie does take care of everything, so the entire experience is different. Other lines often offer free drink, dining, and tips for cruises, and those are available to everyone if you book by X date. Not just a Suite. (I am not talking about
  10. Then that goes back to my one question about offering a discounted package. If they are going to do that, why not just give the UDP and Drink Package to GS and above. But, that would take away a nice benefit of Star Class, other than Genie. I know there are some other perks.
  11. Maybe it seems bigger because the bar is larger? IIRC, the one on Allure backs up against the window and was pretty long. At least it seemed longer than the one on Symphony. But. DH will tell you I am terrible at visualizing.
  12. I wonder how much money they would be out if they offered a discounted UDP to Suite Guests? Maybe that would help with the crowd. We got that on Symphony and really enjoyed it. DH likes the breakfast at CK. But, for lunch he probably ate his fill of Playmakers hamburgers and wings, Sorrento's and El Loco Fresh. So, we didn't spend much time in CK this trip. Had to drag him away from the bar on the Suite Deck, however... The SL on boarding day is very nice and it did get a bit crowded. During the day when I went in to read, it wasn't too bad. At night we had dinner at a Spe
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