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  1. Foreigners cruising in Japan anytime this year does not look possible. Although Japan’s COVID numbers are surprisingly low, the Japanese do not see it that way. New restrictions were put in place today for Tokyo, Osaka, and a few other areas. Vaccine distribution is just starting this week. The general population will not be fully vaccinated until mid-summer - just before the Olympics. Japanese domestic cruises are going on right now - but only for Japanese Residents. With the exception of Olympic Athletes, no foreigners are allowed to visit Japan for any reason.
  2. If you feed a 10,000 yen note into a vending machine anywhere in Japan, your change will be a combination of banknotes and coins - exactly like if you did it in a shop. For a 290 yen ticket, your change would be 1x5,000 yen note, 4x1,000 yen notes, 1x500 yen coin, 2x100 yen coins, 1x10 yen coin. Most taxis in the major cities take credit cards. But they do not always accept Western Credit cards. In most cases the taxi will have a small sign on the side - or inside - listing credit cards accepted. If you are not sure, just ask: "Kurejittokādo wa daijōbudesuka?" or show the driv
  3. There are many very nice hotels close (walking distance) to Yokohama's Osanbashi Cruise Terminal. Even though Yokohama is officially the largest city in Japan (spoiler alert - Tokyo is not officially a city, but an Administrative District), the downtown area is quite compact. There are many more very nice hotels that might require a short taxi ride (10 minutes or so) to the cruise terminal. There is a Tokyo subway line - Toyoko Line - that starts in Tokyo's Shinjuku District, passes through Shibuya (where it changes names to Minato-Mirai Line), stops at Yokohama Station (downtown Yok
  4. Do you mean to say March 2022 ?? It is a very reasonable walk from the Cruise Terminal to the Subway Station. The station was previously called Fune-no-Kogakukan, but was renamed when the new cruise terminal was built. The Yurikamome line is a bit different from most other Tokyo Subway lines. The trains are elevated and driverless. All tickets / passes are interchangeable with the other lines. Japanese subways and trains do not accept credit cards. Cash only. The largest banknote in Japan is 10,000 Yen (Ichiman-en). All ticket vending machines in Japan accept a 10,00
  5. Bangkok, Shanghai, and several other Asian ports are long distances from their respective cities, requiring long, uncomfortable, slow bus trips with 60 of your new best friends - BUT ONLY if you choose to to cruise on one of the big mass-market floating shopping malls. If you are willing or able to spend a bit more money to cruise on a smaller, more elegant ship, that ship will take you right into many of the major cities that are inaccessible to the floating Walmarts.
  6. Although Japan’s State of Emergency for COVID ends tomorrow (and things go back to more or less normal) the Japanese Government today confirmed that only foreign “athletes and performers” will be allowed to enter Japan for the Summer Olympics. These foreigners must have negative COVID tests to enter, go through 14 days quarantine, and have regular COVID tests during the Olympics. No foreign spectators or tourists will be allowed to enter Japan until further notice. COVID vaccines will be administered to all Japanese citizens between mid-April and June. The Olympics are schedul
  7. I guess you will just have to skip Japan in future.
  8. The Japanese Government announced today that they will shortly introduce a smart phone app / vaccine passport. Since virtually everyone in Japan has a smartphone, this should work great.
  9. There are many ways to go from the Yokohama Cruise Terminal to Tokyo: Cruise Line transfer - expensive Taxi - very expensive Shuttle bus - reasonable cost and slow Train - very reasonable and ranging from slow to fast Subway - very reasonable and ranging from slow to fast Train: Best from Yokohama Station (after a short taxi ride from the cruise terminal). Most trains from Yokohama Station go through Shinagawa to Tokyo Station, or directly to Shinjuku Station. Subway: Minato Mirai Line has a station (Nihon-Odori) about 2 blocks from the Yokohama Cruise
  10. The odds for you cruising in Japan anytime in 2021 are not looking very good. Japanese Government has confirmed that foreign spectators will not be allowed to visit Japan for the Summer Olympics. In all the polls, the Japanese public is supporting this decision very strongly. Vaccines will not begin in Japan until April or May.
  11. Narita still has more international flights, and Haneda WAS usually for domestic flights. But Haneda was renovated last year and an additional runway and a new international terminal were added. Now Haneda handles about 50% international and 50% domestic flights. Since the first of the year, the Tokyo Government has allowed flights to and from Haneda to fly directly over central Tokyo. As much as I like Narita, Haneda is now the more desirable airport. The Tokyo monorail makes it easy, fast, and inexpensive (450 yen / 20 minutes) to get to and from Tokyo - versus Narita Express train (34
  12. Harumi Terminal is very close to central Tokyo. A shuttle bus will take you to and from the Terminal to Ginza, Tokyo Station, and Otemachi in about 15 minutes. A taxi will do it in 10 minutes for just a few hundred yen. There are many very nice hotels around Tokyo Station, which is located conveniently between Ginza and the Imperial Palace. From Tokyo Station, you have great access to many Subways and Trains that can get you to anyplace in Japan very easily.
  13. If you use the search function at the top of this page, you will discover that these subjects have already been discussed in great detail on these pages. You will also discover that most of your answers are already answered. But “What would a taxi cost to each airport?”, cannot be answered here because you have not told us there you plan to get into the taxi; a hotel?, Tokyo?, Yokohama?, another airport?, one of the three cruise terminals in the Tokyo area?, a Shinkansen station? If you use an app like Rome2Rio, you can enter the starting and ending points of nearly any
  14. The Japan Times confirmed today that the Tokyo Summer Olympics will go ahead as (re)planned, and without foreign spectators.
  15. Yes. It remains to be seen what the IOC will decide. As for no foreigners cruising in Japan this year, this is great news for those of us living in Japan. There are quite a few Japan cruises available right now, at great prices. And the ships are only half-full.
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