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  1. Well....Shippy was referring to HERSELF....me....I personally would not travel with that particular fear. I would assume the OP had that fear or they would not have started the post ! OP & anyone else is free to assess & then travel if they feel like it. I came back with Covid twice from 2 different cruises in the past year & yet that particular fear will not keep me from cruising again & I am OLD :O)
  2. ? They already had one & were informed they might have another .................
  3. LOVED the S5 forward suite. Recently off Discovery so I assume it is the same. Wound up with that only because it was the last suite available for our cruise. The bad point is it is FAR from everything but the good point is the cabin ! HUGE. LOVED the layout. There are picture windows across from the bed . There are blackout curtains but we did not us them because there was no ship lighting near by. That way you wake up to the sunrise ! No need to store your luggage under the bed because the cabin is HUGE. Bigger than a Penthouse. I think it is cheaper because of the location. We are old & were able to make the trek OK. I would get one of these cabins again.
  4. Be sure your private transport from the port back to the airport has a LARGE window of time. We had priority disembarkation....suite, taking our own luggage off. That is absolutely the worst port to get out of. It is like a Disneyland line & you cannot see the end. AND the customs did not have a separate line for non US citizens ! Every 15 minutes I wound up calling my car service & begging them to wait a little longer.because I thought I was almost through....although I was not :O( Luckily they waited. Our cruise was fantastic but the stress of getting to & from Galveston was not. Never again.
  5. MY VISION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME...... I would skip the cruise...
  6. I actually think it says you can BID on one of those categories, not necessarily get one.
  7. I am strictly a slot player. Any opinions or do you think they are all about the same. Thanks
  8. The only fine print says..... prize offerings may change
  9. Just of the Discovery & they left a small ad for Princess Prizes in the cabin It IS included with the premier package otherwise $10 per day a 7 day cruise for 2 in a balcony room is awarded on EVERY cruise an EFFY shopping gift certificate & hosted VIP shopping experience with EFFY Onboard spending money applied directly to you stateroom folio and this one where your guess is as good as mine.... One of a kind onboard experiences & exclusive opportunities........(?)
  10. It is not how much you win or lose but how much you run through the machine. I play only penny machines & try to keep my bet at about $2.00. Example...I put $40. in the machine & lose it all in 5 minutes. I have almost no points. I put $40. in and hit a jackpot & walk away. I have almost no points. I put $40. dollars in & get a lot of play and constantly hit $5, $20, etc. I might play there for an hour. I call these my point machines because whether or not I come away with any money, I have gather a lot of points. You will get on an email list with a few different cruise lines because they share the gambling info. The offers can be quite good. They seem to be catering to gamblers lately. Just off the Discovery & the casino was constantly packed. I find cruise casinos, on the whole, to be just as good if not better than a land casino. I lost on this last cruise but was in the casino A LOT so just got a VERY GOOD offer. My husband actually came out ahead. He bets higher because he likes the Wheel of fortune machine. So, even though his bets were higher which built points faster, I was in the casino much more than him so I got a better offer.
  11. IF you get an offer. it will usually be for 3 different category upgrades. They will give you a minimum bid. Sometimes I think their minimum is to high & I will not bid. If I think it low I will go $35 to $50. over that.. You win some, you lose some :O)
  12. We are sailing in April on one of those offers. The qualifying cruises were listed in the email.
  13. We usually book with a casino offer. It really surprised me the first time I got an offer to bid. You pay so little with casino offer in the first place I felt a little guilty having the opportunity to bid. We have won bids several times.
  14. Probably guest services if you are not in a suite. We were so I informed the concierge that might husband was allergic to seafood. The lady next to him was a vegetarian. You cannot change anything during the meal. Everything is timed with story lines. The waitstaff is very quick to put he plates down & leave as the story never really stops.
  15. 360 is fabulous. The technology amazing The food incredible. Many waiters so everyone is served at the same time. You are in a private ,high tech room that only seats 20 people. And the wine....I am not a wine person but is very good,and the stories behind them. The wines are not available anywhere else on the ship. One bottle of the red is actually aged in the Mediterranean sea. You will see the full story visually.. $500. a bottle & after they poured every one a glass, they left the bottles on the tables if you wanted more ! And then there is the story about the 'happy buffalos' where the buffalo mozzarella comes from. And more fascinating storys. Although I would not do it again because I heard all the storys, I would Definitely recommend it.
  16. Unfortunately, it can vary from ship to ship....and even that can change ! We get the Plus package. About a year & a half ago we were on the Royal. They would only include the sundaes someone pictured above AND they would not allow any variation. Six months ago we were on the Regal. They included ANY ice concoction on the menu. My favorites were the banana split & the Frangelico (liquor) sundae. Just off the Discovery last week. I ordered the Frangelico sundae & the said it was $8.00 ! They said ONLY the premium Sundaes were included BUT they would all for some changes. SO, I ordered the Donetello & said hold all the cake & candies. They I went over to the bar & had them pour a shot of Frangelico on it. Absolutely ridiculous. You could not even a $4. scoop of gelato without having to pay but if you call the name of one of those $12. fancy ones you get it free. I did confirm this policy with guest services although it seemed that in the past they were more lenient about it.
  17. It looks like the back of the ship slants going down. This gives the illusion that the lower the deck number the bigger those cabins and or balconies might be. Anyone know if this is so ? any cabin recommendations ? thanks
  18. The concierge told me they could not refund to credit cards but would give you OBC. That is what they did for us. I kept noticing that the available times were less & less. I really wanted to go & have the early show so I went ahead & booked. I was surprised that they charged the credit card within a few days....before we were on the ship. But once on, we asked for & got OBC.
  19. Just off the Discovery. Did 360 ding which was fabulous. VERY limited seating. Now that it has opened to everyone, not just invited suite guests, It will be very hard to get a reservation. The man in charge of it told me he is sold out for the next 4 cruises, barring any cancellations. He said there will be no wiggle room for changing days or times. If you have a complementary offer, you may not be able to book it as such on the app. It might want to charge you. The concierge told me to tell people to go ahead & book & they will make an OBC adjustment when you get onboard. Otherwise, even though you have it as an offer, you probably will not get a spot if you wait until you are onboard to try & get a reservation..
  20. Sorry if I was not clear. We DID go back to the Crown Grill. I ordered the exact same things and every thing was hot & perfectly cooked. I would not hesitate to go back to them as I love the menu & have been to them on 3 different ships. I was going to wait for the survey to say anything but since the 'chef ' asked , I told him & all was corrected.
  21. He was NOT a chef ! Just posing as one in the buffet so you would not think anything wrong if he came up & spoke to you. I have no idea what his real function on Princess really is. There is a reality show on TV that has CEO's & owners of big companies posing as actual workers so they can really find out what is going on not just taking the word of others. That is what this reminded me of.
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