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  1. A bit different but MSC was great... I had great success with this last month, changing just a week before sailing. BUT...I changed the date to next year & did NOT cancel...just moved out the cruise. Next years was cheaper so the excess became OBC. We did not have any insurance. It was a snap & did not incur any charges from MSC. I also have to say American Airlines also let us move the flight with no penalties. I think the travel industry as a whole has been great about this kind of thing through the whole pandemic. But surely that will stop soon as more people are starting to travel.
  2. With the way food prices are going up, I would be surprised if you see lobster offered anywhere but a pay restaurant in the future.
  3. I would not count on anything released now for 2023. With the way the world is, there could be many changes by then.
  4. omg....THAT IS A LOT OF ...LET'S SAYS.. I am very confused about what total flex is. All I know is, we did not buy insurance & WE cancelled ( PUSHED OUT) a week before sailing. We chose another cruise in Sept. 2022. MSC did not charge us any penalty & the excess $$ because they next cruise is cheaper, became OBC.
  5. Best $30. I have spent in a long time. She negotiated with MSC the moving of the cruise, keeping the casino discount & the room turned out cheaper on the next cruise. which was not how it looked when I first checked. AND, she pulled forward the $450. OBC & prepaid gratuities. If I had booked new on their site there would only be $150. OBC & no gratuities. She deserves every dime.
  6. wow,,, a lot going on in your story... Seems everything is subject to change nowadays... But from what I know at this time....I do not believe any cruise line will let you change FCC from one person to another. I just pushed a date out on a different cruise line to next year instead of an outright cancel. The new cruise was almost $250. cheaper so the excess became onboard credit for the new cruise. As far as cruise fare dropping....that is not always applicable to an existing cruise. Sometimes it comes with criteria like . for new bookings only.
  7. I really did not take any replies as shaming those who gamble.. Only those that do not care to do it or do not understand the point system. That is one of the great things about cruising....there is something for everyone to do. Great variety.
  8. You are not playing $3600. you are running money through the machine......I am not sure of the amount. EXAMPLE I could put in $2.00 & hit $10. $2, more & hit $4. $2.more & lose $8.etc.... So far, I have neither won nor lost BUT am running money through the machine & getting points. As far as asking for the coupon...never harm in asking. On our last cruise with MSC, probably about 2 1/2 years ago or so, my husband hit a progressive on one of the penny machines for $5,000. I think he played $3. for the bet. The rules changed years ago about getting taxed for jackpots at sea. I think it is $1200. & up. After getting paid, my husband asked the casino employee about the tax form. The man just smiled & said ....What jackpot ?. & walked away.
  9. We play penny machines although they take multiple amounts. My average bet is about $2.00 a pull. Put your cabin key in the machine & it tracks you. It is NOT about how much you lose but about how much you play. So....you might put in a $20. bill & lose it in a few minutes. You are not just out your $20. but you might only have a couple of points. Hopefully, you put in your $20. & play for an hour on that. Then you have a lot of points. I usually visit the casino every day for a little while. Depends on my luck how long I stay. By about the 3rd day, they seem to go around handing out these discount coupons to people. THEY ARE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CRUISE CASINO CLUB BECAUSE...although you must book within a year, you can book with anyone & then just call them with the booking number & they apply the discount. By using an outside travel agent, you can get perks like OBC & gratuities.
  10. We were supposed to be on the current Meraviglia sailing. For about a month we were debating whether or not to go as we are older & lots of Covid in Miami. Finally, about a week & a half before sailing , we decided to cancel. While we were still deciding I had called MSC to ask about our options. They said if you have any type of perks attached, DO NOT cancel. If you push the cruise out AND do NOT change your booking number, there is the remote chance of saving some things. I also called our internet agency. She agreed & told me NOT to fill out their cancellation form but just do a change of cruise form & said she would try & save the original booking number. Apparently, if you lose the booking number, even for a minute, you cannot get it back nor anything that went with it. We did not buy any kind of private insurance....so not sure how they pulled this off. Maybe the free covid insurance MSC now offers (???). Anyway, we found the same cruise next September. Ship is changed to the Seashore. We changed to the same category cabin which actually turned out to be about $250. cheaper so that automatically became onboard credit. We had originally used the casino 30% off coupon...they give those out to most anyone who plays in the casino....and incredibly, they applied that to the next cruise also. I thought that quite generous of them as these coupons have a 1 year time limit and it was us not them that cancelled. AND, my internet agency pulled forward the free gratuities & $450. onboard credit from the original cruise. The only charge we incurred was $30. change fee from the agency. Incredible service from MSC & our travel agent. Sad to cancel but now looking forward to next September !
  11. Already have a cabin but this one is available & by the deck plan looks great. I know that can be deceiving. Thinking of changing. Anyone ever stayed in one of these ? opinion please thanks
  12. What you missed is that ALL cruiselines have had cutbacks through the years. I remember the highlight of excitement was to get your cruise tickets in a special pouch delivered through the mail. When you boarded, your cabin key was in a leather key holder. ALL room service was free for everyone. There were NO pay restaurants. You had assigned dining with the same people every night. No extra charges for things like ice cream or fresh squeezed orange juice. Chocolates included with your turn down service for every category. Bingo cost $5. & the pot was the ENTIRE amount taken in. Pictures were $2.95. This was for all cruise lines. Did I miss something ???
  13. We use a large internet agency. On our last MSC booking, although the price was the same, they through in prepaid gratuities & $450.00 onboard credit.
  14. Just came from a doctor visit & asked about the booster. I am 73 & have had 2 Pfizer. He said No....I do not need it at this time. Wait until it has been a year since your last shot. Just one doctors opinion....BUT, he said to be sure & get a flu shot !
  15. The rapid one better be good. We are getting it at the Miami airport on Thursday bight,.
  16. No, I figured their free one was enough. It would cover a hotel if we got stuck in Miami for a while, i was concerned about that.
  17. We leave in 2 weeks. This is no where to be seen on my booking, either online or my boarding pass. This must be the insurance you purchased not the Reassurance or Protection Plan.
  18. Well now that makes 3. I have copies of the Reassurance Plan, one with the October date & one without. And now a copy of the Assistance Plan. To bad none of them are dated. I will assume that which ever plan is in effect that it is yours upon final cruise payment. My big concern was that we would become stuck in Miami if we had a positive test with no symptoms. I am sure last minute hotel prices would be high. They all state ...hotel, meals & trip delays for covid quarantine is up to $4,000 per person. A positive test would probably do for that. I would hope that the 'trip delay' part would cover airfare.
  19. Look 3 posts above yours at the top of the middle column. I have an original copy of that.
  20. Just spoke to MSC & was given the following options. If I just call today to cancel....I would incur a big penalty for being so close to sailing. If I decided to just move the cruise to another date, anytime before Sept. 2022, I would not incur any penalties. Unfortunately me for me, I have lots of OBC & prepaid gratuitis for agent that I would lose. If I wait and go & test positive Thursday night & cannot reach them until sometime Friday, they will honor my what we paid IF I give them another date to move the cruise to. Do wish I had this in writing but the girl did click off for a few minutes so she could verify that. Unfortunately, she was NOT familiar with the MSC Covid Reasurrance policy ! It was free for all fully vaccinated traveling before 10/31/21. Nice to have the printout 'ad' for it but it is not in y cruise docs :O(
  21. thanks muchly for the helpful answer......
  22. That was when THEY tested at the pier. We would be getting the test on Thursday evening at the airport. Really bummed about this situation. I know it is not MSC's fault for the change but do not see where they are helping with a solution.
  23. We are fully vaccinated. If we have no symptoms but test positive....DO WE LOSE EVERYTHING. Under their 72hr test time we would still have time to cancel. Now with their new 2 day policy we won't. Does anyone know if they had made exceptions for this ?
  24. Looking at my cruise which is in 2 weeks, you can all go to the private island. HOWEVER, for the other islands, it says you can all go ONLY on an MSC excursion. You cannot get off the boat by yourself or leave your MSC excursion. Unbelievably, it says if you do so, you will NOT be let back on the boat !. Here is the catch....when I look at the MSC excursions for the other islands, some of them will not let ANYONE not vaccinated on them. So, your choice will be limited.
  25. Thanks I thought I read somewhere that the casino would be open. Need other things to do besides eat !
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