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  1. On the Canadian site there is a place to tick for pre paid gratuities when you get to the payment page as well.
  2. Canadian’s have been able to fly to the U.S throughout the pandemic even though the land borders have been closed. You do not have to be vaccinated to enter the U.S. The issue is what the CDC is accepting as being fully vaccinated in order to cruise from U.S ports. 2 shots of Pfizer, 2 shots Moderna, 2 shots AZ is accepted as fully vaxxed. AZ mixed with any other vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) is NOT classified as being fully vaccinated. We had to cancel our August cruise because we have AZ/M combo. We ended up going to Paris instead where our vaccinated status is accepted and had an amazing time.
  3. Depending on the billing cycle of your credit card it can take from 45-60 days for the refund to appear on your statement. Also depending on the volume of refunds that Celebrity is dealing with it may longer. Our first refund at the beginning of the Pandemic was almost 90 days. Second refund was nearly 60 days. Currently waiting on our third refund to be completed which has currently been nearly 5 weeks. Have received a piece of the refund but not the total a amount. Track your refund carefully as Celebrity does not refund the whole chunk at once. It is refunded by department. (Taxes, port charges, fare, gratuities etc..)
  4. You need to escalate your situation. Ask for the resolutions department and be firm. I also emailed celebritycvpexecutive@celebrity.com and explained the situation.Turn around for a reply was 1 business day. I had the same answer when I originally contacted Celebrity and the reps are giving everyone the same generic answers to all. In the end I was fully refunded.
  5. I could still sail on Celebrity unvaccinated if I wanted to follow all the unvaccinated rules and protocols as well as nearly adding 1k to my cruise cost for pre and during cruise testing.
  6. Yes Celebrity will have separate areas for unvaccinated adults.
  7. Yes. was told that the test required to enter back into your home country would be provided if you were flying home the day the cruise disembarked. Please keep an eye on things as we have seen over the last four days things change in the blink of an eye.
  8. Hi @Josie201 just wanted to let you know that I will have no information to post. The cruise line has let us cancel the cruise with a full refund since the CDC will not recognize and AZ/Moderna mix as being fully vaccinated. I am sad but I will not sail and be classified as unvaccinated when I am.
  9. Just got of the phone with Celebrity’s resolution department for our now cancelled August 7th cruise. We we’re offered a full refund of all monies paid due to the change in vaccine policy and even with the recent changes we do not qualify. We are AZ/Moderna. They did ask if we wanted to cruise under the unvaccinated status and said absolutely not. Why should it cost me nearly 1k more in testing fees and be limited to where and what I could do onboard.
  10. I thought the cruises out of the UK at the moment were for UK residents only.
  11. Have you called Celebrity to see what your options are? I have been waiting all day for my PVC to call me back. Will give her to day to respond and if not I will call the Captains club tomorrow. We are supposed to leave in 18 days to FLL.
  12. If the policy is the same as Carnival Corporation you will need to show both sheets as they want to see the dates that each vaccines was given, type, where it was given and that names match travel documents.
  13. If we are able to make it onboard I will post. We are caught in the mixed vaccines dilemma at the moment.😖
  14. When you log into the Ontario ministry of health site you can print out dose one and dose two. They print out on 8x11 paper and it has a water mark that goes through the paper making it look more official. I Know that Carnival says you must have proof of both doses stating the type of vaccine and the date it was given. So you would need both print outs to show as being fully vaccinated.
  15. We sail on the 7th. I have heard nothing from Celebrity regarding the new vaccine policy nor have I received an email such as the one you got. I would imagine there will be some sort of phone call this week to verify whether we are fully vaccinated according to the new terms.
  16. All the vaccines being used in Canada are approved by the WHO. Even the WHO mentioned that in emergency circumstances the vaccines could be mixed. It is interesting that technically AZ is being accepted and is not approved by the FDA and the U.S was more than willing to send us millions of doses to help us get our vaccine program up and running at a heightened pace. I think that you are one of those people that just like to stir the pot but you would be ranting at the top of your lungs if you were the one caught in this dilemma. I am out of here as I have a vacation to pack for.
  17. Well there may not be many Canadians cruising since the cruise lines quietly changed the vaccine terms of who they classify as fully vaccinated yesterday. Mixing of vaccines will no longer be recognized as being fully vaccinated. Celebrity, RCCL, NCL, Princess, HAL and Carnival all changed their terms and conditions over the last 36 hours.
  18. Supposed to cruise in August. We are paid in full. If this is the case that they have changed the stance on who is classified as fully vaccinated I had better get a refund and not an FCC. This is not my choice. I booked being told we were fully vaccinated and good to go.
  19. Studies that have been completed in Europe have proven that mixing AZ with Moderna or Pfizer have a higher immunity than those with a double AZ, Pfizer or Moderna shot. Many Countries in the EU and Canada mixed vaccines when AZ was pulled from use. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01805-2
  20. Mixed vaccines are no longer be accepted as being considered “fully vaccinated” when sailing from a U.S port. Mixed vaccines were accepted before. All the cruise lines quietly made the this change over the last couple of days in accordance to a CDC ruling. Could Put many travellers not from the U.S in a problematic situation when trying to board today or in the future. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6302/
  21. I wonder if it is because of the new vaccine policy that was quietly implemented yesterday by all the cruise lines.
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