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  1. You might be correct, but I'll believe it when I see it!
  2. Caught my error in ship too late to correct. I am taking Apex TA to Amsterdam.
  3. Since 1999 I've found Celebrity to be a good value for me. They had a wonderful crew, good food and entertainment. When they added tiers to the loyalty program with increased benefits I saw a real value in staying with Celebrity. There is still a wonderful crew, but for me Celebrity has not been the same experience. They reduced benefits and increased prices to the point where don't represent IMHO the same value to me. I've found that the overall value to me of other lines is a appealing. For example, the price difference between Celebrity and Crystal has narrowed to the point that on some c
  4. Will the Suites get "This Smells Like My Orgasm" candle? I guess that you wouldn't be allowed to light it aboard the ship unless they would allow it in The Retreat.
  5. Didn't notice anyone from my age group on the video. If they had they would have announced a "Burial at Sea" program.
  6. If Celebrity had exclusions from the "Always Included" program, wouldn't a more accurate title be "Sometimes Included, sometimes not"?
  7. Especially if they tell passengers that they don't to turn. it off. We could also see a real slowdown of service at bars if everyone has a drink package. It is in Celebrity's financial interest to slow done the drinks so people will consume less.
  8. I'm doing the same. Arriving Amsterdam and departing Amsterdam the same day and going from Celebrity to Crystal. According the the roll call I am not the only one doing this. Crystal now requires a negative test within 3 days of boarding. If that is still required in May I'm certain that I can have it done at the Medical Center on Celebrity. In terms of air. I have had several cruises aid flights cancelled and I received a credit for the flight.
  9. Found the same when I compared 2021 Reflection 16 dayTA to 14 day Apex TA in 2022. All Aqua Class cabins are sold . All Suites are sold. Celebrity is finding more than enough people who want to do the TA at the price.
  10. Ideally it should work that way. But "should" means "ought to" and not necessarily so.
  11. The Marketing Manager will be selected by LLP and responsible to her and reflect the policies established by RCL. IMHO, it really doesn't matter who it is or the talents they bring with them.
  12. I heard a story about a newlywed couple that never left their hotel room during their honeymoon. When the groom went to checkout he was surprised to see all sorts of extra charges like a a drink package, an internet package and a pool charge on his bill. He requested to speak to the Manager. The manager explained that these services were available to him and it was his decision not to use them. He thought for a second and presented the manager with a bill for "escort" services explaining that his bride was available and that it was the manager's decision not to take advantages of the services.
  13. Don't like paying for things like a drink package or internet that I already get as a perk based on loyalty level. Suggestion: I believe that Celebrity should offer the option of either a reduced fare or extra OBC based on loyalty level. as some lines are doing. That might encourage some to cruise more to achieve a higher level. I see this as an "investment" rather than a "cost".
  14. Miss Murano as well. Miss the cream base onion soup in the Tuscan Grille. Wonder what will be missing as cost cutting becomes necessary for Celebrity?
  15. Definitely for my DW. Definitely NOT for me!
  16. Different folks experience different things. It makes a significant difference to me who is Captain.I’ve known and communicated with several Captains for years . If I am on a ship with them I will have some special experiences. For example, DW and I were invited to the Bridge for the Panama Canal passage to witness the Gatun locks . There were snacks available. This is only one example of how who was the Captain made a difference to me.
  17. Booked the Miami to Los Angeles segment and hope that it will go. Since embarkation and debarkation are at U.S ports I believe that it has a good change to go. Once Serenity is in LA Crystal can develop Pacific Coast options or hopefully, continue the WC.
  18. Would catch my attention more if Senators and House members representing both parties would have co signed as sponsors. There are many from both parties who have cruise ports in the areas they represent. Seem to be exclusively a Florida thing and I view the move as purely political and don't see it gaining steam. I hope I'm wrong.
  19. I predict that this thread will be closed if it becomes too political . IMHO some of the posts on both sides mentioning the Governor of Florida are leaning that way.
  20. Hopefully the case becomes moot before the court hears the arguments.
  21. Fauci for one! The US Intel agencies under the previous administration concluded that the virus was not produced in a laboratory. The same intel agency reported today following the Redfield comment that they stick by the conclusion that the virus was not produced in a lab. Don't think I'll convince you, but I just want the record to include all the facts.
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