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  1. I suggest sending an email to Ship Services beforehand. Explain your situation and emphasize that you cannot use ice for that purpose. Also include your booking number. They should get back to you within a few days. Their email address is HAL_Ship_Services@hollandamerica.com
  2. As the OP, I just wanted to update with my experiences. In order to pay for the cruise, I called my PCC and had her apply the gift card. Paying for Crew Gratuities and Post-Cruise Hotel and Transfer = Paid with credit card via the website. They do not allow a gift card for those types of charges. Paying for everything else (Laundry, Excursions, Internet, etc) = Paid with HAL gift cards via website. I keep a spreadsheet of all of my gift card numbers and what they were used for in case anything needs to be refunded.
  3. I have visited Half Moon Cay in the past using a rollator. There are paths around the island area that are either paved or cobblestone. It's nearly impossible to push a rollator in the sand. I'm not much of a beach person, but I do like to wander a little bit while at HMC. If I remember correctly, they have "beach wheelchairs" available for rental on the island. However, I can't remember what the cost was. They might allow your sister to leave it at their stand. I'm assuming that you'll be cruising with Holland America. If so, she can email the Guest Accessibility department (GuestAccessibility@HollandAmerica.com) with any questions.
  4. Not quite a 4* just yet, but I always buy the Laundry Package. On my most recent cruises, I've requested a 2nd laundry bag from my cabin steward on embarkation day. This way I'm sending it out each day without having to wait until it returns for a new bag.
  5. The number is your deck (Deck 6) and the letter will be either F (Forward), M (Midship), or A (Aft) depending on where your cabin is located.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I'll be on her in November.
  7. I've booked 2 more cruises. Darn that HIA+EBB! Nov 7, 2025 Rotterdam 9-DAY SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN: ABC ISLANDS Apr 19, 2026 Noordam 7-DAY GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST 🎂 🎉🥳 Birthday cruise!
  8. I'm not sure if I would be allowed to post them, but you just need to search "towel animal magnet" on Etsy (or Amazon) and should have several show up.
  9. I found some towel animals themed cruise door magnets on Etsy. I plan on getting one for my door as a not-so-subtle hint for my cabin attendant. 😁
  10. I'm still working, so I haven't been able to go on many that were longer than 15 days. My favorites have been the 17-day Circle Hawaii and 16-day Panama Canal transit (pre-super max).
  11. @cruisingrob21 Thanks for the info and the offer. I won't be on the ship until 2026, so I imagine that it may look different then. Although, it may benefit other cruisers if you did post updated pics.
  12. What is the Oak Room on Deck 10 on the Noordam?
  13. Thanks for the replies! My reason for asking is that My 15-day cruise is actually a 4 plus 11-day B2B. Only the 11-day option for the Thermal pass is showing. So I was trying to get an idea of how much more it would be to add the "front 4" days.
  14. Just put a deposit down for this cruise along with my sister and her husband. Looking forward to it!
  15. Anyone on the Eurodam that can tell me what the per day price is for the Thermal Suite? I'm guessing that there may be a difference between sea-day pricing and port-day pricing.
  16. That lion needs a shirt or something. He looks "nekkid". 🤣
  17. Can you clarify what you mean by "heads in beds days"? Also, would this be something for the Guest Services desk on-board or an email to someone prior to the cruise?
  18. I can imagine that the culinary staff enjoyed putting that meal together. Thanks for the pictures.
  19. I'll hit the 100-day mark during my next cruise. Will they provide it at that point or on my next cruise (like they do the Mariner levels)?
  20. Based on this list, there are about 8 that I'd like to try. Good thing that all of my cruise outfits have elastic waist bands. 🤣
  21. @shadow 123 I'm sorry. I didn't see this sooner. Thanks to @kokopelli-az for sending that link.
  22. I also wrote to both Guest Services and the Mariner Society. Haven't heard from Guest Services. Got a similar canned response from the Mariner Society. "Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line Mariner Society. We can confirm that the information regarding the removal of lunch on embarkation day is true. Unfortunately, at this time, there will be no room service available as an alternative." No mention of a reason why or if the perk was being replaced with something else.
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