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  1. Can you post a link to your video? Thanks!
  2. The Frosty Chocolate Mint Buzz is very good. That's why I'm hoping someone can report on whether it is still available.
  3. Can someone who is currently on board confirm for me whether or not you can still order a 'Frosty Chocolate Mint Buzz' from the bar? It's like a adult mint chocolate shake. It's been several years since I was on a HAL cruise and this was my go-to drink. To the point the waitress in the Theater would see me and ask if I would like "my drink". I didn't see it listed in any of the current bar menus on the app. I found this photo on the internet (dated 7 years ago).
  4. Do you have any post-cruise excursions booked? Maybe that is why. Pure conjecture on my part.
  5. Hope this made you laugh. Laughing releases endorphins which make you feel exhilarated and happy and block any feelings of pain.
  6. It's great to read trip reports from someone else that has mobility issues. I actually purchased an upright walker on Amazon to use on my upcoming cruise. It was cheaper than renting something twice. Plus I like the way it folds up so it is easy to get through any narrow doors or spaces. The one I rented for my last cruise was a nightmare to get in and out of my cabin.
  7. Any suggestions for disposal of the underwear? Those trash cans in the bathrooms are pretty small and not airtight. I'd like to make things as easy as possible for the room steward.
  8. I've enjoyed following this thread. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I'll be on the NA in Dec. Has anyone gone to Bingo? I'm trying to get my budget together and was wondering what the prices were for the different card options.
  9. If you don't have a Kroger near you, Amazon also sells HAL gift cards.
  10. If you decide to book the Riverside, sign up for their deals. It saved me $20 more than my AAA rate would have been. I booked them for a before/after cruise night in December. It'll be my first time there, but the price couldn't be beat for the location and all of the good reviews that I have seen here.
  11. I'm in the same situation. I asked my TA to price out what it would be to add the "Have It All" to my current partially paid cruise (have until September). They quoted me a $315 increase. So I did a little math on this end and figured that chances were good that I would save a little money or at least break even. I had already planned on at least one Dinner at Pinnacle @ $40, plus have an excursion that I was thinking of that would use nearly the full $100. I wasn't planning on the internet package at all (unplugging is one of the reasons for cruising), so I'm not including that in my calculations. If I subtract $140 from $315, that would leave me with $175 for the SBP. $175 divided by 7 = $25/day for beverages. 2 adult beverages, a Coke, and a special coffee will be more than that per day. So I'm thinking it'll save me some money. I won't know for certain until after the cruise and I review the "paperwork", though.
  12. Have you looked into the site Raise "dot" com? People buy and sell gift cards there. I've bought a few "after market" gift cards from that site and have never had a problem.
  13. I recently purchased an upright walker on Amazon. It cost a little over what it would to rent a walker for a weeks cruise. Since I plan on doing more cruises, that's a cost savings over time. Make sure that you pay attention to how the rollator/walker folds up. I rented one on my last cruise and it was a nightmare to get it in and out of the cabin because once it was folded it wouldn't roll. The hinges were on either side. The one that I purchased has the hinge under the seat, which allows me to easily maneuver it while it is still folded.
  14. I just saw that they have an Unlimited Pressing Package for $28 (7-night cruise). https://book2.hollandamerica.com/secondaryFlow/gifts/packages/2624
  15. Thanks everyone. I do appreciate the suggestions for alternatives, but that's not what I was looking for. I get headaches from most artificial sweeteners.
  16. The last time I sailed on HAL, the tea was unsweetened. I'm assuming that this is still the case. If it is, I'd like to bring on some bottles of my favorite brand of sweetened tea. It comes in either 20 fl oz plastic bottles or in a gallon. I doubt that the gallon would fit in the "mini-fridge". Has anyone had success otherwise? Or are you even allowed to bring on a gallon of a beverage on board (aside from distilled water for CPAP - which I will be bringing also)? For those of you that have brought on your own non-alcoholic drinks... (keeping in mind that I will be eating in mostly in the MDR or Signature restaurants) Do you pour it in a glass/travel mug and take it to your meals that way? Do you take the bottle/can unopened to your dining location? and then just ask for a glass of ice at the restaurant? Is there a limit to the number of bottles that you can bring on? This brand does not come in packs. So I'm guessing that bringing a type of soft-side cooler will be ok for transport on to the ship? The cabin stewards are able to empty the mini-fridge correct? How many bottles have you been able to put in the fridge at a time? This Southern girl must have her sweet tea, especially since she no longer drinks carbonated beverages. Thanks!
  17. Does anyone know how soon they open up reservations for Specialty Dining and Spa Services. It's a little over 200 days until my cruise. I'm going to guess that I'm a bit early (but if you've ever planned a trip to Disney, you'd understand LOL). I also noticed that the non-alcoholic drinks packages are the only ones showing on the website at the moment (in addition to beverage cards). I don't see the Specialty or Elite packages listed. Is it a case of me being too early? Or is it because I only have a deposit down on the cruise at the moment? My plan is to put off paying for the cruise entirely as long as possible, just in case there is a drop in the fares or a package is offered later on.
  18. Thanks for letting me know. I actually pulled that statement from another cruise companies website when I searched on the Jones Act to make sure I had the name right. LOL Makes me wonder why the Jones Act is heard about more often than the other one when it comes to cruises...
  19. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the Jones Act (also known as the Passenger Services Act)?
  20. Aside from the price, what is the difference between the Manta Sun Shelter Rental vs Clamshell Sunshade Rental? Pictures would be great, if you have any. Thanks!
  21. I'm starting to look into excursions for my upcoming cruise. I'm a bit confused when they show something as $159/per Adult for a Duration of 0.5 hours. Is this actually a "for the day" price or is it $159 x # adults x # of 0.5 hour increments?
  22. Hi, I'm going on my first HAL cruise since 2015 in December. December 11, 2021 Nieuw Amsterdam 7-Day Eastern Caribbean
  23. Thanks everyone for the responses! I was primarily thinking of magnets like ones you see sold on Etsy for my decorating. Certainly nothing that would intrude into the hallway.
  24. I just put a deposit down for my first cruise on this ship. Can someone share what the Cabin/Stateroom doors are like? I'm assuming that they are magnetic. However, I've been on ships that have had a louvered cabin door which made decorating it difficult. Yes, I'm one of those people. I have found it does help me find my way. I've even gotten notes from other passengers saying they use it as a landmark when they are coming "home" in the evening.
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