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  1. Yay…..very happy they finally banned door decorations. It seems ridiculous that they ever allowed it.
  2. Thank you for a very thoughtful response. You are a very wise person.
  3. Okay……it’s time for me to ask…….. What do you mean when you say “a bit dated in places”? The Regal Princess is only about 9 years old. That’s fairly young for a cruise ship. We have been on about 50 cruises over a period of 30 years (35 cruises on Princess) and I have never seen anything that I would refer to as “dated”. Thanks
  4. Copied this directly from airport website App-Based Rideshares such as Lyft, Uber and Wingz, provide drop-off and pick-up services at John Wayne Airport. Drop-off App-Based Rideshares are authorized to drop off passengers at the Departures (upper) Level at curbside of the Terminal. Pick-Up App-Based Rideshares must pick up passengers at the designated areas located on the top levels of parking structures A2 and B2, and in the Terminal C parking structure on the upper level next to the ticketing area. Image
  5. Same here…. last cruise November 2019 next cruise….never
  6. Do you all realize that you have scared away the original poster?
  7. Would the following be your solution? Have your family drive over to Kona. Spend the day with them there. Get back on the ship.....sail to Hilo. Spend the day with them in Hilo. Get back on the ship and continue your cruise. The only thing you lose is spending the night with them. Seems like you would still get to spend some quality time with family.
  8. Just a suggestion. Go to Guest Services (without her), explain your situation. Maybe they will set you and her up with a person of authority on the ship to discuss why she can’t take food (sandwiches) off the ship. It sounds like you are talking about disembarkation day. Safe travels home.
  9. Ok, thanks….it was very traumatic. I was just sharing. I am just happy we aren’t cruising anymore. So, we don’t have to worry about getting off the ships.
  10. Granted this happened in April 2007…… There was a death in our family back in the Los Los Angeles area while on a Caribbean cruise. We disembarked in St. Kitts to make our way back to Los Angeles. We were never charged an additional fee to disembark. Princess staff helped us get off the ship and transferred us to local authorities. We boarded our plane and made it home safely. Our travel insurance took care of everything once submitted a claim. We were never “held prisoner “.
  11. Metal ceiling too. We used it as a laundry room on a 28 day cruise in 2019.
  12. They can have our $630pp……$1260 back. Maybe that will help. We are done with cruising and those dollars will expire at the end of December.
  13. You do know princess doesn’t really monitor this board. This is just a message board.
  14. Why are worried…..you don’t need them prior to boarding?
  15. Throw it in the trash……our state doesn’t recycle batteries. Doesn’t really matter anymore…..we are done with cruising.
  16. We have cruising friends who have never spent a dime in the casino. They are about to embark on a free cruise in a balcony cabin with &1000 in free play. Not sure if they will actually use the free play…..they don’t believe in gambling. They figured it was a free cruise why not take advantage
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