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  1. Sorry to hear that. On our last Celebrity cruise, we were sailing with my brother and his wife, but he forgot to pay his final bill. It was a bit slower for him, but only delayed him about 10 minutes. My only complaint was that it was a long hike to the parking garage.
  2. Super nice, super deluxe!! Disembarkation even nicer. Celebrity has it all figured out. The others could take a lesson!!
  3. It's not just Princess. Also received one for my upcoming Holland America cruise, all under the Carnival umbrella.
  4. Would love to learn more about your experiences, Colon Cruiser, with the Medallion program, especially when it comes to ordering drinks from the bar. I understand that feature is not working, but hoping that it had been fixed by now. Any good news?? I have enjoyed your photos and daily commentary. Much appreciated. I'll be on Crown very soon.
  5. I am assuming there is an Elite Lounge in the Princess terminal at Port Everglades. Is this this same room (area) that the suite guests will use while awaiting embarkation??
  6. If I find that I don't like the selections included in the complimentary mini-bar setup in my suite, who do I call once onboard to exchange it for something more to my liking??
  7. We were on the Edge about a year ago. We were staying in a Celebrity Suite and found the Luminae very crowded at whatever hour we went, anywhere from 6pm till 8:30pm. We ALWAYS had to wait time for a table, usually with a line growing larger behind us. When we were finally seated, we were extremely close to the next table, thus found it very uncomfortable. We thought this was the norm, till we went on the Equinox a couple of times shortly thereafter. WOW, what a world of difference in how they treated Suite passengers. Equinox's Luminae was NEVER overly crowded, the staff always knew our names, and the dining experience was totally awesome. Can't say the same for the Edge. NO, I'm not in favor of this new policy. Unfortunately, we're finding more and more cruise lines doing the same.
  8. Thanks everybody!! My sailing is in about 3 weeks, so I'll look for the email telling me to expect delivery. It should be coming any day now. Thanks again!! Really helpful.
  9. For those who have preordered their OceanMedallions to be sent via mail, and maybe a couple of accessories, how many weeks did it take before you received them?? I ordered mine about 3 weeks ago, and haven't received them yet. I'm starting to get a little worried.
  10. Any chance that I can swap some of my Diet Coke for Coke Zero???
  11. Keep you hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes, keep a positive attitude, and you should be fine. Good 'ol hot water and soap is the best medicine right before you eat, and don't forget to sing slowly the Happy Birthday song twice while you do it. I'm a bit of a germaphobe, myself, but there's only so much you can do. Enjoy that cruise!!
  12. Depends on the ship, but particularly the older ships, the muster is held outside on deck. Nieuw Statendam was the easiest one I had ever done, since my muster station was in the MDR, and we got to sit down. It lasted all of about 10 minutes. Fast, easy, and no stress.
  13. HA!! That's why I love CruiseCritic so much. Ask a question, and the answer appears in no time. Thanks everyone!! So from what I learned, I will bring my own little bottles of diet tonic, but switch my "one time suite" mini bar miniatures to all gin; and if that doesn't hold me, get a bottle of gin from room service, or whatever. Got a great grocery store in my area, Publix, that has a really good house brand diet tonic is small individual glass bottles. Now to see if I can fit them in my carry on. This is my first Princess cruise, so have a lot of learning on my plate.
  14. OK, you gin & tonic drinkers. If I order a bottle of gin through room service, how hard is it to get diet tonic to go with it?? Should I bring my own??
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