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  1. Looking forward to another Jamman report! Sorry to hear you got sick after the cruise and I hope those meds have kicked in by now 😎
  2. I always seem to be late to the party, but I’ve been bingeing on this trip report and am now in the realm of your Ay Tee El thread...thanks for putting them out there for all of us. Happy belated birthday...your “online” birthday is the same date as my actual bday, but alas, I wasn’t able to celebrate on a ship. Glad you have another to look forward to soon!
  3. 👏 Bravo, Jeff, Bravo! 👏 It was so much fun coming along on this one. Thanks again for all of your time and effort! Megan
  4. Another fabulous Willdra trip report. Yes, please! 💃
  5. I’ve been waiting for this one! Thanks for taking us along on another adventure. Can’t wait to see more. Megan
  6. My mitsugirly cruise review spidey-sense must be strong, because I was just thinking, “Hmm, I wonder if she’s done another cruise lately...” and here I find your trip report! Enjoying your humor and photos as always, and I sure hope that Billy had some much-needed fun on the cruise. Megan
  7. Enjoying your trip report very much. GREAT photos of you two in front of the ruins with no one else around; what luck you had! Megan
  8. Norris, Just found this trip report the other day and couldn’t stop reading until I finished! Your photos are stunning, as always, and it looks like you got to see a good amount of Cuba (although I’m sure not enough, as I know you plan to return). As a Spanish major, I wrote many a paper on the Cuban Revolution, so I really appreciate you sharing your time at the revolution museum with us. You’ve reminded me of just how much I want to visit that country. Thank you, good sir! Megan
  9. Sid, thank you so much for this thread. I found it late, but spent the past couple of days bingeing and catching up. I’m about to cruise out of NOLA for the first time in a few weeks myself. Best of luck with the new job, apartment, and everything else. Megan
  10. I’m late to the party, but thoroughly enjoyed following your trip. Safe travels home!
  11. Kim, thank you for another awesome trip report. Finding this was super helpful, as I just got off a New Year’s cruise last Sunday, went straight back to work on Monday, and have been suffering from a pretty bad case of Post-Cruise Depression ever since. Your humor and great pictures made me feel like I was back in the Caribbean. Good luck in finishing that degree and thank you again!
  12. Thanks again for taking us along. Have really enjoyed following you this week!
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