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  1. Thanks for the throwback, Sid. I’m supposed to be on a cruise right now, so this helps me pretend! 😆
  2. So nice to hear all of the triumphant toots from the NA. I was supposed to board her for the fourth time a week from today. Very bittersweet, but cruising will go on!
  3. Following along! Sounds like a fabulous trip - Haven and a premium beverage package - enjoy! 👯‍♀️🍹
  4. Reality bites. Glad you made it back home safe, though.
  5. This week has gone by too fast for us at home. You definitely made some great memories, which you’ve generously shared with all of us. Enjoy the heck out of your last day onboard!
  6. Yum. I’ve always wondered what that accompaniment on the right is - do you dip the mushrooms in it?
  7. Looks like a great tour! The rum tasting seems like it’d get your day off to a good start.
  8. Enjoyed following your adventure all the way across St. Thomas. The tacos all looked great, as did your Mexican dinner. Drooling (though not on a public OL pillow)! Thanks again for taking us with you on this trip 🙂
  9. Loved the OL chronicles, though now my stomach may be *almost* as queasy as poor C’s was at sea today. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  10. Enjoying your little Nassau adventure; I wouldn’t have thought to take the water taxi over and tour on my own. Looking forward to more!
  11. Woo-hoo; I’ve been waiting for this one! The whole Thanksgiving thing may have distracted me, but now that I’ve found your thread, I’m settlin’ in for the long haul. 😎
  12. Thank you both again for all of the pics and for taking the time to report. I really enjoyed reading your final thoughts on this one and thought that they were very fair. I sailed on the Sunshine not long after she was refurbished, during spring break (I’m a teacher, so yep, I’m pretty limited to those dreadful peak times!) and definitely wouldn’t do *that* again! 😬 I’m glad to see that the Sunrise has been tweaked a bit, especially in the layout of the Limelight Lounge and in keeping the aft pool (though I agree removing the retractable roof is a bit puzzling). Fingers crossed your surgeries go well, and that you have enough left in the bank to make it to NOLA next spring! 🙂 Megan
  13. Looking forward to another Jamman report! Sorry to hear you got sick after the cruise and I hope those meds have kicked in by now 😎
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