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  1. Did not see any on recent Caribbean Princess cruise.
  2. Smoking gamblers can utilize the bar in the casino. Churchill's is a lovely venue that we would have enjoyed had it been non-smoking.
  3. We had fake butter each time on the Caribbean Princess last month. In retrospect we should have asked for the real thing!
  4. On our recent Caribbean Princess cruise, Steamers and Planks did take reservations, via the Dine Line only - not on the app or tv. To the best of my recollection they were open only for dinner. In Steamers my husband requested two appetizers and they didn't blink an eye. The clincher is he never received the second one! If you enjoy mussels you will love Steamers! It was a HUGE bowl. The sauce with the bacon was the best!!! If you don't like steamed mussels or clams, there is a fried fish platter.
  5. On our recent Caribbean Princess cruise we sat in the Elite lounge and proceeded to the tap out area when our color/number was called. No escorts. No choice of time. It didn't matter. Everything was quick and efficient.
  6. We were on the CP a couple weeks ago. Churchill's was still there and open. It was for smoking altho' we never saw anyone in there.
  7. I realize this is minutiae, but I appreciate the suggestions you all provided about my shirt "catastrophes" and wanted to provide an update. I soaked the light blue Princess t-shirt in OxyClean overnight and the problem was solved! I soaked the other shirt all day today with the same result. The bled dye was totally removed. My husband thinks what bled was the dark blue ironed-on Princess logo and sizing label on the back of the shirt. This makes sense.
  8. I am soaking on oxy clean now and will get color catchers tomorrow. Thank you.
  9. I am beyond mad. On my recent Caribbean Princess cruise, I purchased a nice Princess T shirt, light blue, with metallic seawitch logo on front. When I returned home I washed it in cold water, no dryer. The dark trim blue inside around the neckline bled dark blue all over the shirt. The shirt is ruined. Plus another light blue shirt in the load also received some of the dye transfer, ruining that one as well. I would suggest hand washing these items very very carefully if you purchase one.
  10. I am on Konigsdam in November and was able to book the Pinnacle Grill today
  11. On our recent Caribbean Princess cruise there was a nightly Elite lounge in Skywalkers with drinks and nice small bites. Also the Elite (and Platinum I think) departure lounge for disembarkation day.
  12. We were recently on CB and ate at both Planks and Steamers. We made reservations for Steamers on the Dine Line and "walked in" to Planks. We enjoyed the food in Planks but the service was ridiculously slow. I mentioned to the Chef/Server, whomever he was, that we were anxious to get to the show (which was true) and I clearly offended him because he went on and on about how he is "doing his best", etc. I felt terrible! I loved my enormous bowl of mussels in Steamers (and the service was just fine) but my DH didn't like the food choices. Read the menu before you choose to dine here! The options are limited! It is confusing that the casual dining venues on CB are only available by calling the Dine Line or making in person. BY the way, we made a reservation for one of the main dining rooms via the Dine Line onboard and it was lost.
  13. We were on Caribbean Princess last week. We had several elaborate and very cute towel animals in our stateroom during the cruise. They even had a "Towel Making Class" in the Piazza that was well attended!
  14. Have at least one pool that has zero depth entry. Devote less space to the art gallery!
  15. I forgot to add more outlets and USB ports. Good reading lights by the bed.
  16. We did an excursion to the Rainforest last week. We did not think it was worth the time and drive. We drove on a road up the hills and stopped at an old tower which could be climbed for views. It was cloudy and not much to see. We thought our time would have been better spent in town.
  17. A pool with a retractable cover. An aft pool. A forward observation lounge or deck. A full promenade deck. A larger library - in a quiet place.
  18. My better half and I were on the Caribbean Princess last week to Princess Cays; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; and Turks and Caicos which we couldn't dock at due to weather and high waves. This was my 28th Princess cruise although I have not been on Princess since 2011. We are mid-sixties and fit right in with this mostly older crowd. We enjoyed our cruise very much! The ship was in great shape and looked like the "old" Princess ships I remembered. The crew was extremely friendly, as were the passengers. The food was great in the dining rooms and "casual dining" venues. The buffet was just average. Fruit was usually over- or under ripe and food was often not hot enough, but there was plenty of variety. The omelet station at breakfast was wonderful. The Medallion worked well and was the most expedient way to get drinks when bars and lounges were crowded. The comedians were a riot - standing room only in Club Fusion AKA The "Laugh Lounge." The production shows were good but the ABBA singer brought the whole theater to their feet! I never knew how much I appreciated ABBA before this show! We did have problems making dining reservations onboard - one was lost and the TV and App didn't work great. But we always were able to "walk-in" and get a table for 2. (We eat early.) Next time I will make the effort to reserve dining ahead of time. Our cabin was an aft Balcony on Deck 10. Very quiet and just fine. The balcony was surprisingly deep and had nice furniture. There was plenty of storage and a very comfy bed. The automatic night lights didn't bother us, but I was frustrated by the Automatic closet light. It was on a timer and would shut off while I was rummaging in the closet, so I had to walk back and forth to turn it on. The bathroom was small of course, but the shower curtain didn't bother me - there was no flooding from the shower. We returned from our cruise with an unwelcome souvenir - a nasty bug which hit us a day or two later. I will discuss the ports and the tours we took when I have more energy. In the meantime, I am happy to answer any questions.
  19. I don't think it's that long. It is shorter than many other piers, like Cozumel. They have pedicabs which will transport you for tips.
  20. The Del Oro Chocolate Factory was a very worthwhile stop. Lots of samples, interesting presentation, clean restrooms, good A/C, nice gift shop. The chocolate prices were very good too.
  21. In the very crowded Club Fusion for the comedy shows on Caribbean Princess, the only way to get a drink was via Ocean Now because the bartenders and waiters were so busy that they ignored you.. It worked brilliantly on this cruise.
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