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  1. The refund appeared as a credit on the card I used to pay for the fare.
  2. To answer my own question: A Cunard rep just told me that I can expect a refund within 10-15 days of the date of cancellation.
  3. Anyone else on the Cancelled circumnavigation of Japan itinerary wondering when we will be credited our cruise fare?
  4. Received this email today: We are writing to give you some important information about your forthcoming voyage on board Queen Elizabeth. Following the evolving and dynamic situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been taking advice from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Public Health England. We have been focused on mitigating the risks to our guests and crew, and are making appropriate adjustments to our operations to protect all on board our ships. As a result of the above, we are very sorry to advise that Queen Elizabeth’s Asia programme that was due to commence in March has been cancelled and will be replaced with an extended season in Australia. The health and safety of our guests and crew is of utmost importance to us and given the uncertainty in the region, we have had to make this difficult decision, which we hope you understand is due to factors beyond our control. As Queen Elizabeth will no longer be visiting Asia, your above booking will be cancelled and you will be given a full refund, as well as a future cruise credit worth 25% of your original cruise value. This credit will be automatically applied to your account and you will be able to use this on any Cunard voyage currently on sale, booked before 31 May 2020. If you have booked flights or any additional packages via a travel agent or third-party tour operator, we advise you to contact them directly. If any arrangements have been booked independently then you should contact your travel insurance provider for details of how to submit a claim. If you are unable to recover charges incurred due to this unavoidable and unexpected cancellation, we would encourage you to contact us so that this can be discussed further. Queen Elizabeth’s new extended season in Australia will comprise two six-night Tasmania voyages, two 11-night New Zealand voyages and her first ever 27-night full circumnavigation of Australia. Queen Elizabeth will then sail a 25-night Transpacific crossing from Sydney to Vancouver via New Caledonia, Hawaii, Los Angeles and San Francisco. These voyages will be available to book from Thursday, February 20th at 2pm PST/ 5pm EST. Cunard will resume Queen Elizabeth’s Asia programme in September this year as already published. If you wish to use your future cruise credit to book any of our holidays, please contact your travel agent, visit us at www.cunard.com or call us on (800) 728-6273. Once again, please accept our apologies and we do hope to see you on board very soon. Yours sincerely, Simon Palethorpe President, Cunard
  5. We are on the QE for a Japan circumnavigation in May. We disembark in Yokohama and have a late flight out of Narita. Does Cunard offer tours that end up at the airport?
  6. This is so well done and so helpful!
  7. When I was on the QM, there was only one iced tea dispenser in the buffet. Does the QE have iced tea in the buffet and are there multiple dispensers? I know this may sound trivial, but we do love our iced tea!
  8. This is very helpful. Thank you!
  9. Going to Havana (hopefully) in Sept on NCL. We would like to experience some traditional Cuban music and dancing. My partner is not comfortable with taking a cab on our own, so we are trying to decide on ship's evening excursion. Anyone have any experience with the Tropicana vs. the Parisien or the Riviera?
  10. I was on the Bliss in early February and I thought it was far superior to the Getaway, which was my only other NCL cruise. Note I enjoyed the Getaway very much and have traveled on 12 cruise lines, over 35 cruises. The Observation Lounge was a wonderful venue, day and night. I agree that a huge amount of space was used for the go-karts, etc. and another or larger adult-only pool would have been nice. But I understand that these mass-market cruise lines have to have something new and different to set them apart. The Beatles act was impossible to get into but they did perform in the theater the last night. And it was great! The Paul guy had the head movements down pat! There were plenty of empty seats for Jersey Boys and Havana. (Both were outstanding). We were able to get into an early show of the Comedy venue - also very fun. I will say that this was one of the cleanest ships I have been on and for the most part the crew seemed happy. It was also the most efficient embarkation I have had and very easy disembarkation as well. I do think improved technology is making this better among all cruise lines. As far as food goes - some was surprisingly excellent (prime rib in Local), most was very good, and some was average. The Seafood Extravaganza in the buffet was disappointing, although the shrimp was great. The only specialty restaurant we ate in was Le Bistro and we loved it. With so many options, if you didn't like something it was easy to find something else to eat. (I don't waste calories on substandard food.) This is one of the reasons I love cruising. The ship didn't feel like it had 4000 pax (except by the pool, the muster chaos, and the Beatles). The only negative was the dull itinerary and ports. At least we had good docking space in St. Thomas and didn't have to tender in anywhere. Overall it was a great week, well worth the price and I think if you couldn't have fun on this trip there is something wrong with you.
  11. I enjoyed your postings tremendously especially since I will be sailing on my first Silversea cruise on Spirit next week. I am one of those people who enjoy the shows and I have adjusted my expectations accordingly. Do they have any enrichment lectures or educational type activities onboard?
  12. It seemed wider than a twin, but I don't know.
  13. I am sick of St. Thomas and have had very creepy and scary experiences in Jamaica. Ensenada was terrible. Tortola has nothing to offer. Unlike many other of my fellow cruisers, I always seem to find something fun to do in Cozumel and I like Nassau. I am not a huge beach person, but I enjoy all the "private island" days because I know what to expect and that is usually my one beach day of the trip. I mourn the loss of authenticity over the years - places are starting to turn into shopping malls of the same old stores and a lot of the local flavor seems to be turning generic. As for overseas, If you've seen the Acropolis, there is no reason to revisit Athens or its port, Piraeus.
  14. It's been a week since I disembarked the Bliss and I have so many wonderful things to say about this gorgeous, well-designed, and immaculately clean ship that I really don't know where to begin. I was on the Getaway a year ago so I thought I would begin with a comparison of the studio cabin experience on these ships. On both trips I traveled with a friend who was also in a Studio Cabin. In fact, the availability of these accommodations is what attracted me to NCL in the first place.(I have traveled on over 30 cruises on 12 different lines but these are my only NCL voyages.) So we weren't really travelling solo and I can't comment on the solo cruiser activities which we did not partake of. The cabins were very similar. The bed on the Getaway was wider. At first I was a bit disappointed when I entered the Bliss Studio cabin and noticed this but I soon saw the advantage of having more floor space between the bed and the closets. I relocated the stool from under the shelf/tv area to use as a nightstand next to the bed. It was a different shape than on the Getaway and it did not open for storage space like on the Getaway which would have been nice. I also noticed the addition of a wastebasket in the toilet room. The biggest difference was the much-touted "virtual porthole" in the wall of the Bliss which would give a view of the outside of the ship as if you were actually looking out a real window. Unfortunately, mine did not work. After a day of inquiries with no results, I finally got a manager who investigated and said it was broken (duh!). There was no way to fix it. After I expressed my unhappiness, they offered me chocolate covered strawberries and wine. This was a nice gesture but had no value to me (I don't drink wine and there is free food everywhere on the ship.) Long story short, I requested and received a complimentary specialty dining meal. I was very happy with this! Le Bistro was a superb experience and I was pleased they handled this so well!! I found that I could put on the tv, tune it to the Bridge Cam, cover a lot of the screen with the sliding closet door, and thus be awakened by daylight in the morning. There is a Studio Lounge on both ships exclusively for the use of those in the studio cabins. I much preferred the one on the Getaway, It had a serviced bar in the evenings and real regular coffee available. On the Bliss, no bar, and a latte/espresso/etc machine which my friend loved but I just wanted regular coffee! Still it was convenient for ice water and snacks and a lovely space. Comments that apply to both ships: The Studio Cabins are extremely well-designed for such a small space. Lots of room under the bed for suitcases, padded walls make for a "daybed" like feel when watching tv, excellent reading light, USB port, many shelves and cubby holes and hanging knobs. The shower is nice but I wish they had conditioner along with the shampoo and a footrest for perching a leg while shaving. Good mirrors and lighting. Sink is tiny but functional. I was actually surprised that I felt so comfortable for a week in such a small space. I brought some magnets for hanging notes and papers on the metal toilet room door and used packing cubes to stack on the shelves. Things I wasn't using like the hairdryer I placed under the bed. Tip: When retiring for the night, make sure the closet door on the far right is slid all the way to the right or else it bangs and knocks. My friends and I all found this to be the case. I will continue with comments on the Bliss soon!
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