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  1. Now here's an interesting thing: I'm in Poland just now and when I click your link I'm denied access to the site, a message saying something to the effect that "my" country has been blocked. So I changed to my UK VPN and, guess what, the site opened. How odd.
  2. The should really get up early and put a book, towel and sunglasses on the table.
  3. We had an hour out on the bike.😊 Then power-washed the patios. 😟
  4. Mrs TTS doesn't miss out though. Full biker-chick mode on her Honda:
  5. There are many different ways to travel. As of 10 days ago this is my new baby: (Yes, that really is sunshine!)
  6. That's the thing about doing a "live from" or giving one's personal experiences and thoughts: there'll always be someone prepared to let you know you're wrong.
  7. Great post, Fletcher. We, too, are uneasy about poverty voyeurism yet it's inescapable in many parts of the world. I don't know the answer. I don't know if there even is an answer. But I do know how privileged we are to have had the good sense to choose our birthright wisely.
  8. Chillis seem to be one of the few foods that pass unaffected through the alimentary canal and produce the same sensory effects at both ends!
  9. The world seems to run on TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) . My late mother-in-law learned to text but thought LOL meant "Lots Of Love" whereas everyone else in the world knows it means "Laugh Out Loud" Which accounts for her sending the following message: Xxxxxx has just told me that you had to have (name of pet) put to sleep. It must have been a terrible shock to you. LOL.
  10. Pretentious? On the Silversea boards? Surely you jest, Ma'am.
  11. I suspect there may be an interested party from SS now contributing to, and therefore reading, this forum. Pre-virus (ie the RCLvirus) there would be occasional reports by dissatisfied cruisers but most posts were positive. That situation now seems to be reversed. Whether SS has been eroding its standards or whether people are emboldened to complain because the cheerleaders are conspicuously absent is hard to determine. I really want our cruise on the Wind next month to be as good as all previous ones but the current tenor of reports on this forum concerns me. However, sailing SS ain't compulsory. But I hope it's still amazing!
  12. Why can't humanity be more like my labradors:
  13. 5 weeks from now we will be boarding the Wind. It's going to be very hard to approach that voyage with our normal excitement in view of the opinions expressed in this thread (and elsewhere). Of course, some aspects of the experience will have changed since our last trip on her in 2019; that's normal, things change. What we don't expect is change for the worse. And what we certainly don't expect is overt penny-pinching, upselling, mediocre food, diffident staff or gauche fellow passengers (although there's always a few...). Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  14. That typo could have been much worse.
  15. Yes it did. Twice! Stopped updating my signature a while back. There's a couple of Silversea and Saga cruises to add but haven't got round to it. Good excuse though - laziness.
  16. One thing I don't understand. You get off the ship at, say, 9.30 for the 3 hr trip home. The other passengers need a loo stop after a couple of hours. Fair enough. But do they really need to spend 45 minutes having a cup of tea, a faceful of food and a wander round the retail outlets? They've only just had breakfast for crying out loud. L'enfer c'est Les autres
  17. Even that is too difficult for those turning into McSilversea.
  18. What eclipse? I'm in the dark about it.
  19. She has a right to unlimited stays in the EU as long as she is accompanying an EU spouse (me!) but it would be much safer to have an exit stamp. Your response is most reassuring.
  20. On 17 May we arrive in Lisbon by air from where we take a cruise ship calling at ports in Portugal, Spain and France before arriving at Tower Bridge to disembark. Now, I'm Irish so can enter and leave the EU freely; however, OH is a British Citizen and will have her passport stamped on entry - the problem is will she also acquire an exit stamp at some point? Does anyone have experience of a similar situation?
  21. He may well be recounting the same story on the Chinese site Tourist Critic.
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