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  1. in my opinion, what Azamara is doing is a bit dangerous I know for sure there are a lot more cruise lines (see pictures from Disney and Celebrity) or to finsish with a smile. They are doing it the same way as hodghogs having sex. VERY VERY CAREFULLY
  2. Laughing about thinking that there would be a "real" barbecue onboard. We had more than once a real BBQ on board during our cruises. Couldn't found a Regent one so quick so one of our Azamara cruises.
  3. You can see it better on this picture
  4. That makes an end at the rumors started in an other post": https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2680410-canyon-ranch-spa-being-replaced/?tab=comments#comment-57926677
  5. On the Azamara ships the casino's are removed. Maybe a good thing to do on Regent also.
  6. Because our cruise on Mariner is "almost" there I just received an nice link from regent: https://www.rssc.com/virtualmariner You can have a virtual visit to the casino.
  7. You only have 1 seaday and that is what can make you to choose. Starboard will be the sunny side. On this trip portside will not say much on best looking side.
  8. Hereby a link for a youtube movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4GUCPRdQpE and on 2:55 you can see the sofa
  9. If you can choose between Voyager or Mariner I should choose the Voyager for the cabin space. They are larger and the bathroom will haven and a bath and a shower. For the included excusions we never had an overloaded bus. They will put in more busses so the groupsize keep "small".
  10. The difference in colors are very difficult the see, but there are only 4 P3 (orange) on deck 6 and 7, those where the VX ones. On deck 8 there are the P catagory's. But overall they found a new way to raise the prices because for the P catagory you must pay more for the options you had and on the small Azamara ships I don't need priority embarkation and debarkation.
  11. Even the machines in Windows are making good coffee.
  12. I don't think it is oke now. See the header: 2018-2019 Azamara Captain and Senior Officer Schedule It must be 2019 - 2020 (-2021)
  13. There is a roll call started https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2674168-december-17-2019-holiday-cruise/ but it is a good idea to start one with the header right and I will open the roll call 😊. There is also a roll call for the cruise starting before Rio and a lot of the people there are doing B2B and go also to Miami. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/seven-seas-mariner-december-7-2019/ This roll call is also quit since May.
  14. You can choose the package only for one person if (like with me and my wife) one like to have better wines and something "nice" with your coffee after dinner or port with chees as dessert. If it is only for the coffee you don't need it because the special coffee in Mosaic is included and the machine's in windows also have very good coffee.
  15. The last time I was in Santorini the ship moves incl the tenders from the point you are droped for the bus to the "harbour" down at the stairs/cablecar. I don't like the idea but you can also take a donkey downstairs
  16. On White Night the main dining room will have Surf and Turf
  17. Steiner is proud to be the chosen spa operator onboard over 16 luxury cruise lines including: Carnival, P&O cruises, Crystal Cruises, Norwegian, HAL, Disney, Princess, Royal Carribean, Silversea, Costa, Seaborn, Windstar And I found by CanyonRanch: Find Canyon Ranch® spas on 22 luxury ships with Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises®
  18. On Azamara site: "Please note, the complimentary beverages listed below are not available for room service". Handling your card is very different: - Person 1 only had to see it once in the beginning and after that he/she knows you and don't ask for it - Person 2 like to see it every time (even he/she knows what I like to drink) - Person 3 take the card with him/her and put it in the computer (even he/she knows what I like to drink)
  19. Looking at Tripadvisor as an example: https://www.tripadvisor.nl/Attraction_Review-g194863-d13195978-Reviews-Carmine_s_Coast-Positano_Amalfi_Coast_Province_of_Salerno_Campania.html
  20. Take the drink package, good internet package, diningpackage and excursions. What is left use it at the Spa and/or shops. You must do good calculation for the first and the second leg of your B2B.
  21. What I remember is also something with the safe. On the Mariner it is a very small safe. We did Voyager two times and my wife loves the bath and I the shower which is big enough. We will take at the end of the year again a Mariner cruise but now with shower only. The shower/bath combi is terrible.
  22. The shedule (https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/se/life-onboard/crew/senior-officer-schedule) gives: Captain, HD, CD, EC 20-July 2019 Pelle - Philip - Ernest - Shijunath
  23. You don't have to take the upgade both. My wife is not a wine drinker and the include cocktails are fine for her. I don't like most of the included wines. So a nice wine choice, port with the cheese as dessert and something ....... with the coffee after my dinner and the upgrade is a good price then.
  24. I am on the Pursuit now and did take a look. The rowing machine is gone and the hangingchairs are still not usable on the ground..
  25. No I didn't upload a photo. I think this is not mandatory for the boardingpass!?
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