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  1. Nothing confusing about this at all. Oceania mostly just got out of the Covid business. No more pre board testing, it’s all on the passenger. Now, if infected travelers come aboard, tough luck for you. If you get Covid, you get quarantined, and you no longer get any refund/ FCC for time in Covid Jail. It’s the Wild West now with the new variants both nationally and internationally firing up. This slack attitude is exactly what many here have been pleading for months to occur. We’ll see how it works out. Huge economic relief for NCLH and its Lines.
  2. I can’t speak for all airlines, but the lines for assistance we saw we lllooonnngg! The staff was making regular announcements saying “ if you booked through a Travel Agent or other ticket consolidater, you need to call that Agent for assistance “. Not only was those with tickets from Expedia, Cheap-O Air, etc, being caught up in this but also the Cruise Air people. That port Agent had all they could handle ( and more) with direct sales.
  3. Let’s keep things in perspective. Things are dynamic right now. If you get to the airport at 06:00 in Rome to find your connecting flight has been cancelled, it’s midnight in Miami. There’s no one at O to help you until afternoon in Rome. What we discovered was that some flights were being cancelled 24-48 hours in advance. Some, particularly those intra European flights, were being cancelled by the hour. If your response is “it’s Oceania’s responsibility to fix this “ and you wait for their actions, be prepared to not quickly return home. We had passengers bumped off our international flight home. Most were refugees from other cancellations. There are no empty seats right now. The SAS debacle has made things worse. An acquaintance that just got home had to take a train from Copenhagen to Frankfurt, to catch a flight on Lufthansa, and get the only two seats he could find home. Those seats were to DCA, not JFK near where he lives. Another train home. He got home three days late, but happy to be home. Will Oceania help you? I believe absolutely. If one isn’t willing or capable to help themselves, how long do you believe you might be waiting right now to even talk to O Air? We had people show up 1-2 days late for our cruise due to enroute air issues, and that doesn’t include baggage issues. A rhetorical question: whose on top the O Air in basket priority list, those trying to make it to the cruise, or those trying to get home? I’m sure that basket is overrunning right now.
  4. Thanks! I figured out my problem, I was logged in on the site earlier and had to log off and then back in to get the new updates! 🥺 After 8/1, you totally roll the dice and all the risk is on us. I didn’t mind the testing requirements at all. The majority got what they asked for with this.
  5. So back to the second half of the question. No pre testing required. So if you now come down with Covid while aboard and are quarantined should you expect FCC for time in quarantine?
  6. I didn’t find it! So if they drop pre testing, would that also mean no FCC for those that come down with Covid aboard?
  7. Yes! An 18.5% gratuity is automatically added to all drink orders.
  8. Be careful giving them cotton clothing that can shrink in a large industrial clothes dryer .
  9. I think we had itinerary changes on 50% of our port calls. Huge time swings on when we were scheduled to arrive and depart. Example; one port we were scheduled to leave at 23:00. Changed the day before to 17:00. Lots of us changing and cancelling plans. With ship capacity at 50%, numerous ship tours either cancelled or consolidated with other tours. Part of the problem was long time shorex operations are kaput! Gone! We had one private tour with an operator that had cancelled all his ship sponsored tours. Said the cruise lines wouldn’t pay enough to cover his fuel costs, no less labor. You never really knew what you’d get with a ship tour until it was over. If you can’t handle changes, now is not the time to travel. It’s a new world for all right now.
  10. I asked you this on the other thread and you didn’t answer. Still waiting. Are you implying that if two people go , at the same time, to United’s official website and search a route, those two people can/will be offered different fares based upon their inquiry history of those routes?
  11. My highly professional Travel Agent with which I have worked for years gave me a call late this morning. As typical, she was checking up on how everything went on our just completed cruise and to get some feedback. I was surprised she called so soon and on a major holiday weekend. All I can say is Ssshh! 🤫 You don’t get that call from a Oceania phone rep you DIYERS! 🤫
  12. Here’s a rhetorical question. How would a passenger that goes to their cabin and/or bed almost every night by 9:00 pm know if the ship has any nightlife? Ask someone that does the same?? 🙄😂 As I posted earlier, some of the cruises have a very robust nightlife while others can be very sedate.
  13. On our return from AMS all the flights were completely full and oversold. In AMS about 20 passengers got bumped from our AA AMS-PHL flight. Most all of the BA ( AA’s oneworld partner) flights to London had been cancelled. Those affected didn’t know how or when they’d get home. Our cruise was just over 50% full. The cruise after ours ( sailing now) is at 25% capacity, the next cruise was expected closer to 50%. We’ve heard similar numbers from those on both Oceania cruisers and the other lines. We had more staff than cruisers on our ship. The Lines were expecting to be back at full capacity by now. Late cancellation is high. They are hemorrhaging! At the end of our cruise lots of staff was being sent home. There was talk of cancellations/consolidations of upcoming cruises. Now here’s the scary part. Imagine the flight nightmares if all those cruise lines and all of those cruises had indeed been booked full as was earlier expected!!! Literally imagine all those additional 10’s of thousands trying to get themselves and their luggage through the airports!!! To steal a movie script “ Houston, I think we’ve got a problem!”.
  14. Then you understand the drill with what happens when you call O’s 1-800 line. Not sure what your complaints are. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Would have been far easier to have just called your Travel Agent in the very beginning and let them work it. One phone call or text and it would have been taken care of. No bad information, No HUCA, no exasperation. Expending all that wasted time and energy must be something some people enjoy! Otherwise, they have excellent options.
  16. Best advice is to call your TA and have them give you all the details along with applicable discounts.
  17. Go to the main page of this Forum. You’ll see a big RED placard that refers you to Covid related discussions. Directly under that placard it says : Oceania Roll Calls. Hit the link! Input the ship, then the month of sailing. Cruises will pop up. Select your and follow the discussions.
  18. WAG based on prior release schedules only: September or October of this year.
  19. For an extended visit, I recommend the Marriott that is right next to the Borghese Museum. Great hotel with multiple great restaurants within a couple of blocks. Subway system is close. We had an early flight out and our driver, arranged by the hotel had us at the airport in plenty of time . The hotel has a great rooftop restaurant overlooking parts of the City where a delightful breakfast is served. Pre book your tour of the Borghese early in the morning to beat the crowd, and enjoy the quick easy walk in the park to the mansion. To me, this is the greatest museum in Rome!
  20. So are you saying that two different people can go to UA’s website, and see two completely different fares, depending upon how often they have inquired on the routes?
  21. Left AMS today on AA in BC, not that BC matters. From the time we hit luggage check in to making the gate was 3 hours. We got there 4 hours before flight time and boarding was starting within about 15 minutes of our arrival. Flight oversold, people getting bounced from the flight. It’s not only AMS. Friends had their Copenhagen-EWR flight canceled on UA. Took three days to get another flight out. The flight board at AMS was loaded with flights being cancelled. 1. All this is out of Oceania’s control. Things are projected to get worse until at least October. Now is probably not a good time to delegate flights to a third party. 2. You do realize that Oceania buys bulk rate discount tickets? What priority do you believe those tickets have when problems arise?
  22. United and its Star Alliance partners via Chicago seems to be the biggest issue. Doesn’t matter if through FRA or ZRH. Next is Delta feeds through ATL. Seems the problems occurred there, not in Paris or AMS. We had 2-3 couples show up a few days late. Same story regardless of airline. Regional flights canceled, everything full, couldn’t get new flights out for 1-2 days.
  23. Things are going to hell in a hand basket right now over here, and in the States. Min check at Amsterdam airport is now 3 hours, on weekends they are saying 5 hours. There isn’t enough labor at any stage: baggage handling, check in desks, security, pilots, flight attendants, etc. Long lines everywhere. British Airlines is going on strike. So if you have a connecting flight with them, you may be out of luck. Plus KLM and I believe Air France has announced they are cutting about 25% of their flights, here on the Continent, due to personnel shortages . You really need to have non stop flights from the USA to your final destination! It is probably worth any premium you may have to pay. Not all the problems are generated from this side of the pond. We’re on Day 8 of our cruise and you’d be amazed by the number of fellow cruisers that haven’t gotten their luggage yet! In most cases it was several days after their arrival that it even left the States. In some cases it still hasn’t left. U. S. has major issues likewise. Good Luck to all fellow travelers! Right now, attempting to fly in the day of Embarkment is just dumb. We have another week left of cruising and traveling. Hopefully things go smoothly for our return! 🙏
  24. Absolutely not always the case, if ever! Show us that in the T & C’s. I am booked on a Extended Journey that is in fact a B2B. My cruise has its own OLife package and its minimum requirements for the YWYW tour discounts. NO where are there any requirements to segregate by segments. As normal, I had my TA book the tours we selected. Most all of our Oceania shorex selections are on the latter segment of the cruise. We got all our tours and appropriate discounts.
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