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  1. I agree with this 100%.
  2. What’s up all, I’ve done a lot of Carnival cruises and decided to go on HAL to Alaska on the Eurodam. This post provides where I think the major differences lie in case you’re ever thinking of going on HAL. Of course, this is a sample of one cruise on the Eurodam. So take it for what it’s worth. Food: slight edge to HAL in the MDR. Part of that is I’m so used to Carnival that something new is going to taste better if that makes sense. But if you are looking for a huge leap in MDR quality, I didn’t see it. Lido is different on HAL. They mostly serve you as you go through the line. I heard lots of complaints on the ship that the lido was too crowded and took too long. I didn’t find that to be the case except during the peak times but that was no different than most ships to me. Their pizza was better than Carnival (my wife disagrees with this), but it could take 30 minutes to make. But they give you a beeper, so you can do other things. I like Guys more than the Dive in on Hal. Especially the fries. The only specialty restaurant we did was Pinnacle Grill and it was excellent. But not better than the Carnival steakhouse. Cabin: It might as well have been a Carnival cabin. And I mean that in a good way. Bed was fine, there was enough closet space, etc. I’m not too picky about cabins. It’s sort of pass fail to me. There is a nightlight in the bathroom which was nice. Overall, I rate them the same. It can also depend on the ship. Entertainment: This, as with everything else, is highly subjective. But Carnival is the clear winner for me. At night, the routinely had the piano bar area going with two pianists who were both excellent. The BB King band was also good. I’ve read some bad reviews about them, but not sure I know what people are expecting. They saved the trip for me in terms of entertainment. Because the lack of entertainment was noticeable, Cotton. They had a magician one night, a comic one night, and an acrobat one night. I’m a huge fane if Carnival comedy, and the side bands/singers they have. Not on HAL. You’d think that, given HAL’s older demographics that there would be a lot of trivia and such during the day. Nope. Two trivia per day. And they might as well as not had a casino. It was dead. Craps table was open 3 hours per day not counting the two days it wasn’t open at all. However, it was smoke free, which was awesome. Ship: I liked the Eurodam. It was easy to get around and lots of space to hang out. Given that it was an Alaska cruise, not a lot of sun worshiping, so can’t really comment on chair hogging on HAL compared to Carnival. But in terms of ship, I’d say it’s as good as the better Carnival ships. We don’t the elevators a lot, but there seemed to be a lot of them and it was quick when we did want to take one. Service: Service was good. Seemed to be more people to order drinks from than on Carnival so big edge to HAL there. MDR Service was similar to Carnival. Sometimes a little slow especially on elegant nights. One thing I actually missed was, HAL crew don’t have their countries on their name tags. So I’d ask them, but I did miss seeing that. Not sure why they don’t. Also, I’m Platinum on Carnival, so it doesn’t matter often, but there was almost never a line at guest services compared to the Disneyland lines on Carnival. Bottom line: it was a great cruise. Is HAL worth the premium in price? Not for a typical cruise for me. But I do understand why some folks like HAL more.
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