Pre Diabetic diet and carb counting in the MDR

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How does one do it? Do you pre order the night before, or just take a stab at what ever is served?

I know the WJ is easy because you can pick and choose, but in the MDR - how does it work?

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I order off the menu based on my knowledge of carb and sugar content. Not that hard to do.
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You should have a pretty good idea of how each food rates, for your condition...and you can choose accordingly.
If you need something special (salt-free, etc..) and contact the special needs dept., they will tell you each evening the things you may choose from for the next day.
But, really, you should have a list of how many carbs, etc...are in the foods you like...and you should know what a "serving size" is...
I'm sure you've been in touch with a dietician that has given you info on food you can and shouldn't eat!
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As the other posters have said it is possible and not that difficult to do in the main dining room. I often ask for two (non-carb) vegetables instead of the potato - and they can always scrounge up some broccoli . .. and you can have the sauces on the side. Don't be afraid to substitute! But it does take some basic knowledge of what you can and cannot eat.
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ya I am still learning. quite new to this in fact. a light just clicked this week, in regards to carbs making me feel well gross.
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I got in the habit of eating low carb when my husband was diagnosed as P-D about 10 years ago. I am better at it than he is!

It's really quite easy in the main dining room. Eat the appetizer and salad. Order non-cream soups (milk based cream soups are high carb). Don't eat the starch that comes with your dinner (rice, pasta, potatoe). The entree itself is high protein.

Eat the dessert!! They are small portions, but even then skip the ice cream or whipped cream desserts.

Now the dinner rolls are a problem. We sometimes tell the assistant waiter to just not bring the rolls to our table at all.
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Yeah, sugar is pretty easy to avoid in the MDR menu bot those carbs are the tuff thing to control.
Knowledge of what carbs affect you to most , comes with time and lots of finger sticks.
One positve about MDR food & Diabetes is portion control . Realistic portions that are good for you are served in the MDR . The buffets are exactly the opposite for me.
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Bring a cheat sheet, food/serving/carb, with you.
Order fresh berries for desert.
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Originally posted by foxesden1
How does one do it? Do you pre order the night before, or just take a stab at what ever is served?
You do not have to pre-order. You must have a basic knowledge of your food groups, carbs, which choices are high-medium-low glycemic index, and so on. I would strongly recommend diabetic counselling if you haven't taken it already. It may be available at your local hospital on an out-patient basis, or your doctor may have to set it up. I strongly urge you do this - it will help you make informed choices and soon enough you will be able to guesstimate the carb content in your meals. I took the counselling and it saved my life, literally. I have lost 50 pounds, my blood pressure is lower, my blood glucose levels are under control, and the doctor cut my diabetes medicine by half. Hallelujah!

Fruit is pure carbs; although most of us think of it as a healthy option, eat fruit sparingly is my advice. Veggies (except corn, peas, and potatoes) are basically "free" food. Enjoy them as you will. Protein is usually low carb: cheese, meat, fish. But do watch that you are careful as obviously, cheese is a higher fat option. I have been enjoying nuts; almonds are delicious, and any mixed nut (just read your label). Eat these sparingly too though, as they are high fat.

On my last two cruises, I allowed myself one portion of carbohydrates; I declined the bread/rolls, potato, rice, and pasta - and went for the sugar-free dessert. There is always one sugar-free option each night and it's delicious.

Enjoy your cruise and try not to stress out. I thought it would be difficult having so many choices, but turns out this was exactly what I needed - choices.

Have fun.
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Carb counting is much easier than calorie counting. DH is diabetic, but controls it entirely by eating a reduced carb diet and NO sugar. We started out doing Atkins years ago, which really taught us carb counting. We no longer do actual Atkins, but have maintained the low to moderate carb lifestyle. I agree that those sugar-free desserts are awesome!

No diet is easy on a cruise, though.

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On the RCL website, on your profile, you should select the low carb menu.

It's pretty easy to order low carb items from the main menu. Just order the low carb foods, which should be easy to identify if you are on a low carb diet. If you have questions, just ask your waiter.