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  1. Florida is going to Phase 2 Friday with the exception of Dade County Miami region.
  2. The one problem is that Labadee is not an island but the plan seems sound with just Coco Cay!
  3. Yes. http://www.iqcruising.com/ports/caribbean/cozumel/index.html
  4. My TA told me this week that future booking business is down significantly. He works at a large brick and mortar agency.
  5. There is a Crown and Anchor Loyalty Ambassador.
  6. We had a Monarch reunion with him last year.
  7. He does go from Empress to Grandeur. There is a chance depending on when in June.
  8. The Viking Crown Lounge is always open, the bar in evening hours. Parts of the VC are used by Adventure Ocean at times. The upper area is the Gym. This VC is not elevated like others just at deck level.
  9. Cruisegirl6: We have been on Empress several times including when she ran from Manhattan to Bermuda. We never experienced sea conditions that caused us to feel any discomfort. Have a great cruise - we may see you aboard!
  10. The Dining Room Manager or Maitre' D are the folks you should approach prior to seating on the first evening for specific seating requests. One of their representatives should be at the MDR entrance after you board. The Manager and Maitre' D are adequately compensated by the cruise line for their supervision. There is no tipping necessary for this service.
  11. The jet skis use a follow-me style during their use with staff direction. They do not go off on their own.
  12. We had ours delivered to the hallway outside the cabin on our recent Harmony cruise and others over the last months and years!
  13. We were using the Diamond Club this month with the new Concierge Gavin. He is one of the most hospitable hosts we have experienced. During the week we saw several Pinnacle members using the lounge so don't know if they were also Suite guests. Perhaps this was a decision by the Hotel Director to alleviate overflow in the Diamond Club. Using the Jazz on 4 barely satisfied the demand on our cruise. Agree about the water request. The only water available prior to Happy Hour is in a pitcher.
  14. Jazz on 4 is used when attendance is high!
  15. No passport required since St. Thomas is a United States territory.
  16. We were on Harmony last week and there were two "Formal" nights listed in the Cruise Compass. Surprising the large number of guests who dressed appropriately despite the impression one gets when reading responses in Cruise Critic.
  17. The Diamond Club has not been moved. The Suite Lounge is where the Game/Card Room was previously.
  18. On Harmony just now and the Diamond Concierge is Gavin Barbosa. He is relatively new and is doing a magnificent job!
  19. For what it's worth, we had an act balcony on Empress last month and the soot despite were significant despite the efforts of the steward to keep it clean. Sorry no pictures of the JS or the balcony. Both were well worn and in need of a drydock!
  20. Muster Stations 9 and 10 are both in Boleros on MJ. It is also where those assigned to other Muster Stations go if they need to be seated during the drill. They must check in at their assigned Muster Station first.
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