How much money do you take on your cruise?

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Tyler, TX
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Joined Nov 2011
Hello again everyone!

How much spending money do you usually take on your cruise?

I know everyones budget and the amount they prefer to spend or allow is different? But what is a good round average number for a 7 day cruise?

Including excursions?

I think last time my wife and I took 2,000 plus excurision money and we spent all of it and I'm still trying to figure out how?
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Manassas, VA USA
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LOL! Wow! I don't even know! If you guys can go through 2K like my friends....I can't even gauge what to tell ya! I'm sure someone will chime in though!
Tyler, TX
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Joined Nov 2011
Originally posted by vermonter16
LOL! Wow! I don't even know! If you guys can go through 2K like my friends....I can't even gauge what to tell ya! I'm sure someone will chime in though! was our it was like oh ya,..500 here 200 there, 1000 here no problem "we have all the money" type attitude...

eventhough...truthfully we don't..we sure acted like it LOl..

I would really like to not spend NEAR that much...
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Happy Cruising,

Carnival Conquest 2008 Galveston, Cozumel, Jamaica, Grand Cayman
Carnival Liberty 2011 Miami; Half Moon Caye; Grand Turk; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas
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Savannah, GA
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It really depends on how much of a shopper you are.

I budget $150 spending money per port for DH & I combined. That doesn't include excursions. I typically end up booking my excursions directly with the ship (don't flame me about the missed savings for going private, I like the security of going corporate).

Granted, DH & I are not huge shoppers. We typically like to enjoy a nice lunch out to experience the local food and then pick up a few small knick-knacks to remind us of that port.
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This is going to be good!

I predict the high amount will be $4500 and most will be for booze.

We take about $1000, always use cash (to avoid the "holds")

We start off putting $200 total above the minimum for the cabin ($200+$400 minimum), we keep $200 in the cabin for off the ship, and the rest is in the bank to use for emergency/extra, and if needed we will use the ATM on the ship, the fee is not that bad, and keeps the money safe.

I also take $200 in small bills (I like $2's) for tipping on and off the ship. We use the prepaid drink coupons, or drink card, so we tip for the service even though it is included.
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dallas Ga
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Hi there, I usually budget $100.00 per person per day. So I would start with the 1400 for the week, then I add in the tipping (if I didn't pretip), then I add in excursions. We usually come home with more than I think and we like to spend, or rather I like to spend.

We like to live like theres no tomorrow on vacation...LOL

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We are a family of 4 and I am taking $1000 in cash. Prepaid gratuities, and have Bon voyage ready to go as well. I get cheap on vacation for some reason so I see us bringing some home. I won $740 on my last cruise in the casino and bingo so I am hoping for a repeat of that
apple valley ca usa
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On our most recent Splendor cruise we spent $380.00 on sign and sail. $140.00 was tips, $150.00 was steak house, $55.00 was booze for gifts. The rest on a few cokes. We don't drink alcohol and we don't visit the casino. So we are really cheap dates. I took $850.00 cash and spent $150.00 of it on shore. I hope that helps.
long island, NY
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never enough
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Sin City
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Well when I'm figuring how much cash to bring, I usually budget about $150 pp for ports. That includes cash for excursions, drinks, food and a little souvenir shopping. Note: We do very little souvenir shopping if at all, and I know people that is all they do. If I know I am going to do an expensive excursion in port I will bring another $100 or so with me. We don't gamble so pretty much that is all the cash I need. Everything else goes on sail and sign to pay later. An exception where I would bring more money with us, is when you specifically want to buy some expensive things in port. I will bring a few hundred more with us next cruise because I would like to get some very nice extra anejo tequila.
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I prepay tips, pay for excursions ahead of time and pay anything else I can ahead of time. I bring $100.00 a day. If my kids want sodas or stuff like that, they have their own money and S&S cards. We seem to come out pretty even.
Houston, Texas USA
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If you spend a lot of money on booze, my suggestion would be to check out the Bon Voyage department. Order a couple of bottles for your room and mix your own drinks - the cost per bottle is a lot more than you would pay at home; but compared to the "per drink" prices - it's well worth it. You can bring your mixers on board with you. Have Fun!
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You could simply take what you want to spend and then budget your activities around that.
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Panhandle of Florida
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I tend to book my cruise about 9 months in advance and do the early saver and check rates frequently.

We start saving $80 per week ($40 for each of us) until the cruise arrives so we never pay anything out of pocket. This is for everything from gas to dog boarding money to excursions, casino, drinks, etc etc.

Tomorrow I'll be w/drawing around $1,400 cash. I've already purchased an excursion for two in Nassau ($250) and pulled money aside for gas ($100), dog boarding ($140) and our hotel for the travel ($60) there!

If it doesn't fit into our budget, we don't do it, but we always have plenty of money to do whatever we want!

We are going on a five day cruise, SATURDAY YAHHHWHOOO!!!!
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Ontario, Canada
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I think it was said already.. but you can never have enough.. have your budget.. unless you have unlimited funds on you CC... I know I can go as high at 800 for me alone not including my hubby.. we always have sep accts.. he is always way lower than me LOL... but I know a couple we cruise with that gamble and drink and do everything come out everytime over 2000 ...
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Besides the sign and sail, I don't bring along much cash, a lot of $1 and $5 bills used mainly for tipping and getting drinks in port. I don't buy all the souvenir crap that is sold at these ports...I have found that if you go from one port to the next, it is the same cheap t-shirts/hats/pottery/whatever and the only thing that is different is the name that has been "hand painted" or stenciled on it. Between me and the gf, we usually take about $200 in small bills.
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Port St Lucie, FL
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For a week cruise I usually bring $500 cash for DH and I. This is for extra tips and at port spending. All my on-board expenses, (drinks, auto gratuity, cruise sponsored excursions, etc) go on my credit card. If I know I am taking a non-cruise excursion or looking to buy something specific at port, I will bring extra cash. We do not gamble, so I don't need any casino money. Some of my siblings will bring about $1000 each because they love the casino.
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