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  1. My parents as well as their friends had issues with this particular TA (I think from the context) as well. We will never use them again. They didn't get the correct 125% amount from their canceled cruises from March 2020. The agency kept saying call X, X kept saying call the TA, and the TA refused to do a three way call. It took me hours on the phone to try and get it sorted out because they originally weren't even being given a full refund (and I'm not talking about taxes and fees either). X finally gave them an additional credit to make up the difference but called it a "goodwill credit" rather than an FCC. We still don't actually know what's going wrong but having it happen twice with that TA is enough for us. I had no issues with my TA and receiving the correct FCC.
  2. I admit I just gave up. My frustration tolerance is pretty low. I spent four hours on the phone today trying to get it sorted and they keep insisting that adding the Solstice in advance is illegal. I upgraded my cabin instead to use up my credit. Sucks not to get to Alaska but I'm not sure I can handle the fight. I don't know why this isn't more clear cut.
  3. This was right from Celebrity- they said I can't book it. The first agent said no problem with the ship change but the supervisor said I couldn't. I like the idea but I don't want to run the risk of being denied boarding on the second leg. That would be a nightmare.
  4. So I spoke directly to Celebrity and the agent thought it was fine but went and checked with the travel supervisor and was told it’s not a legal booking but they couldn’t explain why. The agent also thought that switching ships would reset things... but the supervisor says no. so I guess that’s the outcome but I still don’t understand why. Just wanted to update.
  5. I wouldn't sail next month if it was free, and I'd hope that Canada would keep out big ships for the rest of the season.
  6. So far the plan is yes for 2022 unless things get bad again I guess.
  7. Solstice arrives in Vancouver the same day Millennium departs. I understand if we booked the first leg on Millennium that this would be illegal but I thought changing ships would make it OK? My TA is telling me that Celebrity told her it's still an illegal booking and I'm not sure what to do now.
  8. I tried searching but I think the search function isn't working correctly? If we aren't able to cancel/postpone our booking, my family was looking at a B2B2B in September 2022, since that's the end of the window. Can someone please let me know if this is a legal booking? Sept 9 Solstice Seattle -> Vancouver Sept 16 Millennium Vancouver -> LA Sept 24 Millennium LA -> LA I think it is since we change ships in Vancouver but wanted to check.
  9. I will check. I obviously don't expect them to refund the bonus 25%- I just wanted to know if I had an option to get my money back.
  10. I believe that it's illegal for them to forfeit my own money. If I have to, I'll definitely check the existing laws.
  11. That just doesn't seem reasonable, to lose all that money for a product we never even got to take 😞 I'd love to cruise with Celebrity in the future, when it feels safer.
  12. I don't know. It may be. I just really feel like I'm stuck. I would rather wait to cruise when I feel like things will be back to normal enough that masks and distancing are no longer needed (and I don't want to argue politics, in my opinion that's not now).
  13. Huh- that's odd. It does say 2021. My agent was told December 31, 2020. It looks like a typo given that everything else says 2020. I wonder if they'll honour it. I had already applied it to the sailing in April... that may complicate things.
  14. I was originally booked on Silhouette back in Mar 2020, and my sailing was canceled by the CDC two days before boarding. All well and good, things happen. Celebrity gave us the 125% FCC and I was told that we could always choose to cancel later and get a refund of monies paid (obviously not the additional 25% premium). I had moved my booking to April 2022, Panama Canal on Millennium. With Delta being the way it is, I can't see things changing dramatically for the better in the next 8 months. While I understand and fully support all safety measures that are required, I don't think I could relax and enjoy my cruise under those circumstances. I contacted my travel agent and was told that we can no longer cancel. Or rather, that we can, but that we'll receive an FCC that must be used by Sept 2022 anyway. There is no longer any path to a cash refund where we can wait and see how the world looks later. Is Celebrity actually allowed to do that? Under Ontario law, gift certificates can't expire. I can understand if they made the additional 25% non refundable but can they actually just refuse to refund the money I paid as well? I feel like my funds are being held hostage and that I might have to take a trip that I may not be ready for. I get why masks and distancing are necessary and I practice them at home; if I'm on a vacation, I want to relax and I won't be able to do so if the pandemic is still raging in a way that makes them necessary. I could never have imagined that 2+ years wasn't enough time for things to settle down again and I feel like I have no options here.
  15. All new clothes for my ten year old to fit the MDR dress code, plus a new suit and shoes. Formalwear for me and my husband that won't fit by the time we cruise again because we are midway through losing weight. Not to mention spending money to get highlights and a mani/pedi that I wouldn't normally have spent because we splurged on a photo package. So much wasted money. We also lost our Priceline reservations- they refused to refund them.
  16. For those of us who might be inexperienced and want to eventually buy stock... how would someone actually do that? I don't have a broker.
  17. my MIL was told that coronavirus is a known issue now so they are not paying out for trip interruption or cancellation. She's going to lose the $1500 she spent on airfare and hotel to get to a cruise that was cancelled after she had arrived.
  18. If there is such a codified policy, I doubt it would find its way on CC.
  19. I've been on CC long enough to remember this is how they handle cancellations very close to sailing date. I've never seen them offer this little in the 16 years I've been a member. And I spend far too much time on the internet. Can you recall a time when they cancelled a sailing within 24 hours and gave less?
  20. I'm holding out for a higher offer. 125% is not enough when they normally give full refund + full fcc. I'd even be happy with 200% FCC.
  21. It sure is. Many other lines are giving more, as well. Especially for those of us who were to sail this weekend. https://www.princess.com/news/pdfs/voluntary-60-day-pause-of-global-ship-operations.pdf I really like the Celebrity product. Should be obvious from the number of trips I've taken in my signature. But I feel like they are not treating us fairly in this case. Once again, cancelling on people already en route is a little different than a week or two out. Given the price hikes, a 125% FCC doesn't even let us book the same trip a year out. At the very least I'd like to get the trip I paid for, especially if they will keep my money for another year. I don't think that is an unreasonable desire.
  22. So why are most other companies offering more if it's so unrealistic? Princess is giving 225%. I think that is incredibly generous.
  23. Things happen, but generally when it’s this close to sailing they offer a full refund and a full fcc, so we were expecting a 200% fcc and then compensation for flight issues. 125% and nothing is a pretty rude offer given what they normally do.
  24. Not feeling very calm here. Our once in a lifetime multigenerational family trip is cancelled and it’s left such a sour taste for one side of the family that they don’t even want to try again. They are losing $1300 in airfare because they already flew to the port and have to get home somehow. so our plans are ruined and can’t be fixed, and 125% doesn’t even come close to making us whole. darn right I’m not calm. At least celebrity could have made us a fair offer. A cruise one or two days away is not the same as three or four weeks away.
  25. 125% is an insult for those of us cruising this weekend.
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