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  1. We've always been able to count on HAL for a nice, relaxing cruise. Last one we were on was Oosterdam in 2019. I don't care what the younger crowd calls HAL, it's nice to have some peace and quiet on a cruise and most everyone in bed at a decent hour. I remember one of the higher ups at HAL stating a few years ago "we don't have water slides and never will". That has always stuck in my head. That's what I like about HAL (along with the Lido). And towel animals. And the glass ceiling that opens over the pool. And all the shrimp and crab we could eat at lunch on the last day. I could go on and on.
  2. Taxi from FLL to any hotel on 17th St Causeway will run around $15. It's just a short drive since the airport is literally next to the port. You can walk to the pier from the hotel but if you have luggage, you can take a taxi - about a 5 minute drive. The airport, piers and hotels in Pt Everglades are all very close to one another. Taxi drivers don't like it because they don't get much mileage in from cruise passengers in and around the piers. But, a short fare is better than no fare.
  3. Harmony of the Seas, January 2020. I promise I will never again criticize Coco Cay as just being a beachy amusement park. That was our last excursion before all this happened.
  4. Well, that's better than 'pork chop'.....although that pup looks like he may well be that someday.
  5. Mont Ste Michel off the coast of France via Le Havre port stop. Top of bucket list since jr high school French class. Climbed to the top with my new titanium hip. Worth every step.
  6. 9:13.....still not moving. Sorry, past my bedtime. Goodnight.
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