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  1. St. Maarten is typically a stop on the 9 night Bermuda/Caribbean itineraries.
  2. I think this rumored Discovery Class will be about the size of Celebrity's Edge Class. But even with that, it might still be the end of sailing from Baltimore and Tampa. I wonder if Royal thinks they'll just accommodate those cruisers in Cape Liberty and Miami, PE, and PC, respectively. I do hope the new class will be small enough for the Panama Canal and Vancouver, which seems more doable than Baltimore and Tampa. I just can't imagine them going any smaller than Edge Class. Because the smaller you go, the further you sacrifice the amenities and features that define Royal's brand.
  3. To clarify, are reservations at the complimentary dining rooms made via the cruise planner recognized onboard?
  4. https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-release/1302/celebrity-cruises-announces-unique-new-places-and-elevated-new-spaces-for-2025-2026-season/
  5. The 10 night Ultimate Southern Caribbean itinerary from Fort Lauderdale is going to be on the Ascent in January 2026.
  6. I paid 54.99 for Eden several months ago for our Ascent cruise in April. But now it’s up to 77.99 too. And Le Voyage up to $115.99. We paid $68.99 a few months back. But the Premium Bev Package is down to $49.99, which I think is a great deal.
  7. Some interesting developments now that the 2025 European itineraries have been released. Apex's fall 2025 transatlantic ends in Port Canaveral Equinox's fall 2025 TA ends in Buenos Aires Eclipse's ends in Fort Lauderdale Ascent's ends in Fort Lauderdale And some interesting findings on a social post by Celebrity: Beyond to Miami year round "Iceland: New Round-Trip Sailings" (Not sure what this is referring to - nothing was released with Europe except for a couple sailings to Iceland from Southampton/Amsterdam, but those aren't necessarily new)
  8. Bermuda is set to be released the week of December 4
  9. I think that is a good price for a TA hitting Iceland/Greenland. It'll be a popular sailing, and pricing will probably only go up.
  10. I believe it is all the 7 night Caribbean sailings other than Star.
  11. Not telling myself anything...just color theory
  12. Blue and orange are complementary colors.
  13. Thanks! I was able to find them by using Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome. So Xcel is going to take the Sunday slot. Let's assume Ascent switches to Saturdays and Beyond stays on the 10/11 nighters. That frees up Apex. Wonder where she will go.
  14. Looks like they already got pulled from the site. What are the itineraries generally? Eastern/Western from Port Everglades?
  15. Royal is no longer adding Johnny Rockets to their new ships, and Starbucks is always added in addition to a free coffee venue (Cafe Promenade, Pearl Cafe, etc).
  16. Was wondering the same. @Jumping Cruiser, you're seeing 3 ships in the Caribbean throughout the summer? I have to imagine one of them will make their way to NJ.
  17. It's not that I don't believe X's official accounts, but this just seems like an awfully specific question to expect the social team to have an accurate answer to.
  18. I don't think this is indicative of anything and it sure doesn't seem like an "official" answer. Seems like a standardized response. I highly doubt they're providing the social team with information about what quality of meats they're purchasing.
  19. If you click on the person icon in the upper right corner, then click the 'Select a different cruise" button under your sailings, then scroll to the bottom of that page, under "don't see your cruise" click on the "Let's add it now" button, then click "browse our ships" on that page, and it will take you to the listing of all ships and sailings. Lot of steps, but its still there.
  20. I find it interesting that South America is back as a destination. Thought when they pulled Equinox and sent her to PC that spelled the end of South America cruises. Glad to see I was wrong! I guess with another Edge Series ship coming online, they have a M/S Class to spare.
  21. The complaints must be very loud and consistent if they put the effort into producing a video. I am glad they are at least addressing the concerns.
  22. I'm surprised they haven't published a release schedule yet. Royal Caribbean has, with their first batch of summer 2025 cruises (Alaska) being released next week. I thought Celebrity was always a bit ahead of them.
  23. I'd like to see the Le Petit Chef concept retired and replaced with a new specialty restaurant experience. Like the original poster of this comment mentioned, I don't understand why this could "NEVER" happen. Add a better seal on the bi-folds and have those be the trigger of the AC. Everything else could be the same, and the captain could still have total control of the IV opening/closing. But that at least eliminates the AC problem and allows for a bit more separation for those on differing schedules.
  24. Hi all, I'm new to Princess after many sailings with Royal and now Celebrity. I'm used to their sales that are usually just gimmicks that never really impact a cruise price by more than a couple hundred dollars. For them, if a cruise is popular, its going to be expensive; if they need to fill cabins, its going to cheap, and that's basically it. But Princess' prices and sales seem a bit more consistent. For example, I've been waiting for the 2025 Canada & New England sailings that were just released today. A balcony is listed at $1548 with no clear sale indicated. I referenced the same sailing in 2024, which is listed at $948, discounted down from a starting price of $1548. Is it safe to assume that the same discount will eventually make its way to the 2025 sailings? Based on the amount of cabins that are still available in 2024, I'm going to wait on booking 2025, but just curious if there is a rhyme of reason to when the price will come down?
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