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  1. I agree that the Isle of Wight is lovely.My parents in law lived there for a few years and we met some friends on a cruise who live there .When we disembarked from a cruise last year we caught the Red funnel ferry across the water, met our friends who took us on a tour round the island and showed us the lovely village where they lived. I love going back to places that I have previously lived in (Most of them have completely changed!)I was born near Heathrow (Hayes) but haven t been back there but have managed to visit most of the others.Like you I have lived in the South, the Midlands and
  2. We moved to Southport from rural Essex when I was in my mid teens and I was amazed that at least you could see the sea from a distance.Previously it had taken a day trip (40 miles!) to visit the seaside!
  3. We have visited a few places in North Wales but Anglesey is on our 'To Do 'List
  4. My Mum lives in Formby and I can certainly recommend a trip there to (hopefully) see the Red squirrels.The nature Reserve there is National Trust and leads down to a stunning beach lined with sand dunes.Also Anthony Gormleys 'Another Place' isn t too far away
  5. You could always combine a visit to Cornwall with an overnight visit(or 2) to The Cotswolds, a lovely part of the world.Twice we have caught a direct train from Derbyshire to Cornwall (Penzance and Newquay) which took about 7 hours but was far more relaxing than driving.We also made use of the open top buses which are great for seeing the sights.When we stayed in Penzance we took the day ferry to the Isles of Scilly too. There are some lovely villages and towns to explore in The Cotswolds if you wanted to have a break overnight. Agree with you about The Lake District-beautiful
  6. As we live in Chesterfield I would have to opt for the Peak district with its stunning views and landscape.Popular hotspots like Dovedale, Bakewell and Kinder Scout but also quieter villages like Beeley which is close to Chatsworth House.There are also lots of interesting Industrial sites and villages to visit. In recent years we have been visiting 'new' for us places in the UK and some of our favourite places have been parts of Cornwall (and The Scilly Isles), the Northumbrian Coast (particularly Bamburgh and Lindisfarne), The Isle of Man and The Outer Hebrides.There are still more undis
  7. Some people book coach or rail holidays around the UK using travel agents.
  8. I agree.There is still so much of Scotland I would love the chance to explore.We visited the Outer Hebrides last October- stunningly beautiful.Before we started cruising I had only visited Edinburgh but we did a cruise around Scotland and since then have visited other parts by car, coach and train.
  9. We live in one of the furthest places away from the sea Chesterfield in Derbyshire but I would love to be able to visit Southport at the moment to see my Mum and sister.Although I would really miss cruising and foreign holidays it has made me realise that there are many places in England Scotland and Wales that I haven t previously visited.Must start making a list.
  10. I thought we would all be coming to stay with you Andy as you live in Southampton??! Alternatively perhaps we could all 'cruise' over to the Isle of wight on the ferry and take over one of the holiday parks? Is there a Butlins?!?
  11. I have little tech knowledge and wouldn t know where to start to add photos either.Like you I am trying to focus on the positive and will follow your example of looking through old photo albums and resaerching the ports of future cruises booked.Take Care Ann
  12. I would love you to post some of your photos of your cruise to GreenlandThat is one place I would love to visit in the near future 🙂
  13. Our first cruise was in 2011 on Crown Princess to Iceland and around The British Isles.I don t like flying so had been restricted to places we could holiday to.We had booked an inside cabin but as soon as we stepped onboard we were wowed by the glamour of the ship compared to the cross channel ferries we had previously sailed on(Bunk beds etc)Iceland was amazing and previously we had never visited Ireland and that was great as well.We were hooked! We chose P and O for our third cruise and loved the friendliness of everyone onboard.Someone had recommended joing Cruise Critic.We went along
  14. So sorry to hear this.i was feeling quite down this morning but this helps put things in perspective.Thoughts and prayers with you and your family Ann
  15. These are great! Keep them coming
  16. Unfortunately I suspect they would just to try and blame someone else! Fortunately there are also some good news stories of people of all ages helping others in the community.
  17. I have a friend who is a GP and a few of my friends are making face masks for the surgery(I can t sew otherwise I might offer) apparently my friend who is one of the GP s has to change mask and gloves for every patient.They may not be the same standard as those used in hospitals but are probably better than no protection
  18. Love that this thread is so positive 1.The excitement that starts as soon as we have booked, continues as we plan what to do at each port and especially as we board the ship 2. The fact that we only have to unpack once 3. The social aspect- love meeting new people. 4.Opportunity to try new things (as well as visiting new places) classes, see new films, , try new foods etc 5.Being able to escape outside worries(I'm not paying internet prices on the ship!)
  19. We had clapping, cheering and the sound of fireworks.Lovely coming together (from windows and doors!) in support of those who work so hard for us in the NHS
  20. I remember exercising to the Green goddess in the 80s !I have some zumba videos so should be ok.Don't really want to have to resort to press ups!!Fortunately I have a good supply of books and enjoy reading.
  21. I have chocolate! but as one of those having to 'shield' not able to walk etc for exercise- I am having to resort to houseworkfor exercise!! Thankful though at least we have a lovely garden(and chocolate!)
  22. The letter stated that the refund would take a week if booked direct or 2 weeks if via a TA.I think P and O have had so many requests for refunds because of cancellations that they have had to extend the time it may take.I am hoping it will be nearer to the 2 week mark than the 45 days but as long as we get the refund within the time frame I will be happy 🙂
  23. We haven t had the refund yet but I was told that even though the letter from the Captain stated 1 to 2 weeks, the refund might take up to 45 days because they have so many to process.I dont mind as long as we get it eventually
  24. We are supposed to be staying a night at a hotel in Knutsford next sunday for our Ruby wedding Anniversary and were hoping to visit Tatton Park but will hopefully transfer the booking to some time in the future
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