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  1. In the Atlantic, that disturbance is still at only 10% and heading to nowhere. Nothing else to watch.
  2. Here is the path of the remnant low and rain. Texas doesn't need any more rain!
  3. Ouch! thanks for posting. I thought it was fizzling out but it regained hurricane strength.
  4. Just 10% chance left for this one wave going nowhere.
  5. Not to worry I think! The top one is moving NE away from The Bahamas now and is down to 10% chance. The other has fallen apart and showing 0% chance.
  6. That disturbance that hung around along time has dissipated as I had expected. Now we have two new ones, both at 20% chance. Not sure about conditions for these yet.
  7. I thought the teen club is only a come and go as you please setup. You'll have to directly supervise her at all times. That's what I remember!
  8. Yes! That double low is a problem. And is hanging around, blocked off from moving north as we have a high pressure dome holding unusual heat in the northeast. The one off the coast is up to 40% now. Maybe I will have to eat my words?
  9. Up to 30% but I still think this is unlikely to do anything.
  10. Premium stuff is usually available in the dining rooms and Prime Meridien bar, and at the two deck 8 bars Shakers & Maltings. Maybe at O'Sheehans deck 7. Check with each location on your first day - then you'll know where you will spend your time 🙂 Fresh juice - only at the juice bar outside the buffet and limited hours.
  11. Up to 20%, and I doubt anything but heavy rain will come of it.
  12. Some of us are "people people" or like to talk to those responsible for the operations. As a high level manager myself, I got to know the Breakway hotel manager after 5 sailings in a row in 5 years. I have his business card, and he said always contact him when I come on board. I also get to know the entertainment manager as I have particular interests in that. I needed a favor once and got a front row reserved seat for Rock of Ages when I needed one.
  13. Wow, we're back to a quiet Atlantic! Still only 10% chance for this!
  14. Unable to post yesterday. The news is making hay out of a disturbance near The Bahamas but it has very little chance to develop... was 20% yesterday and 10% today.
  15. Victor is giving up, will be a depression shortly. Sam spins off into the north Atlantic. Will it bring anything to northern Europe? Nothing else to see here.
  16. Sam is past Bermuda and still category 4 at 150mph winds. Wow.
  17. Here's why Breakaway left Bermuda early today. Tropical storm force winds so close to the island, and remember the channel exits to the northeast of the island. And such a narrow channel - imagine if you were trying to get through that in 15-25 foot seas!
  18. Yes- this! I was warning over in the weather forum the ship could have to leave a little early. Very heavy seas coming soon. Remember another NCL ship got stuck in the channel when it wasn't rough!
  19. Time to move into a new thread for October!
  20. Even though Sep. 10 is the midpoint of the season, it always seems October is the last month of serious activity. We'll see! And here we have a map with no disturbances for the first time in many weeks. Sam and Victor are spinning away. Sam is such a strong storm it's really good that nobody is impacted. But the words below this are "Tropical storm formation is not expected for the next five days." Everyone take a breather!
  21. Nothing being tracked by NOAA/NHC so just a front or normal daytime heating causing some storms. Have fun!
  22. Sam is spinning away. Such a powerful storm, still category 4 all week and into tomorrow! Finally expected to start losing steam but a slow mover too. Still a hurricane in 5 days? That would be 12 days!
  23. That 90% disturbance has become Tropical Storm Victor, which is headed into a vast area of ocean with nothing.... so I won't open a new thread for this one, we'll track it here (and in tomorrow's October continuation, which I will link here.)
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