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  1. We have never parked there. And have only taken Carnival from the port as our daughter lived near by, ( before Celebrity started sailing from there). It is a lovely port, very relaxed, nice restaurants, and easy access. Would love to sail from there again
  2. i'm agreeing with the posters who say this is a a quiet cabin and easy to everywhere cabin. We have said the same area on the Equinox, Reflection, and Silhouette. Love it. We have even 3162 booked on a Baltic cruise next year. We have tried balcony cabins in various places on the ships and always check for these cabins first. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. We have often sailed on deck 6. and will be in March. Even though the cabins are listed obstructed we have not found them to really block our view. You many look at a portion of a lifeboat when looking down or a piece of crane. But we find it no big deal. We also like to availability to aft elevators and stairs to decks 4 & 5 for dining, bars and casino. Getting changed to Select dining has never been a problem. You can also book times for select dining on "manage reservation" before you sail. We like 7:45 just after the early show!
  4. An other FCC question. Our 4th cruise just got cancelled which was expensive and paid for using FCC and cash The FCC's are piling up and have more FCC than we owe on our upcoming cruises. We now have 4 cruises scheduled in an 8 month period and really don't need to book another. So here's two questions can FCC be used to pay for airline tickets if booked through Celebrity??? I'm thinking "no" but hoping "yes". Also if we can only use part of an FCC can we request the remainder in cash at 100%?
  5. Our June 28 13 day on the Reflection Baltic final payment was due to the travel agent yesterday. We paid most of it with last year's cancelled transatlantic and Ireland cruise FCC. Was really hoping Celebrity would get off their duffs and make a decision. We don't even have air to Amsterdam yet. We do have a refundable hotel. Would love to Lift & Shift, but it's not available yet. And the itinerary and ship class aren't available for '22. I think that Celebrity deliberately didn't schedule like cruises and ships so they could get out of the L & S. Apex is doing a shorter itine
  6. We just booked a 22 day ocean cruise for October 2022 and were told final payment was due June 30, 2021. That's 15 months in advance. We believe that's a bit excessive. But was told that it was standard. Are they so strapped for cash that they have to use ours?
  7. Wow! It seems like us Baltic cruisers really want to go!!! We are scheduled on the Reflection Baltic June 28. Crossing our fingers, but not holding our breath. We will wait until closer to final payment time, which we will use FCC from our cancelled Ireland cruise May 2020, to decide. We're hoping to at least L & S as we had a good deal and great perks for the Baltic. We keep watching air fare but haven't booked yet. We're getting good at moving cruises. We have already moved 4. 2022 is getting quite full. Happy New Year
  8. Where did you find the L & S tracker??? How do you know which cruises are Lift and Shiftable?? I've been trying to move our Feb 15, 2021on the Reflection. Was told it is not eligible. It is a comped cruise through Blue Chip Club. I was able to L & S our BCC cruise on the Apex for Nov. 2020 to Nov. 2021. So it is possible.
  9. I tried to Lift & Shift my Nov 29 casino Edge cruise using their website on 7/21/20 and was bounced out saying my cruise didn't qualify for L & S. So I can only hope they cancel and allow re-booking.
  10. Still waiting for FCC (125%) on April 24 Reflection Transatlantic. We used some of our "points" ($400 worth) from our Celebrity credit card. Does anyone know if the points will automatically be posted back to the credit card? We have also heard nothing about the excursions booked with OBC. I'm assuming we'll loose them. During a conversation 4 weeks ago with Celeb we were "in process" whatever that means.
  11. We sailed the Reflection (12 days) in March, Equinox (7 days) in April and the Reflection (13 days) again in September. All had free on demand movies. However, many were repeats. They need to rotate more.
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