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  1. Conroe or the Woodlands atea would be a good stopping point. If you fave a toll tag you can eother take the Grand Parkway (HW 99) East, then South to TX 146 and rrconnect with I-45 just North of Galveston or go further South on I-45 and take the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8 to I-45 South.
  2. Several years ago we had to cancel a cruise onthe Vista two days before departure due to my Wife suffering a very severe hemorrage in her right eye. We had purchased the trip insurance through Carnival. Carnival did require a letter from her Opthamologist. After that we received a full refund for thr ctuisr costs, port fre, etc. Carnival refunded our pre-paid excursions, gratuities and drink package fees almost immediately affter we camcelled. The cruise refund took app. 2 -3 weeks.
  3. DW and I are on the current sailing of the Jubilee (2/10-17)£. In past sailings you could pull into the terminal and there would be porters/carts scattered throughot the Terminal from the SE end all the way up to the main luggage drop off area, not so for this sailing. You must schlep you bags from wherever you park up to very near where the main drop off doors are before you encounter the first porters, park as close to the main doors as possible.
  4. The hotels in Webster/Tx City/ League City will be cheaper than on the island. The restaurant scene will be better on the island amd you have to factor in 2 Uber rides,
  5. The Alchemy Bar competes with the noise from the musuc at the bar one floor down and the crowds exoting and entering the comedy club next dpor can be a bother also.
  6. Oak, Pine and Cedar pollen are the allergens you are most likely to encounter as far as tree pollen goes.
  7. The Sunflower Cafe on 14th street is very good.
  8. I did our OBC for our upsoming cruise on the Jubilee on 2/10 and got the credit confirmation e-mail the same day. Just send them your names on your booking, booking #, sail date and name of the ship along woth an attached copy of your brokerage statement with the account # blacked out. Easy Peezey!
  9. The $6.4 billion figure for deposits on future bookings is also impressive.
  10. If you leave from an East Coast port (EST or EDST) this will be the case.
  11. No. I did it the old way with a copy of my brokerage statement attached.
  12. I submitted our reqiest for stockholder’s OBC for our upcoming cruise on the Jubilee on 2/8/2024 tofay around 1:00 pm via e-mail. Got the confirmation of the credit about 3 1/2 hours later.
  13. Habe brunch at the Sunflower Cafe on 14th street on your way to the port. Yummy food and locally owned.
  14. Weather permitting, two walking trips is certainly doable from the Tremont. One wprd of caution, on cruise days the traffic around the cruise terminals and Harborside Drive is mega heavy and filled with drivers who are not familiar with the area. Don’t get run over before your cruise even starts.
  15. If an overabundance of kids is a concern a January cruise once school has resumed should not be a problem. We have sailed out of Galveston numerous times with Carnival and always had a good experience. On sailaway days the music ban be pretty loud around the main pool deck but there are plenty of places to go to get aeay from the noise. The Alchemy Bar is a favorite of ours and the new food menus featured in the MDR feature items curated by chef Emeril Lagasse and they are quite tasty. The comedians in the Punchliner Comedy Clubs are usually good, the production shows in the main theyre not so much. Enjoy your cruise,
  16. If you self disembark and there is no fog, harbour pilots are there on time, and there are no traffic problems between yje Island and IAH you can probably make it. That’s a lot of ifs!
  17. The Customs and Immigration at IAH is pretty efficient, The only problem is that most of the international flights from Europe tend to all arrive within about 1 to 1,5 hours of each other. i’d recommend staying at the airport Marriott (recently remodeled) and using the underground tram to the Terminal the next morning and taking the cruise line shuttle to the port and back to IAH at the end of the cruise,
  18. It’s been discussed on the popular You Tube cruise sites for the last week or so.
  19. The Skyway train is INSIDE TSA security, the underground train is OUTSIDE TSA security. Id ypu intend to check luggage for an International flight the undergroumf train might be best, Most international flights depart from Terminal D and a few from Terminal C.
  20. Proncess and Holland America would be the primo picks for a “for certain” Glacier Bay excursion. sail from either Vancouver or Seattle going Northward and take whichever one goes into the inward passage. We sailed on the Grand Princess and enjoyed it very much,
  21. We took a Princess Cruise Tour in Late June, early July in 2022. The weather was ideal, rain only one night. The cruise into Glacier Bay was one of the highlights of the trip. A Park Ranger came on board and offered a full day narration of what we were seeing and the history of the area.
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