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    AFL Ticket Questions

    I'm not a fan of Australian Rules football, but if you have time on a match day, and have already washed your hair, done the laundry and slowly and agonizingly removed your own teeth with a rusty pair of pliers, you may feel up to attending a fixture. There are a few things to take note of however. 1 The price of an entry ticket will be approximately equivalent to the cost of your cruise 2 You will not be able to bring any food or liquid refreshment with you into the arena 3 any alcohol you seek to smuggle in will be be confiscated and later consumed by the Kiwi security staff at their local rugby union fixture. 4 You will be charged an exorbitant price for half strength, watered down beer and extremely cheap wine, or cans of specially produced mixed drinks, usually Bundaberg rum essence, or extract of Jim Beam Bourbon mixed very, very generously with what will appear to be (in your case) Walmart home brand coke substitute 5 You will wait in line for the duration of a quarter of the match for the privilege of purchasing said alcohol, and to acquire standard football fare, at the same cost as a gourmet dinner in the best restaurant in town 6 Standard football fare consists of soggy watered down meat pies (nature and source of meat unspecified, but probably well matured road kill) smothered in a sickly sweet ketchup to disguise the taste, french fries, no more than six per serve, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, though not as you know it. 7 Your seat will be located at the furthermost position in the stadium from your gate of entry, and you will be surrounded by the most charming collection of bogans you are ever likely to meet 8 Bogans are always fanatical supporters of one team or the other, and spectate in groups of their own kind, probably in the not unreasonable expectation that there is safety in numbers. They may be male or female, and will indiscriminately, for the duration of the match, scream rank, rancid, and obscene abuse at the umpires, opposition players and non committed supporters, but mostly at the umpires. Daring to applaud the play of their opposition's players, even mildly, such as " What a spiffing punch to the jaw old chap" will likely result in your being tackled to the ground and kicked senseless. 9 Australian Rules Football, contrary to any implication you may reasonably derive from its name, in fact has no rules. An opponent may be kneed in the back, punched in the jaw, and pushed and pulled at any time, irrespective of whether the ball is in the vicinity, and generally be entertained by ribald insinuations as to his ethnicity, his parentage, the sexual habits of his mother, and his similarity to any number of simians. Curiously also, it is one of the few ball sports in the world where the participants gain points for missing their target. Anyway, enough of this, I'm certainly not one to seek to detract from your enjoyment of the game, so carry on, and the best of luck.
  2. Just a suggestion, if you are leaving on your cruise from the Overseas Passenger Terminal you might wish to consider the Holiday Inn, Old Sydney. It is located less than 300 yards from the Passenger Terminal, all down hill, is quite pleasant, very well kept, not overly expensive, and a short walk ( 20 minutes walk for an old unfit crock like me) from the city centre, and even less from both the the Opera House, Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge. Incidently, you can walk across the Bridge, if you've a mind to, about half an hour, for free and catch the train back from Milsom's point to Wynyard station, which again is only 500 yards from the hotel. Or you could walk back. No, you don't have to pay mega bucks walking across the top of the Bridge span to have an excellent view of the Harbour to the heads.
  3. Obilix

    Singapore Money Changers

    I travel to Singapore at least annually, and I change $AUD for both local currency and any other currency I need for onward or other travel there, and often change back currency I no longer need on a subsequent visit. I take note of the bank exchange rate here in Australia for the currencies I need, and invariably get a better rate than that, without paying commissions. It helps to ask the exchange rate first, or ostensibly check it out on the signage board, before agreeing to the rate offered, as it can change minimally from trader to trader. As my visits coincide with the Singapore cricket club Rugby Sevens on the Padang I usually stay in the Coleman street area which is close by. I use the the money changer under the Peninsula- Excelsior hotel (the one closest to Hill Street) as the one right next to it also trades in other goods, and I don't like the hassle and hustle. Just be aware, and you will do better exchanging in Singapore where-ever you go. It would pay to bring a small amount of Sing dollars from home though ($50 - 100), to pay for taxis, snacks drinks etc. on arrival. Money changers open 9 am or so until late pm in Singapore. Exchange rates are slightly better on week days than Saturday or Sunday or public holidays.
  4. Obilix

    Embarkation Sydney

    We had a party of 11 going on Carnival Spirit on 7 January from OPT. There was a little lack of communication as to what was required from the passengers, but nothing to worry about, and we made it to pre-immigration stage in about 20 minutes from arrival at the Terminal. At that point there are ship photographers, and my wife wanted a professional family group photo taken, as we are unlikely to all be together again on a cruise. Problem was, our 20 + daughter had bounded ahead, and we realized she was already through immigration. Number two son saw her, and called out to her and explained the situation. A Border Security officer who overheard what was happening kindly escorted her back through immigration and waited with her while the photos were taken, and escorted her back immediately afterwards. His act of kindness was much appreciated, and in the end result, that was the only occasion that a group photo was able to be taken by us on the ship Respect. and gratitude.
  5. Has anyone sailed on Carnival Spirit lately? I have read the online alcohol policy and it states only soft drinks (no more than 12 cans of 600ml) can be brought on board. Then when I google I see a number of posts that say on embarkation a bottle of wine per person is permitted. Maybe the rules have changed for Australian sailings? I know it's a pain in the bum question, but there are 7 adults in our party, and we would hate to bring bottles of good quality wine with us only to have them confiscated. Please help!
  6. Thanks everyone for clearing things up for me. There's nothing worse than embarrassing yourself, and you've helped me avoid that!
  7. We're doing a cruise from Amsterdam to St Petersburg next August, and I've been checking out a couple of days pre cruise hotel accomodation so we can be fresh for the cruise. Someone on a roll call thread suggested Movenpick as a near cruise terminal hotel, but I was suprised to find the cost per night was about AU $500 for a basic double room, and most similar establishments in the area charged about as much. Would it be cheaper to stay say 5 - 10 kilometres out of town and just taxi in on the day, or is that a realistic rate for a 3 - 4 star establishment anywhere in Amsterdam? Would Amsterdam traffic be an issue from out of town? I know the cost is what it is, and when in Rome, and all that, but, if can save a few meaningful dollars..... Any suggestions or recommendations?
  8. Thanks everybody for your help. The Ibis centraal station looked good and reasonably priced, but booked out. We settled for the Westcord, 15 minutes walk to the cruise terminal or a 20 Euro taxi fare. It looks OK on the website. daily room cost without breakfast is about $240 AUD. Breakfast an extra $24 pp. per day. We will catch the train from Schipol to the railway station and probably walk or taxi to the hotel. From memory from some years back though, Amsterdam roads are not that luggage friendly. We will spend 2 or 3 days in the city, visiting the museums and sightseeing, and then take a few day excursions into the country side prior to the cruise. Once again, thank you all.
  9. I took an hour or so off work to see her come in this afternoon. Without putting a stopwatch on it, Ovation arrived at about 3 pm WST and took about half an hour to berth, as she entered the harbour and turned around so she would face the exit on departure. There was a fairly stiff sea breeze blowing, and it was going to get worse, so I can understand it was easier to do it immediately rather than at night.
  10. Obilix

    Where are we??

    Well guys, what did you expect Border Force to do with you when you arrived in Australia? You're boat people!
  11. Poor old Clive. He's lost his money, he's lost his reputation, he's lost the credibility he had with his dudded Queensland refinery workers, and he's apparently lost touch with his Nephew, who has disappeared overseas rather than make himself available for court appearances. On the plus side, he hasn't lost any weight.
  12. So we have booked a cruise and paid. The travel agent tells us a few weeks later that if we pay an extra $700 we will receive a further $1600 in onboard credit. It's a reputable TA so we accepted and paid. But I've been thinking about it since, and I'm a little confused as to why. It's not an incentive, as we've paid, so why on earth effectively give away $900? Am I missing something?
  13. Obilix

    Carnival spirit quad room query

    Not being smart, but if it's a Carnival Spirit cruise coming up, it;s likely to be a fairly short cruise, so why can't you or your other half have the bunk bed, and the child sleep on the single/double? A little inconvenient or uncomfortable perhaps, but hey, it's a holiday, and sleep can be caught up on during the day.
  14. I live near Fremantle, and travel overseas from the Perth International terminal once or twice a year. I have never had to wait more than a minute for a taxi day or night. Approx cost to Fremantle not more than $70AUD. Cheaper transport modes are available, but are less convenient and less prompt.
  15. Obilix

    Left on ship

    You expect lost and found to scavenge through your dirty laundry in search of your toothbrush? Now that's service, if you can get it!
  16. Obilix

    Pending misdemeanor charge and getting through customs

    It was intended to be appreciative of his attitude, whilst not condoning the offence he admitted to. I'm sorry if you took it otherwise.
  17. Obilix

    Pending misdemeanor charge and getting through customs

    I admire your candour and acceptance of responsibility, if not your judgment at first instance.
  18. Obilix

    Naples-How much should we try and do?

    The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento will be a 5 - 6 hour drive more or less. You could probably fit Pompeii in on the same day, and both are a must even if you never go to Naples again. Capri is also an option, or Mount Vesuvius or Herculaneum I have my concerns about you walking the streets of Naples without the language and without making yourself a target for tourist crime. But the traffic can be horrendous. This is one place that a ship excursion is preferable over a land booked one (which is considerably cheaper). If you miss your boarding time going to Amalfi/Sorrento your are in trouble if you haven't booked on the ship, and it's possible the bus will be delayed in its return.
  19. Maybe the Captains wife and kids wanted to come on board and the ship was full, so he conspired with the disembarkation crew to set up an incident to free up a suitable cabin, and the Chans were the selected bunnies .... Come on folks, strap your tinfoil hats on, and come along for the ride!
  20. Obilix

    Shanghai to Perth

    Or Singapore airlines, with a stopover in Singapore. There are worse places to transit or stopover than Singapore.
  21. Obilix

    VISA or Master Card in Asia?

    MasterCard is as widely accepted as Visa in Australia, and also in my experience, in most of Asia. American Express is not well regarded by traders due to what they consider are its excessive fee structure.
  22. Obilix

    What do you want to know about cruising?

    Since Trump became your President. We can't be too careful, and need to be forewarned if he ever attempts to visit here.
  23. Obilix

    Are Cruise Ships Safe?

    I think you've got more to fear from a drunken, aggressive fare paying passenger than a stowaway, who's more intent on being unnoticed until he gets to the next port than to wreak havoc and be caught. The stowaway is more likely to snaffle the left over burger bun you leave outside your state room door than to punch out your lights.
  24. Obilix

    Beware of FCC

    Thanks, rukkian. These initials confuse. I logged onto this thread because I thought it was a new disease, like norovirus, that I should beware of!