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  1. FYI.... Four more states just joined the United States, NJ, NY,NH, and NM. It only took them 4 days to fix it.
  2. He's an acquired taste. Not fur me. It seems he does the same show every time.
  3. First time on her when she comes to Cape Liberty in the fall. How are the production and ice shows? How similar is she to the Anthem?
  4. Try on-line, not working right but you can at least get checked-in.
  5. Royal's IT staff has just outdid themselves. I did a check-in for our upcoming Symphony cruise in May. I used the drop-down menu for state and guess what, New Jersey was missing, along with all states starting with "New". I guess geography is not their strong suite either. So I used Nevada just to complete the process. There's no cross checking between zip and state so I got through.
  6. You Should be on the Carnival board and name your ship and ports of call.
  7. Does anyone know if there are any breweries near the cruise port? First time in this port and am to get a feel for the area. Any good local bars near the port?
  8. Try Junkakoo (sp?) Beach. It's about 3/4 to the right when you exit the port. Or you can get a jitney to there from the Straw Market. .
  9. Bottom line is that what happens today may not happen tomorrow.
  10. I've seen him outside the WJ greeting breakfast passengers three different cruises this year. Always friendly and happy.
  11. Yes in the fall/winter when there's only one ship in Cape Liberty. In the spring/summer where multiple ships are sailing from there, it is usually just for handicap parking. April 15 should be fine.
  12. About a block from the 7-11 in Cocoa Beach is a store called The Lime Shop (or something like that). Great selection inside. You got to try their ice, key lime pie is fantastic.
  13. We're supposed to visit Labadee in August on the Liberty. I wouldn't mind being diverted to Grand Turk. Jacks is my favorite beach dive bar.
  14. Don't try to get off the ship as soon as it docks, but wait a hour and there's less crowds. The same holds true on return. Sorry to say but you need a NJ/NY attitude to deal with rude people. Don't put up with them.
  15. We found it quite the opposite. My wife is a stroke survivor. I get her into our room in her wheelchair, and there is a scooter that we rented waiting for her. The whole staff is very accommodating. There's accessible seating for all the shows and designated tables in the WJ. And we always have a table right by the doors in the main dining room. What were your issues?
  16. Will the Anthem be delayed in any way because she was diverted to P C yesterday morning due to a medical emergency. We sailed the Anthem at least 20 times as well. Live about a half hour from the port too.
  17. But it must be in your carry-on bag, and not in your check in bags.
  18. JR onion rings are shaped and formed, not real onion rings. The only good thing is that you can get them alla cart for about $2.49. But they close about 8:30 these days.
  19. i've seen it on and off for the past couple of days. I attribute it Royals world class IT staff.
  20. If you want, you can go to customer service to do it.
  21. The ice , water, and late night comedy shows are a must for Oasis class ships.
  22. Usually every other day. A little cash on the side may get them every day.
  23. In my opinion, Scootaround is a little more expensive BUT easier to deal with if there's a problem. Anthem is leaving Cape Liberty in May. I don't know if you are leaving from Bayonne, or Europe or Asia. The process may be be different in the other countries.
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