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  1. They are seriously cutting down proteins. Shrimp pad Thai on Asian night only had four tiny shrimp in it. WJ breakfast and lunch options are becoming more vegetarian in nature.
  2. $29.99 a day. Yes you can get a for a single day.
  3. I believe Feb 9 is an eight night sailing, not a seven. Same issue, as stated earlier.
  4. If you become diamond on your next cruise, the benefit doesn't start until the one after that.
  5. The ship doesn't dock until 1-2 pm. That's the issue, not enough time.
  6. What's the difference between the ships? They're the same class. Freedom was supposed to be in Bayonne in 2021 but COVID took care of that.
  7. We just got back from the Anthem on Thursday. Breakfast in the WJ is worse than ever. Remember the carving station of ham or different sausages, gone. Replaced with hash brown patties.
  8. My family did it this past May on the Oasis.. Your actual time in the KSC is only 4 hours. Only you can decide if it's worth it or not. And that's only if you arrive in port at 1 PM. What if the ship arrives later, say at 2 PM. Then you'll only have 3 hours.
  9. I pay an average of $125 plus tax here in NJ. So to me $85 and no tax is a great price. Plus most stores here are only allocated six bottles a month. And many stores sell it for $199, because the average person doesn't care about price.
  10. I picked up Blanton's for $85 last week. They also had three other of their premium blends. It was at Gulhamars, not sure of the exact spelling right now.
  11. For cheap bourbon, shop in St. Maarten or St. Kitts.
  12. You can also use scootaround.com or specialneedsatsea.
  13. Docker's and a collared shirt are as dressed up as I get. Most nights it's shorts and a t shirt
  14. Fyi.... tribute bands have been gone from Royal for about nine months or so. They have been replaced with house bands like Iconic.
  15. We leaving Sunday on the Anthem from Cape Liberty this Sunday. We live in Morris County so we expect a direct hit. We're thinking of being dropped off on Saturday and then get an Uber or taxi to the port on Sunday morning. Where is the closest hotel. It would have to be handicap accessibile as my wife is a stroke survivor. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. At a recent question and answer session, they said Royal couldn't get enough of riggers to do it.
  17. Royal itself doesn't do the rental, you need to deal with outside vendors as described above.
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