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  1. You’re most welcome, I find it helps with planning to have some idea of what one might see. Have a great cruise!
  2. Yes and @JazzyV @Sharon in AZ and @Quartzsite Cruiseramong many who help make this thread more manageable, it does take more effort but is appreciated. @Sharon in AZ we have found BA to have an amazing international trans Atlantic flights business class complete with lie flat beds, but the European flights are just with the blocked middle seats.
  3. Good morning and thanks all, We’ve visited Skagway twice and Haines once, my main memory is seeing bear scat on one of the sidewalks in Haines👀 @smitty34877 praying the antivirals kick in soon for your family, @kazu sending hugs!
  4. I agree with Cruise mom about Trastevere. Years ago it was wonderful and we had a truly lovely experience. Last time it was overcrowded and full of tourist traps and disappointing places to eat. I find the best places when I ask locals, shopkeepers or sometimes at the hotel. We’ve discovered some gems this way not far from the Trevi fountain. And also near Campo di Fiori.
  5. The gorgeous Trulli homes are not to far away in pretty Martina Franca, Alberobello.
  6. We love Crete, but would suggest at least a week on this vast island to really enjoy it. It has everything, spectacular scenery, beaches and great food. Santorini is spectacular to see, but is overcrowded and suffers as a result. Mykonos is my least favourite island, again so overcrowded and expensive. We have also enjoyed Keffallonia, Corfu and Rhodes on cruises.
  7. We also highly recommend a private tour to the ancient mountain top city of Priene, and Miletus and Didyma. They were truly spectacular but Priene is a bit of a climb and uneven ground, some photos of Didyma.
  8. @AncientWanderer Highly recommend the pousadas in Portugal, here is one former castle and grounds we stayed in on the Algarve.
  9. Good morning and thanks all! @0106 yum on those recipes! @smitty34877 I am so sorry to hear about your family! Praying the paxlovid helps! @kazu shadow is a beauty! Hope each day is easier! @StLouisCruisers hope they can find out about your knees soon, I’m wondering if it’s bursitis where the sac behind your knee fills with fluid causing pain? That’s what I was diagnosed with on The ship after an ultrasound. Ice and elevation are your friends. They can also drain it if necessary! @richwmnwe stayed in that same hotel in Porto! @cunnorl the bioluminescence sounds amazing!
  10. @erewhon How cool! A beautiful area to visit! @kazu I could only see one photo, but nice to see her settling in!
  11. Good morning and thanks all! @smitty34877 so sorry to hear about Tana’s son, I hope Tana can remain safe! @kazu Shadow looks lovely and I’m hoping she will become comfortable soon. Near Portland, we visited the beautiful Jurassic coast, I even found a fossil and beautiful Lulworth cove and Durdle Door.
  12. Welcome Shadow! How exciting! Congratulations on your new family member Jacqui !
  13. The Dreamliner also has different pressurization and you feel less jet lag after. We love premium economy on BA 787. A dedicated cabin, better food and much more comfortable.
  14. Sure if you’re happy to risk long Covid, blood clots, strokes, loss of brain function , perhaps needing a liver transplant, continuing fatigue …….
  15. Good morning and thanks all! I have been reduced to a puddle, watching the pope apologize to the indigenous people as I write in our province this morning, Extremely moving, A very wise man. https://globalnews.ca/news/9013013/pope-francis-in-canada-day-2/
  16. Good morning and thanks everyone! @Quartzsite Cruiser @Cruising-alonggreat photos,. Our Holy land cruise was cancelled,. Hoping for next year. @cat shepard glad you had an all clear! @Rowsby I’m sorry you had to cancel, but I understand, probably wise. @summer slope have a wonderful birthday! @ger_77 I’m sorry for your loss, you can make very good friendships on cruises. We always celebrate Cowboys here!
  17. Oh I’m so glad you experienced it, if we hadn’t been staying very nearby we wouldn’t have known about it. We bought some of the 25 year old, it is still amazing. And I wear those earrings early every day. We also had the gelato, Isn’t it fun to discover these little hidden gems! Thanks for sharing, here’s a few photos from our visit.
  18. Good morning and thanks again for all the kind wishes. The surgery was more extensive than expected and for some reason the local anaesthesia didn’t work well. I will spare you the details. But thankfully today is much better. Hopefully it is all gone and caught early enough. Our first visit to Kauai had to be cancelled due to a hurricane, The condo had lost its roof, and the island was being powered by a nuclear submarine. We have been back a few times and have enjoyed the beauty of that island. @Quartzsite Cruiser love that little church, one of our DS’s friends is a minister there. It looks heavenly.
  19. Good morning and thanks all for the kind wishes, they are deeply appreciated! We’ll be off shortly. @ger_77 wow on the fish! good luck to your husband, DH takes his BP meds in the morning, so perhaps you could ask re timing? Happy birthday to Craig! And good wishes to all undergoing tests and procedures! Love the strange flavours of crisps aka chips in the UK, I had ordered these for DH
  20. Good morning and thanks all! the Chile verde looks fabulous! Thanks! We enjoyed visiting Malta twice. @Cruising-along we were there in Fall 2019 on the Koningsdam too! A beautiful spot, the first visit our daughter’s friend toured us around on the vintage buses. DH has his surgery tomorrow , praying all will be well.
  21. With the heat, the earlier the better. We’ve enjoyed Princess and Holland America, it really depends on what itinerary you want to see. With a six year old along you may wish to check out best childrens programs, That’s young for Europe and to be away from home. We first took our son when he was seven and it was fine but we geared the trip to the children’s interests. If they’re not happy no one is. What are your interests? What are your must sees? Everyone has different priorities. We like cruising from Rome to Venice or Athens, with stops in the Greek islands. But Mykonos is not our favourite. We prefer Crete or Kefalonia or Corfu as stops.
  22. Good morning and thanks all! That peach sangria sounds great and love the idea of adding corn and beans to the guacamole! And a nice wine! Love the photos of Alaska, we’ve been twice but haven’t been to Kodiak. Prayers for quick recovery for all those dealing with Covid. @TiogaCruiser sorry for your adventures, seems sadly the new normal with flying! @Vict0riann lovely photo, glad you made it safe and sound. Wise advise about the turmeric, my oncologist was fine with me adding the spice to any food but not the pills. Everything has side effects and it’s a balancing act for sure, so yes best to check with your doctor. we are recovering from intense heat with rain today, thankfully.
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